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  1. Okay, I see you...a fellow head. Songs of Innocence/Experience are favorites of mine. Fire indeed.
  2. Some of yall could walk in on your old lady getting railed by 3 strangers and you'd still swear she'd never cheat on you. The writing has been on the wall forever now.
  3. MFers love these fake ass IG hoes. Maybe I would too in their positions, but damn...just not my taste. Remember when plastic surgery was something people didn't particularly find attractive? Those days are over.
  4. I'm all for it but he's going to want that $$$ to leave LSU.
  5. How glorious will it be when this fuging team finally has back to back winning seasons? Pathetic.
  6. I have already accepted that we're going to (continue to) suck in 2020. I accepted that before Rhule. I'm just hopeful we see this ship get steered back on course a few years down the line.
  7. I love how the Giants fans on Twitter are trying to convince themselves that they played it smart by not forking out all that money and they''d rather have Judge.
  8. Does The Athletic have forums/message boards? Either way, I think I'm going to pull the trigger. Hoping for that 60% off deal to pop up soon since I started googling for it (best I'm seeing currently is 40% off). P.S. - I think I want Bieniemy.
  9. Now if we can just make sure Tepper drives past it.
  10. Lol, the notion that the wheels have fallen off due to Rivera's firing is downright comical. Get real.
  11. Yall's head would explode if you had to go 24 hours without arguing over Cam Newton on the Huddle.
  12. I get it and honestly I don't blame him really, but maybe it's not something you say publicly while looking to get hired by an organization.
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