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  1. I was 30 when I got mine done. Haven't thought twice about it.
  2. They're still around - saw them with Rob Zombie a year or two back. Great show. More of an electronic sound now than the drop-tuned nu metal albums of the mid 90s.
  3. Can't forget a player you've never heard of. After looking him up the guy wasn't even on a practice squad last year in his first year out of college, so low expectations seem reasonable.
  4. That's a great point and the bottom line IMO is that these are made to be entertaining live-action versions of those comic books. I saw it with my son yesterday and thought it was fantastic entertainment, as it was intended to be.
  5. Very helpful in evaluating the pass-catchers and even the defenders during drills.
  6. I live in KC, working with some die-hard Chiefs fans, and haven't seen/heard a word about it.
  7. Very questionable about the personnel for a 3-4 as well. There is a good amount of talent in the front 7 but putting it all together is going to be unconventional.
  8. I didn't blow anything out of proportion. You said tacky and I asked why (which is still unclear) and then gave some counterpoint examples of why the day might be significant to them. I was just curious.
  9. In all seriousness, why? Perhaps this is a meaningful activity within their relationship, or the day itself has some significance? Point being that nothing is known about these people so I don't get the judgment here. On topic, sounds like quite the cluster.
  10. Hurney tried to get to 33, which is close enough. http://www.espn.com/chicago/news/story?id=5130865
  11. David Boston, the WR who 'roided himself right out of the league.
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