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  1. Someone offensive. We have been cursed with boring defensive coaches since day 1. Thanks JR.
  2. Absolutely. Also, I dont think winning this year is going to do this program a whole lot of good in the long term. We are in a rebuilding mode. We didn't build sustainably last time, so it was so short lived. It's time to build something REAL.
  3. Should have canned him after the Buffalo game six years ago
  4. He really did look stupid last night
  5. I hated Shula, but Norv is awful
  6. Done caring this season..blow it up and find winners.
  7. Bingo! And yet we do the same stuff week after week. It's not fun.
  8. One issue, from the top down, is this team has a losing mentality
  9. Who cares. It will be a few years before we matter again. This is 2010
  10. He needs to do it in the morning. Show us you actually care
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