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  1. I think there’s no way Cam gets traded before the deadline. Even if the Panthers defeat the 49ers. Kyle’s played well enough, but he hasn’t had to overcome enough game adversity to ease my mind (which is not his fault). He’s yet to be down by multiple scores. We haven’t needed him to account for 300 yards passing. He hasn’t had to win a shootout, or comeback in the last two minutes Plus, I’m one of those fans who wants Cam to come back and shut everyone up. I don’t think he gets nearly enough respect for his skill. But mostly, I think Cam’s potential is at a level above most quarterbacks in the league still. Throughout his career, I’ve dreamt that Cam would have THIS team. Where he wasn’t the best runner. Where his receivers gained separation so he didn’t constantly have to force the ball into tight windows. Where his offensive line didn’t have some glaring weak link. Where he didn’t have to carry the offense by himself each game. In week 2, Cam completed seven of his first eight or nine passes (I think) against the Bucs (including a 30+ yarder to Samuel) before the play where he supposedly re-aggravated his foot. I don’t think Cam is anywhere close to being out of his prime. I hope to get a chance to see him on the field again before they trade/release him to save money.
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