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  1. Now that I’m off work and can dive in to the stroud pro day, the most impressive thing Stroud did today was run the workout himself. Mature beyond his years and great leadership.
  2. I love how people just forget Nas buried jay z for being a phony nerd. Guarantee that kid loves Eminem, who might be more overrated than jay z.
  3. For once the safe move in stroud is the right one. It would be so panthers to botch this
  4. I’m embarrassed for cam at this point. Go be a dad bruh, it’s over.
  5. Don’t know if it’s been posted but this seemed like the appropriate thread since we’re gauging fan temp
  6. I’ve noticed the Bible thumping under Reich. No comment just an observation. One thing that sticks out to me is Stroud made a point to mention he was a man of god during his combine interview. Lots of new coaches and players have been saying similar things.
  7. If it’s a toss up between stroud/young then I prefer the NFL size but I’m not gonna cry about it either way
  8. Ok so the sanders/thielen deals look less annoying now. Shaq a real one for that
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