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  1. Maybe Daley can play LT, who knows, but we better have a backup plan if this fails, i.e. Moton at LT, Williams at RT.
  2. CMC - I remember hearing that Denver wanted to trade up with us to select CMC and thought we should have looked into trading back. Clearly I was wrong.
  3. The Texans pass protection appeared to be improving up until this week. 6 sacks given up week 1, 4 in week 2, 2 in week 3, 6 today
  4. He played a great game. As an aside, that Hopkins pass may have been the most hilariously stupid play call I've seen in the nfl this year.
  5. Yep. Panthers games on Fox come in at 720p, this is much better.
  6. Public Service Announcement - game is available to stream in 4k via the Fox Sports App.
  7. This situation has to be frustrating for Daryl too. He is on a one year prove it deal that will impact his future earnings, yet Ron keeps trotting him out to play a position he is not adept at playing. Let him play guard over Van Roten and see what he can do.
  8. Evidently he tried to break his own hand to get a medical redshirt at ECU https://247sports.com/college/east-carolina/Article/Gardner-Minshew-Jacksonville-Jaguars-East-Carolina-Pirates-Broken-Hand-Medical-Redshirt-135832200/
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