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  1. I feel really bad for corral. The expectations are ridiculously high for a 3rd rounder and he might actually play meaningful snaps this year. Under this regime that could ruin his career
  2. Darnolds physical tools keep buying him chances but that black hole between his ears isn’t going anywhere
  3. He’s gone after this year. Whether he gets fired or quits and runs back to college. it’s almost over
  4. Just wanted to pop in and say the chargers schedule reveal was lame af. Have a good day
  5. Live hockey is infinitely more entertaining than any other live sport besides UFC and big boxing matches.
  6. Cams not bad at reading defenses but he’s not good at it either. A decade of holding the ball too long and throwing into double coverage should be proof enough I’d think
  7. I don’t see it. All the things cam struggles at are what rookie QBs need to work on. Footwork, accuracy, reading defenses…none of those are strengths in cams game.
  8. Watching Brandon Smith highlights and I get a bigger Jeremy chinn vibes before the coaching staff neutered him and put him at safety. When he makes the right read and hits it he looks faster than anyone on offense at times
  9. Imagine how dumb a conversation between RA and Kodak black is
  10. I honestly think they bring a vet in still. And since the QB room is so bad that vet might win the job.
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