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  1. What I find funny is that Carolina got skewered for taking a few sideline pictures in 2015, but the Saints have been lauded as playing "their game" with starting this turnover-posing trend in 2017 and now literally every team does it.
  2. Am I the only one who has no idea who Natrell Jamerson is?
  3. I didn't like the combination when it debuted last preseason, but do like them now. That particular game was at night and the uniforms just seemed too 'bright' so perhaps the daylight softens the colors or perhaps it's just all in my head. Regardless, looked great yesterday.
  4. If it's a basic scope procedure (cartilage trim, scar tissue cleanup, etc.) recovery can easily occur in 8 weeks or even a bit less.
  5. Really enjoyed 1-3 but haven't played the newer ones. As I only have a 360 Judgment has long been on my list but I haven't had the time.
  6. Jarius Wright chasing his man out of the play, Williams (at right guard) and Van Roten getting to the second level, Paradis and (especially) Moton hitting their reach blocks... that was well done all around.
  7. His plan is to leave him on the field but motion him to the sideline and then have him just stand there, drawing coverage up on that side like a magnet. Cutler-style.
  8. Since you're the one making the assertion can you cite a source? From an NFL perspective he's done nothing but play well when the opportunity presents itself.
  9. 82nd best interior DL means there were more than 2, on average, per every NFL team better than him and Vernon was 'average' only 10 spots and 2.2 points lower. His grade wasn't far above average. Besides, the proof is in the pudding. If you're a stats person in only 2 games this year he's produced 1/3 the total tackles, 2/3 QB hits, 1/2 the tfls, and the same number of sacks. If you're a 'scheme matters more' person not only are his numbers better but the defense as a whole looks better including both Shaq and Luke, who directly benefit from effective NT play in the 3-4 type looks, and the pass rush is much improved overall. Argue semantics if you wish but evidence thus far points to the defense being better with Poe's increased effectiveness in his current role, for whatever reason, as an supportable part of that.
  10. As a rough reference, Poe was PFF's 82nd ranked interior DL last year, a whopping 10 spots above Vernon Butler at 92. I also didn't say anything about Star, who I feel like had a monstrous 2013 both stuffing the run and rushing the passer but steadily declined thereafter. Is that the end-all definitive source of truth? No, definitely not. But even assuming they're 25% low that puts him around 60th, smack at the bottom tier of starting interior lineman. I watched every game last year (a rarity since I am not a Carolina local) and 82nd fits about what I saw... not a great year in either the run or pass. This year has been better, be it scheme or otherwise.
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