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  1. I hadn't heard that one either... behind the times out here in KC.
  2. I've never heard this story. Do you have a link or something with any details?
  3. Make a difference this year? No, and it's irrelevant anyway. The change was made for next year and beyond, and any information learned/experience gained this year is just icing on the cake.
  4. Why is this a CMC issue though? The man excels at literally everything else, so is it not fair to instead acknowledge the truth of coaching and front office failing to have an alternative to mitigate a known weakness?
  5. This season is exactly why many wanted Rivera gone last year. Not that he's a completely bad coach, but more that we've seen this exact sequence of events and pathetic losses year in and year out.
  6. Throughout the Rivera period the staff does seem to consider 24 points a large lead, even when doing so (e.g. the first quarter) seems absurd.
  7. Tom Brady isn't paid nearly what he could be on the open market and Flacco/Brees/Rodgers weren't on hugely massive contracts when they won, which further supports the premise. Perhaps the better questions is to ask how many Super Bowls were won by teams spending a massive chunk of cap (think current going rates) on a QB? 2015 Broncos and... no one else.
  8. Sending a 4th man, particularly one who has shown a great talent for rushing the passer, does not equal blitzing on third and long.
  9. Yup. Focus is now more on getting the 'best' games on-air, even if it means crossing conference/network lines from time to time.
  10. Why would anyone be surprised at this point? This scenario is exactly why many were hoping for new coaching and/or leadership following last season, not because Ron is terrible but rather because he's a known quantity and scenarios like this are all too familiar. I daresay that Hurney has even done a pretty solid job this time around but can understand the desire for a complete regime change.
  11. There are that many MLS teams? We have one in Kansas City but I couldn't tell you any others, let alone nearly 30.
  12. His catch on 4th down against the Saints in 2015 was pretty awesome as well.
  13. What I find funny is that Carolina got skewered for taking a few sideline pictures in 2015, but the Saints have been lauded as playing "their game" with starting this turnover-posing trend in 2017 and now literally every team does it.
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