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  1. This OP’s tweet was based on something said back March 9th...it’s just recirculated old “news”....not sure why multiple ppl are tweeting it out today as if it’s a breaking story
  2. This thread was such a great example as to why we should just sit back and let this offseason fully unfold before we complain about anything. Clearly there’s a plan in place. We all jump to conclusions simply because we aren’t informed
  3. Based on the timing of this tweet, could Bell have been who we were pursuing the same time as when we were talking to Boston? And now this is a moot point based on the Boston signing?
  4. I’ll believe it when I see it...not dissing the OP, just don’t know what to believe these days...would be a nice surprise
  5. Yea at first glance I thought “LAC” and then had to remind myself this is the rams and not chargers
  6. This works ONLY if two QB needy teams don’t end up with picks 1 and 2. I’d like to tank and do your plan haha
  7. I loved all his highlight tapes but then started reading about his decision making. That’s my concern. Can that be fixed? Arians helped with Jameis but one thing he couldn’t help at all with was....decision making. With that said, I think I’ll be on board with any QB they take early cuz I know it will have Brady’s approval. I trust him to know who he can mold and who fits his system the best. I’m just praying Herbert gets drafted before we have a chance of getting him.
  8. FYI, I already knew Smith was a d!ck...seen him chew out a little kid a training camp for calling him Steven Smith...the kid was like 8 and Steve yelled mad af, “MY MAMA NAMED ME STEVE!” Right in the kids face and just stared at the kid making him feel dumb. It was the most childish sh!t I’ve ever seen. The point of this thread however was more so if something happened between him and the panthers
  9. What part of my story lead u to this conclusion? My buddy wasn’t the only panthers fan he said this to...something tells me you’d rather ignore all the posts about how Smitty is a d!ck and believe he’s a great guy
  10. Haha well he was signing plenty of autographs for other grown men. So yea just found it weird he’d all the sudden not do that for a Panthers fan.
  11. I was just wondering if I missed something. Had a buddy at the Super Bowl festivities this weekend. Smitty is the reason he became a Panthers fan. So naturally he was excited to see Smitty signing autographs. Steve Smith was signing all sorts of memorabilia for all different fans. Then told my buddy straight up that he refused to sign anything for somebody wearing Panthers gear. My buddy wasn’t really sure what to make of that. Then later, he found another Panthers fan who told him that Smitty said the same thing to him. I know Steve Smith recently put his Panthers helmet above the Ravens jersey on the set of the NFL Network. So did something happen since then?
  12. I could see the 17 game schedule easily leading to “load mgmt” where a player will just sit out for rest
  13. To those thinking Joe Schobert wouldn’t be expensive, think again
  14. Going all out this year? Man I really hope u don’t have ur expectations set for that
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