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  1. Hope it goes smooth and he has a quick recovery.
  2. In Rivera's final presser he spoke a bit about Luke and how with him, you just try not to screw things up. I winced at that a bit, considering how badly things got screwed up.
  3. It wont surprise me at all if Ron goes on to have some very successful years somewhere else, wish him the best. He did good things here, but, the time was up. Getting fired mid season like this will probably be some extra fuel for him to do what he can to improve his coaching wherever he ends up.
  4. Don't really see the point in a last presser, unless its just him wanting to say his goodbyes. He's been fired, so he has nothing to answer for now, no point in raking him over the coals at this point.
  5. Again, hope you're right. We will learn a lot more once the season is over. I really am not prepared for a Hurney lead rebuild.
  6. I really thought I'd be excited the day that Ron Rivera was no longer head coach of the Carolina Panthers. But after watching that clip, hearing what he has to say about Hurney, just the whole thing I don't know what to think. Marty is safe and Tepper I think is a meddler. I'll continue to watch, but, I really don't get good vibes from any of this and am not too optimistic going forward
  7. Hurney's worst move after coming back was doing a GM search and hiring himself
  8. I hope so, but the wording really leans towards Hurney staying
  9. Yeah, and as long as he remains GM I'll remain skeptical and expect mediocrity. Makes no sense to keep him. Clean the whole house, Tepper, don't half ass it.
  10. I've been told the team also leads the league in missed opportunities
  11. I'll never root for us to lose, or hope that we lose for draft position. That said, after today, I don't think we need to worry about ruining our draft position this year, it'll take care of itself
  12. I don't see this as a knock on CMC. This is us banging our head against the wall doing the same thing over and over with the D knowing whats coming. Its not CMCs fault.
  13. I felt that way a week ago. Now hes like trash left in the kitchen too long, the whole fuging house stinks, can't put it off any longer, poo as to go
  14. Its very important we get our poo together next year - Don't want the Saints joining us as 3 in a row winners
  15. Depends on if its pie or ice cream Happy Thanksgiving Huddle
  16. Maybe there is no uncertainty about Marty because he is without a doubt a goner. We can only hope
  17. I haven't read Stormlight yet, but I've heard its good. Can't go wrong with Lies of Locke Lamora, I really enjoyed it. So, I'll vote - why not both?
  18. IMO no point in doing it before the season is over because the long term replacement is not currently on the staff
  19. Felt the same way when we kept the duo of Ron/Marty after last season - I was certain they'd be gone on black monday, but nope. Got a little optimistic after the draft like always, and was hopeful Cam would be back and healed. Still, didn't go into this season with the same emotional attachment, thankfully, and its made things easier to watch. I'm ready for a rebuild, retool, whatever, I'm just not ready for any more Rivera ball.
  20. Over the offseason there was all that talk about focusing on improving the O-line and protection, Tepper seemed really adamant on that. Didn't really work out.
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