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  1. I hope one day I live in a world where panther fans stop bringing up cam and luke coming back
  2. Can’t be worse than frank and rhule
  3. Literally no defense is going to respect Bryce as a runner(nor should they) so he’s gonna get lit up and prob end up on IR
  4. The panthers would still be awful on offense because TB 12 isn’t coming down that tunnel. That being said I do think this franchise needs a no nonsense HC to change the laissez faire attitude in the building.
  5. They need to clear out that locker room top to bottom. They’re totally fine with getting whipped and collecting checks. Need more dawgs and less choir boys
  6. If nothing else he’d bench, release, or trade all these passengers currently on the roster and the panthers might actually be hard to play against again.
  7. Yeah…no. There are plenty of people to feel bad for in the world and Bryce Young isn’t one of them.
  8. Hopefully burns gets a bunch of garbage stats and buffs his trade value. Otherwise there isn’t much on the roster worth a damn.
  9. It gets old getting trash talked by a guy who hasn’t had a 100 yr rusher all year. Not really sure what Duce does from a coaching standpoint
  10. Can’t wait for Sunday when the panthers look exactly the same as they have the last 5 years
  11. I want bienemy for no other reason than I think this locker room could use a no nonsense take no prisoners HC to ride their lazy asses. Complacency has crept in big time.
  12. Too many voices in young’s ear. Simplify the message and maybe he’ll be a decent backup instead of a bust
  13. I never got the McCown hype. Bro wasn’t a good QB he just held a clipboard for a decade
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