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  1. Can't switch helmets mid-season anyway per NFL rules, so no changes would happen until next year.
  2. KSpan

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    But if he got hurt this year he's still coming out ahead since next year's contract would likely be smaller, and even if next year's contract only break him 'even' he has a full year less of Pitt running him ragged. It was a gamble but one with pretty even odds.
  3. KSpan

    Injured players update

    Honest question - what about Kalil's performance in similar situations gives confidence that he would have done any better?
  4. KSpan

    A tale of two coaches

    Why? Bell didn't show up, which definitely was significant, but after that who cares? They answer a few questions about it but it's not like Bell's there messing up practices or something. I'm not a huge fan of Rivera the coach but he's navigated the team through plenty of significant 'disctractions.' I think what went down with JR and Gettleman were just as significant as Bell, moreso in the case of JR, and the team wasn't a trainwreck. I also don't agree that Bell is their best player, and even if he is he's apparently not important enough to keep the team from winning.
  5. KSpan

    Anyone remember 2003?

    Seattle 2016 (the 'didn't wear a tie' game) was pretty much the same as tonight, even down to the head-scratching pick 6 at the start of the game. A few less points scored overall but the exact same type of on-field ass-whooping in front of a national primetime (SNF) audience.
  6. Anyone else think Cam looked really labored on that throw to Moore? Like it took a lot to do even as 'short' as it was?
  7. The refs are hardly the biggest obstacle tonight but damn, how is that a catch?
  8. Isn't it supposed to be quite illegal to spear like that on any player?
  9. Not even really rushing. It was like that crappy double-spy play in Madden.
  10. My brother lives in Denver and is there a good bit. He's had great things to say and now I see why. Might have to make a trip out. Edit: Yup, he's briefly in the video. Amazing atmosphere exactly how he describes it.
  11. KSpan

    Considering a change of job

    You summed it up pretty well in your last paragraph, though I'd be interested to hear which one you think most aligns with your greater career goals. Ultimately though only you can decide what you value most.
  12. They're on Fox and streamable on Amazon to anyone with Prime so yeah, definitely televised.
  13. Came back after missing one play. He's fine.
  14. KSpan

    Cam hit while sliding, no call

    I'm all for Cam staying healthy but was surprised as well that he didn't try harder as he usually does. I assume he thought he was already at/past the marker.