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  1. Hoover is underrated but was a great player at his position and would get my vote. If you're only talking guys who ended up with huge contracts then yeah, Norwell.
  2. How much did you have to pay?
  3. Can you really spoil a movie based on a 35 year-old book?
  4. If Terrell Davis can get in with only playing 16 games in 2/7 seasons and playing 8 or fewer in his final 3, or really at all for that matter, Gronk can and will get in.
  5. Good for him and not surprising at all. Dude's primed to do whatever he wants.
  6. Already watched all of them and really had no idea until it was over... very fast and engaging series. Really interesting stuff, and I particularly liked the Suits episode.
  7. Still watching with interest, but the OL focus has been excellent to see. Adding Paradis, retaining Williams on a good contract, and the addition-by-subtraction Kalil release were all spot-on IMO.
  8. Sounds like you missed the whole reason for him sitting out, which was all about the guarantees. He didn't take the $14 MM but he also didn't get hurt and now he has $35 MM guaranteed. Bell did no worse than breaking even and he succeeded in his overall mission. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/3/13/18263367/leveon-bell-new-york-jets-gamble-new-contract-steelers-holdout "“It sucks having to sit out football,” Bell told Fowler when many—including Bell—still expected he might play in 2018. “I want to play. I want to win games and the playoffs. But I’ve gotta take this stand. Knowing my worth and knowing I can tear a ligament or get surgery at any time, I knew I couldn’t play 16 games with 400 or more touches.”
  9. Yikes. Definitely takes the pressure off of him though.
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