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  1. It's obvious that Cam's injury problems are God's way of punishing him for pre-marital sex. Sad.
  2. Good job, Zack. Looks like London was an absolutely success. I enjoyed reading a Tampa article about how many more Carolina fans were at the game compared to Bucs. Mission accomplished!
  3. You don't think Aaron Rodgers would be mercilessly laughed at week after week if he showed up wearing Cam's outfits with a scarf, etc? Just as many of my black friends clown Cam for his wardrobe as do my white friends.
  4. 24 hour "Sports Bar" in South Jersey with my Philly Riot crew.
  5. That's great, but he's went out of his way to poo on the team repeatedly (any chance he gets it seems). This ain't the WWE so that heel poo is corny.
  6. I'm just really confused by this. Like seriously dude? You do realize the team and all the fans read your social media posts and hear your dumbass comments and opinions on radio/tv? FOH.
  7. I honestly wish we could just filter out any mention of this clown.
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