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  1. Matt Kalil looked great his rookie year as well. I know that's a fluff piece but kind of silly to make proclamations after 2 preseason games.
  2. That's only if they want to bring a player back during the season. Teams routinely put players on IR during TC (Corey Coleman, Jermaine Kearse, etc. already this year), but those players can't come back until next year. However, young players like Miller have to go through waivers if placed on IR during TC/before the cutdown to 53. Not usually a problem but there is a risk someone claims them, a la Belichick claiming Tyler Gaffney when Carolina tried to IR him during 2014 TC.
  3. Difference is that Curtis isn't parked behind a vet.
  4. Not with Khalil Mack running around in the first preseason game of the year he doesn't.
  5. He noted that in his comment but man, that's a big if at this point.
  6. Assuming this is a serious post, Belichick isn't a member of the coach's association so they can't use his actual likeness. That said I feel there is a fair chance that isn't a serious post and that I've fulfilled my quota of 'Captain Obvious' for the day.
  7. I'd also consider Eric Davis over Norman and Deon Grant over Charles Godfrey, though Grant only played for Carolina for half as long. Seems to be a bit of a 'modern' lean with the selections but still not terrible choices overall.
  8. You guys are taking that way too seriously and ignoring the positive comment below the clip,.
  9. TD signed a 2-year, $10MM contract with 5 guaranteed. Why would he have played for vet minimum?
  10. On the last episode of 'Tre Boston, Carolina Panthers Safety'... In all seriousness though I'm optimistic about the signing and hope he does well.
  11. But will he comment on Gettleman if/when the discussion inevitably goes there... I know the likely answer for this since Greg is a smart guy, but still interesting to think about what could be said.
  12. KSpan

    Mueller TV Time

    As someone who doesn't affiliate with a political party, it's striking to me how the political party affiliations are being called out. Hell, the last guy (Johnson) identified himself as '...the Republican closer.'
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