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  1. There is still a time limit before societal collapse outweighs the virus. Sophie's Choice of sorts
  2. I think this study is from France - promising stuff https://nypost.com/2020/03/19/old-malaria-drug-hydroxychloroquine-may-help-cure-coronavirus-study/
  3. Hydroxychloroquine (sometimes with an antibiotic) or HCQ. Chloroquine is also discussed but apparently it's a bit harsher of a medicine. But both have already have notable success in France, Germany, Italy, and I think even Australia. Some USA doctors are already using it (it's allowed by the FDA). And honestly even if it works only 50% of the time, that's significant in curtailing the disease and winning the battle.
  4. If so, enjoy him...I was never a massive fan. He clearly lost the locker room further north. And if it weren't for the tip of Raheem Sterling's toe, we wouldn't have been in the CL semifinals last year. But you simply cannot get so futile in the PL and last for long.
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