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  1. Still think he was drafted too high to be a h back but I like his effort no doubt
  2. We’ll learn pretty quickly if darnold can be salvaged or if he’s damaged beyond repair a la David Carr. Game 1 vs the Jets will answer a lot of questions
  3. They should draft a LT in every round and all UDFA also
  4. It says he was suspended for substance abuse. I could be wrong but if it was steroids it’d be for performance enhancing…no?
  5. How dumb and undisciplined do u have to be to not give up the reefer long enough to get that payday? I’d kill to get practice squad pay
  6. His arm strength was leaps and bounds better then Teddy and it was obvious right away. These nfl analysts are overpaid morons
  7. Boi🐿what🐿the🐿hell🐿boi🐿
  8. There’s always injuries and fights in these practices but at least they’ve stopped sucking off the Steelers
  9. I noticed in the limited clips we’ve seen. a lot of these tipped passes are bouncing off receivers hands.
  10. Like I said during and after the draft. Some agreed but most went apeshit and projected him a day 1 starter at LT.
  11. Depth and a Vet in the room. Not a great vote of confidence for burris from the coaching staff.
  12. Boy I know y’all country ass ain’t talkin bout nobody else accent
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