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  1. Nah same huddle, just more people feeling free to say dumb poo like this along with other things that are driven by more than football
  2. You have to be the dumbest motherfuger alive like you’re beyond stupid kid. People aren’t happy because Hurney is building the roster oh and they do one move to improve then one move taking steps back.
  3. The fact you have this many paragraphs ready to go about Cam’s personal life shows that you don’t give a fug at all about the football side of things. Put your hood back on and find a different yard to carry out your meeting there wizard
  4. Lmao I agree with what you said and I’m not upset we let him go (outside of dead money) but Cammvp doesn’t give any actual reasons why we cut him or why he’s happy outside of “too much to deal with” what do you think he’s referring too because I promise it’s not the QBR against Reid
  5. It doesn’t matter those who are suckling the teet of Tepper don’t care that multiple players are saying there is something wrong with our owner/gm and culture you know the thing that helped get this team to only it’s 2nd super bowl berth. The fact we went from MVP who had one year left to stopgap QB for $21 mil the next three seasons and almost zero shot at Lawrence is insane. Add in we gave the saints a 3rd rd pick and lost ours and it’s even worse.
  6. It never ends man. It shocks me unless these guys slurp it up so they can keep saying “muh sources”
  7. So he could play the year out and if he does well we resign him, if he plays bad not up to it he probably retires on his own. I’m not saying he wouldn’t want an extension but he can always play out this final year all the team had to do was say Cam is our guy. Why you want to twist and turn poo to fit the narrative you push I’ll never understand. Cam loved the team, city and community but sure guy just wanted out and wouldn’t play without a new 10 year deal, like fug no he never once mentioned anything like that just that he wanted to be a panther whether it be one year or 5 more years.
  8. I actually don’t mind Bridgewater at all, but getting nothing for Cam is a big miss
  9. Did Cam have one more year left on his deal? Yes or no? Simple question and simple answer
  10. Right? Just hilarious we are going to let a franchise qb go for probably nothing, GOT EM, that’s how you run an inept franchise.
  11. Lol trying to turn it around real quick huh? He plays out the year and bets on himself if he does well we resign if not he probably retires. He never once said he wanted an extension and I’m waiting for you to provide more then people posting on this forum that backs up your claim.
  12. Please provide sources where Cam said he wouldn’t play with an extension. And not random posts on this forum but actual sources. Bottom line is Cam wants to be here and Tepper/Rhule/Marty don’t want him. Are all 3 on board who knows but that’s the just of it and trying to warp what actually happened to fit a narrative is fuging pathetic
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