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  1. Yeah, I really do want to dive into WoT, especially with the upcomming series. Also, a while back I found my old Kindle that I'd lost for a few years and I have the whole series on it - probably a sign that I need to jump on that. But I need to finish up Gentleman Bastards first. I tend to go on reading binges and then quit for a while, its about time to binge again.
  2. I always thought the guy that played Charles Vane in Black Sails would have made the perfect Geralt, but from what I saw in the Trailer Cavill looks alright.
  3. Dont know if you saw that Bronn, thought it might interest you. I still havent finished Red Skies... built a computer recently and have been wasting my free time gaming, need to get back to it
  4. I stopped watching after s4 I think... at the time I still had a glimmer of hope that another book would come out, lol me. Eventually Ill break down and finish the show
  5. So, are any of you ASoIaF readers and not watchers of GoT? I've had an easy time avoiding any spoilers the past few years, but this season seems like its gonna be a struggle... just random thought of the day
  6. That happened for me reading Realm of the Elderlings books, got insufferable at times, but that got better in the second trillogy. Im still looking forward to KKC. Been busy lately so my reading time has been cut quite a bit, still on Red Seas and still enjoying it.
  7. I'm planning on reading either Mistborn or Stormlight once I finish with the Bastards and then on to King Killer since its been on my list a while. Let us know how you like Kingkiller once youre into it. So many books on my list, I need to get another kindle.
  8. Took a little break, but I'm starting Red Seas Under Red Skies now. From the opening chapter I feel like I'm about to read Oceans 11 set in Atlantis, should be interesting. I figured the guild of Bondsmagi were going to be a significant factor going forward. Don't think they'll appreciate the treatment the Falconer recieved.
  9. Finished up The Lies of Locke Lamora. Overall great book, definitely a page turner, the story never bogs down as happens often in fantasy. The gangs schemes are fun to read and the plot kept me guessing at the villian and their motivation (And then cursing that I should have seen it.) Anyone looking for somthing with Fantasy, Mystery, Schemes and Adventure should enjoy - even if not wanting to read an entire series, TLoLL is a complete story in itself. I'm looking forward to the next adventure of The Gentleman Bastards.
  10. * Spoilers for Lies of Locke Lamora * Don't read if youre planning on reading the book yourself So, I'm about 2/3's through the book now. poo has officially hit the fan. I hate to say, I saw a lot of this comming... Locke wouldnt heed my warnings and gtfo out though, Bastard! When the Grey King had the first meeting with Locke I knew this had to about Locke, not the Capa. Locke had that feeling of recognizing the GK but not being able to place him and knowing all about the hideout under the temple... gut said, they're getting con'd. My first suspect: Sabetha. Then what happened to Nazca... Ok, this is about more than robbing them, GK could have simply done that. I don't know what went down between Locke and Sebetha but, she is out to utterly destroy the GBs. Or, I could be way off and its not her at all, but thats my going theory. And I'll have to pour three glasses to air tonight. Also, damn Capa Barsavi, a keg of horse piss. I can't even be mad at him for it. And I dont think Locke's luck changing soon, desperation is about to drive him right into the spiders web. Any * End Spoilers * Looking forward to see how things pan out Edit: I was very wrong it seems
  11. A lot of the time thats for the best, the fantasy setting has given the the city and world a very interesting feel but no magical cop outs for problems. Also since Ive just been reading TLK books, Uhtred is always lamenting about how the Romans were such great builders and how his people could never hope to reproduce what they could do, and how people were even too superstisious to live in Roman ruins at times. I was reminded of that with the description of the Broken Tower, they have this beautiful damaged glass tower and they can only patch it with wood and stone, showcasing just how crude their ability is compared to those that came before. Its not a huge plot point or anything but it adds nicely to character and mystery of the world - it even apparently took centuries before the rulers of this city would move into those towers because they feared who'd built them.
  12. I'm about 2/3's through LoLL now and things are really heating up. I'm worried for the Bastards. Lamora may be too clever for his own good again, the heat is on with this Grey King and then Capa Barsavi's request regarding Nazca, all that and the mysterious person... or thing thats been shadowing them. And I'm sure someone gave kid Locke the sage advice of clutch once and run, clutch twice and swing, but he's determined to continue on with the Don Salavari job. Just have a bad feeling the gang is going to pay a price. So far the fantasy elements have been very low key, but its made an interesting enough backdrop. The elderglass, the towers etc, and the city being the work of some forgotten race. Hope that all gets expanded on more. Anyway, Im hooked. Anyone else thinking of jumping into a series, this one is worth a look. So far its kinda like the Faceless Men from ASoIaF, Skyrims Thieves guild, Sawyer from Lost, and the Godfather blended up.
