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  1. I think there’s no way Cam gets traded before the deadline. Even if the Panthers defeat the 49ers. Kyle’s played well enough, but he hasn’t had to overcome enough game adversity to ease my mind (which is not his fault). He’s yet to be down by multiple scores. We haven’t needed him to account for 300 yards passing. He hasn’t had to win a shootout, or comeback in the last two minutes Plus, I’m one of those fans who wants Cam to come back and shut everyone up. I don’t think he gets nearly enough respect for his skill. But mostly, I think Cam’s potential is at a level above most quarterbacks in the league still. Throughout his career, I’ve dreamt that Cam would have THIS team. Where he wasn’t the best runner. Where his receivers gained separation so he didn’t constantly have to force the ball into tight windows. Where his offensive line didn’t have some glaring weak link. Where he didn’t have to carry the offense by himself each game. In week 2, Cam completed seven of his first eight or nine passes (I think) against the Bucs (including a 30+ yarder to Samuel) before the play where he supposedly re-aggravated his foot. I don’t think Cam is anywhere close to being out of his prime. I hope to get a chance to see him on the field again before they trade/release him to save money.
  2. So I know a lot of folk are concerned with Cam’s ability to be great after his performance in game one. Here was his stat line: C/ATT: 25/38, 65.8% YDS: 239, 6.3 AVG TD: 0 INT: 1 FUMBLE: 1 RTG: 72.1 =========== C/ATT: 21/35, 60% YDS: 262, 7.5 AVG TD: 0 INT: 1 FUMBLE: 1 RTG: 71.4 The second stay line is Brady’s, against the Rams, in the super bowl. Maybe, that doesn’t mean anything and isn’t a fair comparison. But maybe Cam was actually just rusty like he claimed, and he’s still as capable as he always has been of being a tremendous quarterback. Rejoice! Because tonight the Panthers will come to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And they’re all out of bubblegum.
  3. I don’t get these threads. We seem to nitpick Cam so often. If Cam carries the ball eight times in a game, we scream he runs too much. If he doesn’t rush at all, he needs to run more. If he forces the ball deep on third and two, every play doesn’t have to be THE play, take what the defense gives you. If he takes what the defense gives him, you gotta take some deep shots just to keep them honest. Now, it’s Jarius Wright was open a lot. OK? So was D.J. So was Christian. So was Curtis. So was Greg (a few times). Cam wasn’t forcing the ball into traffic yesterday. We’ve seen forcing. He did it plenty with KB, but that wasn’t the case Sunday. Jarius and D.J. will not get a similar amount of targets. Not only is D.J. on the field for more snaps (which I imagine we want of our 22 year old receiver who was drafted in round one to be the future), but he’s going to be the first read far more often than Jarius. Wright got 59 targets last season, which is the second most in his career. He’s going to get his. I mean, I think we can all admit that Cam could have played better, and has played better in the past. But why does every perceived error in a singular game always devolve into questions about his skill/intelligence (ie. So he still can’t read the field)? Really? He read the field just fine. He and his receivers weren’t always on the same page? And he had a few overthrows, but let’s be honest about what happened. We lost because we made mistakes (and we gave up more than 130 rushing yards in the second half), the least of which was Cam FORCING the ball to D.J. or Christian or whoever. There are plenty of things we can call out Cam about. He’s gotta take a step back or something before that “backward pass” to D.J. so it looks more like it’s going forward. He’s gotta hit those throws outside the numbers. But complaining that Wright got one target instead of the three he averaged per game last year is beneath us, I think. Or at least, I hope.
  4. The real question is what kind of loss can the Panthers take that would not lead to our fan base jumping to the conclusion that the sky is falling, and screaming Ron should be fired, Cam should be cut, and claiming that we’re definitely not winning a Super Bowl? I thought we looked good today, and while Cam didn’t play great, he wasn’t trash. If Allen has started with the same results we’d likely be excited that we only lost to the defending NFC Champs by three.
  5. This may be the homer in me, but I don’t think we have a weak group on the roster. A lot of folk are worried about Aaron Donald, but he led the lead in sacks last year with 20.5 and the Rams team as a whole had 35 (and that was with Suh). I don’t fear anyone else on their D-Line or in their linebacker group. Meanwhile we have KK, McCoy, Mario, Burns, and Luke. Donte has the speed to stick with any small wideout, Bradberry has the size and strength to stick with any bigger wideout. I love the way Gaulden played in the preseason. The Cat Pack is explosive. And if we ever decide to take CMC out, we have two other homerun hitters that can come in for him. Greg is a hall-of-famer if he can stay healthy for two more years (and maybe even if he doesn’t). And Cam. On his best day there’s nothing you can do to stop him. He may be the scariest quarterback in the league to face. I think Tepper has changed the culture, and I expect us to make the playoffs. We have the talent to win it all.
  6. Gaulden should be on this list as well. He’s caught a lot of unnecessary flack from Panthers fans, but he played a hell of a game tonight.
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