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  1. Dont know if you saw that Bronn, thought it might interest you. I still havent finished Red Skies... built a computer recently and have been wasting my free time gaming, need to get back to it
  2. I watched it a while back and enjoyed it. Shocker is right, it does get a little convoluted, but still overall pretty good
  3. Love that we are investing in the OL! I wanted DE and OT in the first and 2nd, Hurndog delivered, color me optimistic. what'd we give up to move up?
  4. Welcome to Carolina Brian! Yall should chill with the Everette Brown comparisons, try a little optimism sheesh
  5. I stopped watching after s4 I think... at the time I still had a glimmer of hope that another book would come out, lol me. Eventually Ill break down and finish the show
  6. So, are any of you ASoIaF readers and not watchers of GoT? I've had an easy time avoiding any spoilers the past few years, but this season seems like its gonna be a struggle... just random thought of the day
  7. I really enjoyed it, been meaning to do another play through, just havnt had time
  8. damn, has it been nine years already, how time flys when youre havin fun
  9. maybe we should preemptively sign him to prevent the Saints from signing him thus preventing him from injuring Cam or anyone else on the team... 4-D chess
  10. I thought he already played there and looked good when he did, why he didnt stay, you probably answered that
  11. Does Paradis have an underachieving brother who can't play LT that we could sign? Need this info before I decide whos better.
  12. Thats what I got when I did the math as well... Hurney's having himself a nice off season, I'll give him that... Ive bought into that before though... ... Gettleman sucks, too bad there are only two GMs
  13. Some how, some way, the Browns will still find a way to be the Browns
  14. Sad thing is, the twtter GMs and armchair coaches figure out and point out what needs to be done usually weeks ahead of when the mighty Panther braintrust gets around to doing exactly whats been pointed out.
  15. That happened for me reading Realm of the Elderlings books, got insufferable at times, but that got better in the second trillogy. Im still looking forward to KKC. Been busy lately so my reading time has been cut quite a bit, still on Red Seas and still enjoying it.
  16. No suprise at all, and it wont be a suprise when he is on the field while Sammuel or Moore is on the bench. It is what it is.
  17. I'm planning on reading either Mistborn or Stormlight once I finish with the Bastards and then on to King Killer since its been on my list a while. Let us know how you like Kingkiller once youre into it. So many books on my list, I need to get another kindle.
  18. I binged both seasons of this over the past week, I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Fank is damned unstoppable. Season two's arc was really good. If yall liked this you may also like Frontier on netflix, another good one, also very revenge driven.
  19. Took a little break, but I'm starting Red Seas Under Red Skies now. From the opening chapter I feel like I'm about to read Oceans 11 set in Atlantis, should be interesting. I figured the guild of Bondsmagi were going to be a significant factor going forward. Don't think they'll appreciate the treatment the Falconer recieved.
  20. Finished up The Lies of Locke Lamora. Overall great book, definitely a page turner, the story never bogs down as happens often in fantasy. The gangs schemes are fun to read and the plot kept me guessing at the villian and their motivation (And then cursing that I should have seen it.) Anyone looking for somthing with Fantasy, Mystery, Schemes and Adventure should enjoy - even if not wanting to read an entire series, TLoLL is a complete story in itself. I'm looking forward to the next adventure of The Gentleman Bastards.
  21. * Spoilers for Lies of Locke Lamora * Don't read if youre planning on reading the book yourself So, I'm about 2/3's through the book now. poo has officially hit the fan. I hate to say, I saw a lot of this comming... Locke wouldnt heed my warnings and gtfo out though, Bastard! When the Grey King had the first meeting with Locke I knew this had to about Locke, not the Capa. Locke had that feeling of recognizing the GK but not being able to place him and knowing all about the hideout under the temple... gut said, they're getting con'd. My first suspect: Sabetha. Then what happened to Nazca... Ok, this is about more than robbing them, GK could have simply done that. I don't know what went down between Locke and Sebetha but, she is out to utterly destroy the GBs. Or, I could be way off and its not her at all, but thats my going theory. And I'll have to pour three glasses to air tonight. Also, damn Capa Barsavi, a keg of horse piss. I can't even be mad at him for it. And I dont think Locke's luck changing soon, desperation is about to drive him right into the spiders web. Any * End Spoilers * Looking forward to see how things pan out Edit: I was very wrong it seems
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