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  1. He certainly wasn't worth 13 million last year. Wright,Hogan,Moore,Samuel were all better than funfun last year. I doubt funfun will be worth 13million this year....
  2. I feel bad for FunFun. I will never forget that contested catch in the endzone against GB in 2015. I don't know why he fell apart last year. I don't think he'll produce the drama KB did. I wonder if we cut that one a bit too soon....he was just sooo bad last year.
  3. Ok, second play shown was clearly a Funches drop. Yes he had to slide but it hit him square in the numbers there...that was all funfun. Not a great pass, but Cam put the ball where it could realistically be caught. The third play though shows what I think Cam's greatest weakness/strength, which is he forces the ball into tight windows, mostly cause he can. Brady will throw it away or eat it. Cam's laser throws, though hard to catch, are often put where they have to be to avoid defenders. The problem is, theres a risk involved. In 2015 those tight windows went his way a lot. Now with Norv, the routes are smarter, there is often someone open, if the line can give him time, Cam can go through his reads. Cam had to throw tight windows for years because the line was trash, Shula is an idiot and KB/Fun Fun were soooo slowwww. We won games solely BECAUSE Cam can laser. Now though, with Norv and better receivers, if the line holds, Cam can go through his reads. We were resting his shoulder a couple practices a week by this point. I think Norv hit the nail on the head when he said, after a while missing that practice catches up with you. Cam missed a couple throws at the end of that game.
  4. Last season, was almost, the greatest collapse in NFL history. We had a relatively successful off-season, Cam was in MVP form, Jackson and Moore were showing flashes. Reid was the best safety signing we had had in a decade, or so we thought. Gano tied the record for the longest winning field goal. We were just waiting for the defensive line to get their act together. Then came the loss in Pittsburgh...it was like watching a slow motion car wreck. The rest of the season was trash. I was surprised we weren't more negative. We're still here hoping that next season is the season.
  5. So good to have Cam back. Saw this on SI: It’s easy to forget now, but there was a point last year where Turner had Newton rolling in a revamped offense. At midseason, the Panthers were 6–2, and the QB’s passer rating was 100.8, buoyed by a 15-4 TD-INT ratio. Even as the team slipped from there, Newton’s rating rose to 103.7 (22-7 TD-INT) at the end of November. The wheels came off thereafter, as the team had to manage Newton, first giving him Wednesdays, then Wednesday and Thursdays off. “The hardest part for all of us was that middle stretch where we were still playing really good offense, and he was limited on Wednesdays and Thursday,” Turner said. “It’s really hard to play at a high level if you’re not practicing those days, he’d only get Friday. But Week 11, we play Seattle, and he’s still 14-of-14 at the half, and finishes 25-of-35, taking us up and down the field, and playing at a high level. But it catches up to you when you can’t practice. Hopefully that’s behind us.” ...As Turner said, the plan is to have Newton throwing without limitation when the team reports to Spartanburg, S.C. for training camp in six weeks. Hopefully, the offense will pick where it left off before Newton got hurt as one of the more innovative and diverse attacks in football. “His second year in a system, there was change for Cam last year, change for me,” Turner said. “With the young players, their second year, we should see some real growth—D.J. [Moore], and Curtis Samuel, and even Christian [McCaffrey]. I think that we can be a really, really explosive offense, and his ability to do so many things makes it really hard for defenses, and we’ll still mix some things in where he’s the featured ballcarrier. We know it starts with him.”
  6. There is definitely a pattern to not investing in the FS...meanwhile we are the most invested team on the DL. Is Ron/Hurn baiting the long ball? Hoping they throw deeper to target the FS, giving the DL time to get to em?
  7. This. Culture can be destroyed by leadership. RR and Cam are the type of guys you'd like to go get a beer with.
  8. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/11/cam-newton-waffle-house
  9. I know we put all of last season's problems on Cam's arm and that definitely played a role. It just seemed that Pittsburgh showed how to dissect our offense and Norv couldn't adjust. Maybe the exposure combined with Cam's arm was to just tall an order. It seem like the first half of the season we were missing a defense and the second half we didn't have an offense....and some of that has to land on Norv. Don't get me wrong Norv>>>>Shula. Cam has weapons, more protection and mvp-quatlity running back. This offense should hum.
  10. This. RR will be running the defense and is absolutely loved by the players. Mccoy is coming from Tampa where he had what, 3 head coaches? This is one situation where RR's relationship with players payed off.
  11. Except for 2016, every offseason brings hope. Gettleman should have been fired after his 2016 draft/Butler/Norman poo show. We look awesome on paper. Cam's shoulder will hold if the offense is designed to protect him. Is Norv ready?
  12. Hurney 2.0 has definitely impressed. This signing was the bomb. I hesitate to say it, but this win also goes to RR, Luke, and Cam. Like it or not, the players love RR and when that is conveyed to prospects, they might consider forgoing money. Coming from the tampa bay coaching carousel and batshit crazy qb in Tampa, we look like the exact opposite. Cam might be the most personable player in the league and RR the most popular among players...and who doesn't like Luke? Whatever the case, he gave up money to be with us, so lets go win a championship.
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