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  1. Read about half of this, enough to generate two comments: 1. You are obviously a well-informed, intelligent writer, but you really need an editor. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit. 2. Modern journalism is basically generating "hot takes" for clicks, the more controversial, the better. The fact that you are posting about her work means Jourdan accomplished her objective.
  2. One year is probably all that is left in the tank for him. Good luck to Greg, and who could blame him for grabbing $7 mill in the twilight of his career?
  3. Classy move. I am thinking about going to the auction, but I suspect it will be a madhouse..
  4. Cool video, thanks for posting. Honestly feel sad after watching it, like it's the end of a pretty good era. Onward into the unknown...
  5. San Fran should win. I have to say, of all the Super Bowls in my adult life, this is the one that I find the least interesting. Not sure why, but I have zero excitement for the game. Might not even watch, TBH.
  6. I'm still amazed they tore down the old Charlotte Coliseum on Tyvola...
  7. This should serve as a note of caution for anyone in the future thinking of buying PSLs: Permanent means whatever the team wants it to mean. What a shitty way to treat loyal fans.
  8. Cam's personal life is obviously none of our business. I will only say I feel bad for his kids.
  9. It really is amazing, the corrosive effect Trump has had on the Republican party. In any other time in American history, the whole Trump administration would be impeached/imprisoned. There is no level of corruption that the Right won't accept from the Trump crime syndicate.
  10. Good analysis, and I agree with much of what you wrote, even if it is overall a bit on the optimistic side. My main disagreement is with your evaluation of Curtis Samuel. He has not proven to be an effective starting receiver. Not our top draft priority, obviously, but we could probably find someone better in free agency.
  11. Best wishes Luke, you were The Man in the NFL. Next year is really going to suck for the Panthers.
  12. Either CTE, a lifetime of bad character, or my guess both. What a terrible human being and a worse father.
  13. We'll be hearing about the non-call all off-season (again)...
  14. Serious question: Is this the worst game in Panther history? I can't recall any that were this atrocious.
  15. So... I just came back from shopping at the South Park mall, turned on the game, and see it's 28 - 0 before the half, and Grier is injured. Did I miss, literally , anything encouraging for next year??
  16. The heckler may be right, but heckling is childish and cringe-worthy. If you think a grown man yelling insults at another man is cool or funny, I feel sorry for you.
  17. Can you really expect a rookie to be any better than mediocre (at best) in his very first start? I'm just hoping for less than 4 turnovers from the kid.
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