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  1. I am super sad. But why do so many assume this is it for his time in Carolina? I would figure that he has to show he's healthy to get significant trade value, no?
  2. I am ok not making the playoffs - we aren't a super bowl team this year. I would like a winning record, though. Then get another one next year and get that annoying streak over.
  3. I had a thought: Kyle Allen has actually freed us to allow Cam be cam when he's healthy. We can let him run etc. Because if he gets hurt we will be ok. We don't have to have a modified Cam being safe.
  4. Jackson has more upside but takes big risks Ross is safer and more aggressive in fighting for balls
  5. It's fitting for Ross, in a stadium with a large golden Cockrell statue looking over the field on the roof
  6. Yes, he can. He just missed once. Like a ten foot putt straight in. You can make it. But sometimes you might miss
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