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  1. CMC was apparently running 21.95 mph on the TD run
  2. With CMC doing the things hes doing, we could definitely win a playoff game. Even more so with some of the injured guys on D back. And Allen has potential, despite today's less than stellar performance.
  3. Refs wanted the Jags to come back. Ron wanted to make sure they had a chance to review for PI... but we overcame it all lol Cardiac Cats!
  4. If you dont want misses, Ganopes not your guy. As others have said, better the cheaper guy miss. To each their own though
  5. And for the record, Id still rather watch Slye miss than ever see Gano active for us again
  6. If we lose this due to a FG itll officially be the dumbest Rivera loss to date, impressive poo
  7. I have no problem giving the ball to CMC on 3rd or 4th... but why not 3 there? Math Ron, jesus
  8. Thank you DJ for catching that at the marker... in the past our guy would have set up just short
  9. Im not worried a bit, we've got this. Classic Panther win that feels like a bad loss incomming.
  10. Theres a seperate subsection to the catch rule section that is applied to Panthers games, so who knows
  11. Ron wants the D to stop giving up big plays across the middle. Well, at least hes aware of the problem now. Learning process
  12. And some still credit Rivera and the D more for 2015 than anything else
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