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  1. I am an optimist by nature but let's be honest here: Allen is only the least worst option. The tallest midget is still a midget..
  2. As much as I love the Panthers I have no interest in hearing what Ron has to say.
  3. Cam is going to go two full games without a TD pass. If we had even a mediocre back-up QB he would be playing.
  4. I am playing Cam this week. If he doesn't throw at least 2 TDS tonight I am dropping him.
  5. Six quarters into the regular season and ZERO TD passes. I am legit worried about Cam's best days being over.
  6. I think Rivera is a better coach than a lot of Huddlers give him credit for, but there is no mistaking the fact that his management of time-outs has always been horrendous. You will never see Belichick waste time-outs for stupid stuff like Ron does.
  7. First player picked in my FF draft. I picked third and got stuck with Alvin Kamara. Painful.
  8. I don't believe in any anti-Panther conspiracy by the NFL but Jeezus that was some horrible officiating.
  9. As an old white guy, this word should be offensive but it just sounds funny to me. I keep thinking of Chris Rock's stand up bit about how older black men talk about white men when they aren't around. Anyway, still a bad idea to call your "boss" a cracker...
  10. The bad news is that I drafted AB and Melvin Gordon for my FF team. The good news is, I also drafted Alvin Kamara. Expect something bad to happen to him before Sunday...
  11. Miniature version of the guy from The Scream? Could use this for almost every post in the Tinderbox...
  12. I don't think he is crazy but like a lot of great receivers, he is a high-maintenance diva. Something about the position...
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