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  1. And that’s why he’ll never be successful at this level. He belongs in college with the other children
  2. RJK


  3. I’m interested to see how the NFL tries to fix how bad football has been this year. There are ymca pickup basketball teams with more cohesion than 3/4 of league right now.
  4. RJK


    He’s a phony and 99.9% of people can tell it’s an act. Other than that guy apparently
  5. There are tendencies that come through for teams no matter who’s coaching or owns the team. This team will always be average.
  6. RJK


    Because marshawn isn’t pretending to be captain America
  7. RJK


    This made me so happy as somebody who wants to slap the poo outta the multitude of entitled douches walking around today. You could see Russ realize poo ain’t sweet.
  8. Y’all gonna be crying about this contract in a couple years
  9. Russel Wilson still has more bathrooms in his home than TD passes
  10. Yeah and People still point out Buffalo as the #1 defense and they stink too. Stats lie, welcome to sports
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