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  1. Its nice not having to bitch about the kicker for sure
  2. Where does Kyle Allen buy his cargo shorts? I need a pair.
  3. Well, B of course. I'd also probably try to refrain from harassing the accuser or any other women while it played out. If I couldn't help myself though, I'd definitely include my lawyer in on the harassing group text message, seems like the thing to do. Communications with the lawyer, thats confidential stuff right?
  4. Cargo Shorts reaction was retired too soon
  5. Imagine if we won the division again with a losing record... and that it saved Ron again.
  6. Pretty sure he is still in the protocol
  7. Did they have any insight/opinion on whether or not Cam is truly focused on the game or loves football anymore?
  8. Was that the play that he looked a little hobbled and then when he went to the bench it seemed no trainer came to have a look? If thats where he retweaked it and then we went on to have him throw 42 more times... sheesh
  9. Don't see any reason he would have to be upset with Carolina for anything. Probably just feeling old at the end of last season, then after the offseason felt like he could play another year.
  10. A lot of people on this site seem a little too exited about Cam's rustiness, slump, downfall, lack of enthusiasm for the game or whatever anyone wants to call it. If Cam doesn't snap back we are in for a shitshow for some time.
  11. Before the season started I couldn't predict what our record might be - I had high hopes but there were just too many unknowns. After 2 games I still don't know what to expect. I could see it spiraling into a 2010ish performance, or I could see us turning things around and having a decent record. Who knows. I just hope we beat the Cardinals.
  12. Not over, but, its certainly teetering on the edge of the cliff. Both games were winnable though, even with us looking as bad as we did, so I'm still holding onto a sliver of hope that we get things turned around.
  13. Name a ref that isn't, they're all terrible. Every game I get to thinking that this guy is the worst, then without fail the next game comes along and I see who is officiating and think, gee we'd be better off with the shitty ref from last game.
  14. Yeah, he was bad tonight, no denying that. Still managed to get us into a position to win at the end and we probably would have had the ball been in his hands for a sneak. Gonna be hard to stomach this season if things don't improve drastically and quickly.
  15. I knew it would end on some dumb play call, what a disgusting game. We earned that loss
  16. Glad Slye was clutch with that kick, lets hope things look better after half time
  17. This tidbit scares me a little bit as we often seem to be the 'right the ship' game for teams to break these type of slumps. Still, we're spanking that tail tonight!
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