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  1. Having seen the Alex Smith era firsthand here in KC Teddy looks almost exactly like Alex Smith to me. The only year Alex deviated was 2017 when the Mahomes writing was on the wall and even then it didn't last the entire season.
  2. Doesn't mean it's possible, but the staff and Teddy do both deserve to let this season play out at this point. Possibly next as well if signs of Teddy's development appear as this season goes along, IMO.
  3. I want to say he lost his footing but man, that's just ugly whatever happened. Just run forward.
  4. I think it's telling that you view an opinion of Player A or Players A, B, and C being better than Player X to be 'denigrating' to Player X. Word in quotes since it's your specific word.
  5. In a 21-game span that included all of the 2014 season, Alex's ninth year in the league, none of Smith's TDs were thrown to WRs. Zero TD throws to WRs in 21 games. This was with Reid coaching as well. I bring that up because I am also one who makes the Alex Smith comparison and it goes to show the limitations that he had even a decade into his career. It also shows what Smith was able to achieve when surrounded by better receiving options in his final years in KC, not so much more TDs overall but making better use of the talent that is there. I think Teddy is already at that 2015-2017 point relative to Alex and with Carolina's receiving options.
  6. Do I think his ceiling is Alex Smith? Sure do, and I've said it. Do I think he and Alex Smith are quality quarterbacks but don't have the next-level ability? Yup. How many times have I stated that I am open to being proven otherwise? All the time. What is my threshold of proof? Teddy elevating the team to big wins the like that Alex Smith did not do in KC (as an example). Will it take time to know for sure? Absolutely. Am I making a definivite statement. No, and no point have I done so. Am I disagreeing with what Igo said, which you agree with? Nope. So why are you disagreeing with me but not him? I have no idea, but it's not logical.
  7. "I'm riffing the hyperbolic threads and not Teddy himself"
  8. Eh, that's where things get hazy. I just commented in another thread that the circumstances and time gap leave those seasons open for a wider degree of interpretation, but IMO they weren't indicative of a player on an upper-tier development curve. That said, I'm not an NFL professional.
  9. Agreed overall. The complication withTeddy is that he also has the 2 years starting in Minnesota. It was a world ago given the injury and his time as a backup but it is evidence of the player he can become. Where it gets complicated is in how that dated evidence is interpreted and weighted.
  10. Any elite player really but especially QBs.
  11. I don't think so at all. I think it's more that Teddy doesn't have a CV of these types of wins to show that this is an aberration and not his ceiling. Rodgers is playing like crap today for example, but it's clearly an anomaly. In his first year as a starter though there would be those asking questions, and Teddy isn't a rookie. I'm not drawing conclusions, just sharing a perspective.
  12. This is missing a key takeaway and data point. Regardless of the circumstances, and Teddy didn't play his best today, he failed to drive to a win. That was his failure as a QB. These are what differentiates franchise guys from the rest and while it's only one game, the overall sample size is small. This is a big negative within the current dataset.
  13. Agreed, which is why I didn't say that here or elsewhere. I have my opinion about his ceiling (which I have stated elsewhere) but also always note that I'm open to evidence otherwise, and that at least a full year is needed. IMO today was not a positive data point.
  14. Many contributed to the loss but he sure didn't capitalize on his personal opportunity to lead the team to victory. These are the types of opportunities that will win over those who are still skeptical and they don't come along often.
  15. I absolutely did; Jeremy and I traded a couple of comments in that thread. This is exactly why I self-labeled it a silly poo-post from the start and then told you I was '...riffing the hyperbolic threads...' How is this related at all to your prior comment?
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