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  1. I heard Jeff Fisher is available too.
  2. My guess is none of the above, aka the field. Not really interested in doing a coach exchange with the Giants or Cowboys.
  3. Eric Washington, we are going to suck our way up the draft board
  4. There were way too many defensive plays today where we didn't lay a finger on the rb until they got to the secondary. The new scheme is trash, washington is trash.
  5. Fire Ron and Eric Washington tonight / tomorrow am, make Norv the interim h/c and make Scott the O/C. Perry Fewell can fill in as interim d/c
  6. Tickets are $20 on stubhub right now. Pretty bad when you consider all of the Redskins fans that will be there too
  7. I started subscribing. It was $30 for a year so half off. I would say it has definitely been worth it. Articles have been in-depth and well written. Better than national publications who would write "insightful" articles about Cam's maturity, etc.
  8. Good post. Generally not a fan of firing coaches before the season is done, but let's see what we got. Season is done anyways.
  9. This line might be more depressing than the Bell / Nate Chandler line. At least there we could say shitty play is to be expected with an UDFA at LT and a converted DT at RT.
  10. pretty sure he is laughing b/c the game meant nothing to New Orleans.
  11. While I wasn't expecting Paradis to be as good as the Mack signing in Atlanta a few years ago, I was expecting him to be a hell of a lot better than this. Trai Turner is overpaid.
  12. Paradis seemed to wear down as the game went along. He hasn't been good, draft a C early to replace him. We still don't know what we have in Little. I'd probably try to ride the 3 tackles (Moton, Daley, and Little) another year, draft a guard, and get rid of Turner as soon as financially possible. He isn't worth whatever we're paying him now
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