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  1. Every QB has said this. They just weren’t mic’d up. Doesn’t help when your coach has no answers
  2. If Christensen starts this year it’ll be at guard. If he starts at LT Darnold is fuged
  3. If the Defender can get his hands on you before you can get your hands on him....that’s tough to overcome regularly no matter how good your feet are. If he stays at LT I’d be surprised.
  4. everybody thinking Christensen is starting at LT day 1 needs a brain scan
  5. The same world where a #4 wr and a TE/h back hybrid are starters apparently
  6. D+ Only got 1 def starter in horn. Everybody else is a situational player year 1
  7. My expectations were 3 starters at least. They got 1 1/2 so I’m going D+ C-. Marshall and tremble will spend more time watching from the bench than on the field and the holes at Tackle/LB/safety are still glaring
  8. There’s our 15 year long snapper
  9. Nice little segment on Carolina. If you treat darnold like a pick it improves the draft grade quite a bit.
  10. If rhules wife can make picks I can bitch about em for sure
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