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  1. Well that doesn't make sense. Numbers in the 80s are bigger so they have more numerical content, making them notably heavier.
  2. This is the 17th season receivers have been officially allowed to wear numbers in the teens. At what point does that fit into tradition as well?
  3. I'd make an 'it is what it is' joke here but that phrase may carry a slightly different connotation these days than it used to. As such, I'll just lament that Peppers was never able to come down with any of those fade routes that Fox called for him. Wouldv'e been sweet.
  4. I think many/most have just been objective about the average, if not pedestrian, level of performance he's shown during his time on the field. Those same fans hope he is successful but it's just a bland and uninteresting move at the QB position during a time of much organizational change.
  5. You and everyone else absolutely could opt out of your respective jobs/careers in the name of health but are either either unable or unwilling to weather the financial and/or professional outcomes of such a decision. These guys are. Right or wrong, fair or not, that's the reality and it seems unreasonable to support athletes in normal situations and then condemn them for being able to make this type of decision. I don't say that in any condescending or disparaging spirit and certainly am grateful for to those who have found themselves at risk in order to keep societal function at some semblance of 'normal'. It's objectively unfortunate that there are people, perhaps yourselves included, who are in a position they aren't comfortable being in for the sake of survival. With respect to this thread topic I trust that the athletes are making the best decision for them. Other leagues are having success so perhaps any frustration should be directed at sports leadership that aren't able or willing to find a similar solution.
  6. It's perhaps not entirely fair to Rhule and the staff/team but I can't really say at this point. I think the main thing will be seeing a team that doesn't quit, that visibly improves throughout the season (even if it doesn't result in wins), that has a staff that appears to use the players to their strengths and adapts to the opponents (again, not necessarily resulting in wins), and most importantly develops consistency and doesn't have week-to-week polarity like Rivera teams did. honestly, as someone who's been a die-hard fan since '95 my interest in and engagement with the team is the lowest it's ever been right now. Seeing Rivera retained into 2019 was very deflating from the start and only got worse as the season went along. I'm trying to keep an open mind and come into this season with minimal expectations. This is a very unique and difficult situation for the staff and players and things could be very ugly but that doesn't mean it's self-inflicted like Panthers ugliness has been in the past.
  7. The Redskins game in 2018 is his only multi-fumble game.
  8. 6 in his career, 2 in 2019. However he did go 13 consecutive games without one this past year.
  9. Probably because he's a tight end and not a sitting duck year after year, either doing 7-step drops behind a poor offensive line or running power right into the teeth of a defense. That said placing better coaching around him was a viable option as well. Didn't happen either.
  10. Hurney 2nd round magic... In all seriousness Little showed some potential so I hope he's able to get things sorted. Looking dicey at this point though.
  11. KSpan

    Corona Virus

    What are you talking about? There are no therapeutics proven more than anecdotally effective, though things like dexamethasone and corticosteroids absolutely are utilized in attempt to counteract severe inflammatory reaction, and the many things in global trials are as much in the US as elsewhere. Trying a bunch of stuff off-label to see if anything sticks can be as detrimental to the patient as no treatment at all.
  12. If they really want to shake things up, just follow the same order as last year. In reality I bet it would be some type of wright d formula with recent performance mixed with their draft spots from the last 2 years. NFL has too much parity to go much farther back beyond that.
  13. KSpan

    Corona Virus

    Oh good god. The problem with things like this is that there is valid information mixed in with unprovable nonsense, aka things that most folks won't bother to look into and will accept as truth. The one concern I do share in this is about the speed and rigor of the development process. These things are moving at unprecedented speeds and part of vaccine safety evaluation is long-term effect... there simply will not be long-term data when these roll out. Perhpas there will be breakthroughs and advancements in vaccine development that come from this but I've seen studies and programs for numerous vaccine IPs and it's always a horizon of years. I have other concerns as well but this is definitely my largest.
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