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  1. WoahW

    Cam Newton lost this game

    Samuel should have caught that but cam couldn’t put enough on it and under threw it too both looked bad on that play
  2. WoahW

    Cam Newton lost this game

    Stop racebaiting when it’s clearly about the last two throws he made. Go white flag somewhere else
  3. WoahW

    Cam Newton lost this game

    and also because he made two horrible throws
  4. Dumbass he did just cost us the game 2 times we had a chance and 2 times he looked fuging awful
  5. Hahahaha Cam needs sat the rest of the fuging season his shoulder is hurt and he looks like ass the past 2 games
  6. Ok Cam, it’s on you let’s go win this game if not season is officially over
  7. This team fuging sucks plain and simple, bad pass rush, bad secondary, bad o line, wr drops, wh overthrows, missed tackles, horrible head coach, oh and Rivera needs kicked in his fuging head, fug him and I hope he gets cat aids what a piece of poo
  8. Facts are facts. You are a total dumbass if you can’t see the difference between keeping a lame duck for four weeks or letting them go. Mall your recent activity is parading for Rivera, get off it, we understand you sympathize with him but he is a trash head coach, the only difference between him and John Fox is one chewed gum the other claps. Oh and Rivera had Cam to save his ass. In games decided by less then one score ya boy is 29-29-1 real good right? Nothing you say can turn him into a good coach, sorry bout you
  9. The best part of all this is you throwing insults like Walmart cashier and mom jokes. It tells me you have a high immaturity level and you know almost nothing about how real world jobs work. Just look at the Packers and McCarthy you keep being you champ, but you’re wrong and it’s okay
  10. First off I work in the financial world but it’s the same in every job is it not? If ol boy Rivera doesn’t like how you clean his sack he’d fire you and hire a new sack cleaner, oh wait he wouldn’t that’s why his ass is in this position
  11. Hey dumbass, if you get caught not knowing how to do your job at work, does the company say “oh well we better wait for the fiscal year to be over”, oh they don’t? They fire after realizing the person can’t be trained and has no hope, shocking almost like what should happen here of course you suckling on his sack believes that’s disgraceful to such a great head coach, one who didn’t even realize they were playing a game today Find somewhere else to peddle your “Poor Ron” bullshit
  12. No it’s to show Tepper won’t put up with half ass bullshit like JR did. Hey you coach like poo you’re gone too bad buddy should have been better at your job
  13. He’s never had back to back winning seasons, he has lost us games because of time management, with all the talent we’ve had the defense has never been top 5 even though he’s a defensive player or and he hired and kept Shula around far far too long. But yeah he hasn’t been an embarrassment at all.
  14. Because he’s embarrassed this franchise for 7 fuging years fug him he doesn’t deserve to board the plane or bus back to the stadium