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  1. It’s clearly not because of the rebuild. The rebuilding gives him a chance to step away with his health and he took it.
  2. God damn it I totally get it and why but fug. Rivera needs to be beaten for wasting the talent he had that worthless piece of poo
  3. So snake dislikes black QBs that are on his “favorite team” but will prop up others so he can say he isn’t a racist piece of poo, sounds about white
  4. I can’t wait for Saturday for McDaniels to be hired and have his press conference. Whatever happened to that thread
  5. The grey in my hair and beard say otherwise. I’ve just been on the internet long enough to know trolls when I see them (and you aren’t one so I’m not sure why you are trying to claim something against me that’s untrue) but hey you keep on keeping on!
  6. Intelligence says the story is nothing Gruden got $100 million for 10 years. Other owners are making more money. Who cares what another coach thinks. Yet you then proceed to (for whatever reason) mention Rivera will make more than Rhule which has zero bearing on this topic just another way for you to prop up Ron which you went as far as saying Ron > Smitty yesterday (BIG YIKES). Then you post how Tepper will be 31 v1 against the other owners which is beyond asinine considering he is worth $3 billion more than the next owner meaning he won’t be scared or intimidated by them in the slightest. That was all stated along with a jab at you continuously propping up Rivera for some reason. Is that clear enough to understand?
  7. Hahahahhhahahah just stop kid. You make this grandiose claim and then have zero proof because it never happened. The only time I’ve ever even mentioned a mod is with Igo and it was directed towards Snake shitting the board up with his Kyle Allen trolling. But yeah keep pretending words hurt you wonderful flower you!
  8. For starters you can’t lump him in with me apparently I’ve tattled for name calling (lmao he wishes I have) and second because I’m not making dumbass posts and threads like he does
  9. Lmao prove that because it’s never ever happened. I like good banter so someone calling me a dumbass in no way hurts my feelings champ. But once again you won’t prove anything because a.) it’s not true and b.) you’ll make an excuse as to why you can’t if it even were true (which is again not the case)
  10. No you made it clear in your last post you couldn’t provide anything. Keep it up you’re doing great!
  11. Run to the mods? Oh you mean tag the mods when dumbasses are using thinly veiled posts with racism and whatnot? Yeah we definitely need to let those slide huh? Outside of tagging mods and asking why certain people aren’t banned I have no communication with any of them. Once again another guy trying to say poo without receipts weird how that works....
  12. So you can’t provide any evidence against what I’m saying and for what you’re saying. Sounds like someone wants to try and have debates but ignore facts, stats, history, etc and just wants to drum up bullshit good deal my guy look great
  13. Go ahead and point out where I’ve been wrong chief I’ll wait. Oh and in the meantime go ahead and pull out every post you’ve made supporting Rivera since we fired him. You and I both know what’ll look like. Don’t hide now like a coward be a man like your hero Rivera and either prove what your saying or piss off
  14. No because Tepper has $3 billion more he won’t be pushed around by the other owners hence the 31 v 1 odds bullshit I quoted you on. God damn you trolls can’t even keep up in a normal conversation yet somehow keep posting at supersonic speeds
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