  13. Probably best that they didnt go with D&E. One, he's not finished the story and two, I feel like they may be better suited as a set of movies. The long night seems like a great idea, should be interesting, the only things we know of it are vague legends so they can get ceative with the story telling without backlash of having major changes to characters and plot. Finished up s3 of TLK, enjoyed it, think they did a great job overall of mashing up the two books it covered into a compelling season arc. Lastly, The Lies of Locke Lamora came, just read the prolouge, get the feeling I'm going to enjoy this.
  14. I checked the tracking, half my order took 2500 mile detour to AZ... All those damn Æthelings are hard to keep track off even having read the books lol. I binged through 8 episodes of s3, they went with a much different format and shuffled books 5 and 6 quite alot, did a lot of combining different plots, glad I finished before starting. Finan has really nailed his character. Aethelwold man, I loved you when you groveled about tits, now you cut me deep. Ill watch ep 9 and 10 tonight. I havent checked in on what the GoT prequel is going to cover - around s4/5 GoT started to have too many things bother me and I quit watching. I'd love a series of Dunk and Egg.
  15. First two seasons were BBC, then Netflix bought the show and produced season three, upped the budget and took it from 8 to 10 episodes a season. There are probably more cringy lines, but I cant say its somthing Ive took much notice of. Leofric and Finan are great, hope they bring Steapa in more too, hes great in the books. The actors playing Alfred and Beocca do a good job too. I just finished another one of the books last night so should be good to binge through s3 now no matter how far it takes it. And those GB books I ordered, one came the rest are MIA, the one that came is the 3rd though so I cant start yet
  16. The show does very good justice to the books, though it moves very fast, 2 books per season covered. I haven't binged through s3 yet but will soon.
  17. By the way, if yall have interest, I'd suggest checking out the series Ive currently been reading, The Saxon Tales, by Bernard Cornwell. Its not fantasy, but its got plenty if battling and even a bit of 'magic' Its basically a loose telling of how Wessex survived the Viking invasion and how England emerged. All this told through the eyes of the (fictional) son of a Saxon lord, raised by danes, who ends up in service to King Alfred, but is torn between the two cultures and also on a quest to reclaim his usurped home. The books are short and fast paced, make for quick reads and its been fun for me in becoming more aquainted with the different regions of England. And as a bonus, theres a show with three seasons thus far on Netflix, The Last Kingdom, its worth a watch.
  18. Hope so, dont want to get GRRM'd lol
  19. Thanks, I will definitely give my thoughts on it once I get to reading it
  20. Enough suggestions in this thread to keep busy reading for a year or more, so hitting that goal will just take finding the time. I used to read scifi when I was younger, mostly Star Wars, wouldnt mind reading some other scifi. I just ordered the three Gentleman Bastard books, will dive into those when they get here. Now that Sanderson has two votes, Ill dive into one of his series after GB.
  21. I have not read Mistborn but have heard before that its a good series, I should have said it was also one I was considering. As for Wheel of Time, I'm not sure if I want to start, its a hell of a commitment. Ive heard good and bad about it - that some of the books are great and that some are worth skipping. I do love world building and getting immersed in the authors universe so it has that going for it. I had that entire series on my kindle and was actually going to read it, unfortunately I lost the kindle several years ago.
  22. Thanks for the recommendations and descriptions! All of these sound pretty interesting and worth checking out. Youre giving Rothfuss and Lynch some pretty high praise so I may go with those first, in particular Gentleman Bastards with the description you gave. Also, Silo sounds pretty good, might be a nice change of pace.
  23. Im trying to decide what series to dive into next. Any of you Huddlers have any good recomendations? Ive read LotR, ASoIaF, first 6 of Realm of the Elderlings (could continue on with this), First Law, Saxon Tales (up to book 5, not fantasy but historical fiction which I like also) I was leaning toward King Killer Chronicle or maybe the Witcher books (are they all translated?) So, suggestions? I'll go with whatever gets the most votes, even if its not on my list or even not fantasy - As long as I havnt read it aleady.
  24. Guy who murdered this man was 73 years old and donated money and equipment regularly to the sheriffs office and was a reserve officer. Pay enough and I guess you get to go play cowboy. http://www.tulsaworld.com/newshomepage1/sheriff-s-office-reserve-deputy-who-fired-fatal-shot-was/article_3d1f3fe7-43cd-5fa1-9e8c-d8b3aefe2504.html The 'F*** your breath' and 'You ran' comments by the cop as the guy is dying... no regard for life at all. I'm still trying to pinpoint where the suspect 'reached for his waistband' as they claim.
  25. After listening to both those calls, unless I see some pictures of this girl and she looks like she's been beat to hell, I'm not buying it. Sounds like they got in an argument, girl went nuts, whoever was there while Hardy was on the phone with 911 tries to restrain her, not unreasonable. Girl that keeps interrupting the second call... well, not even the guy who called 911 buys what she is saying. However, Hardy made the decision to surround himself with people like this. If she's doing coke I'm sure he was well aware of it. None of this looks good for Hardy, but I don't think he beat the crap out of the girl.
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