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  1. The pats scored ~30 points against us last year. We needed to score ~30 points to win that game. The pats scored 30+ in the playoffs and superbowl. To beat the aints we are going to need to score 30 points. RR pushes towards slow moving slug fest with our d and run game. We need to get our passing game to perform like it did in the 4th last week without the necessity of no-huddle rush. The reason the pats are the best at passing is because they pass all the time. They scheme to pass. I really feel that you establish the pass to run, not the other way around. RR should not have to tell his coaches at half time to be aggressive. We should be aggressive from the first snap.
  2. 18th is bottom half, still Shula territory with a MVP quarterback, a top 5 running back, millions spent in FA at WR, and the first receiver drafted in 2018. Granted we were without our starting RT and LT and probowl tight end...but Thomas did ok and Moton helped fill the oline gap. We need to score 30 points a game in this league. We aren't doing it. I don't know why. The O just isn't in sync.
  3. Matt Kalil is going to come in cold. This transition is going to hurt, Matt has NOT started seasons very well. The first few games we will be missing Clark...but I agree, as bad as Kalil is, and he is bad, he's better than Clark.
  4. Manther

    Eric Reid

    I hope your right.
  5. I'm not sure the defense can be blamed for 3 quarters of punts.
  6. The offense feels different this year. Newton is stepping up into the pocket more, and it feels like he's still getting comfortable there. He likes room to run, but I think this change was necessary for our line situation. Our run game feels like it has opened up. That last quarter we showed we can pass. It just doesn't seem that a huddle or taking 30sec between snaps needs to break all that. Dropped passes, high throws, hopefully will subside.
  7. Manther

    Eric Reid

    Kneeling aside....Reid has a hot temper The commotion before this game. The fight after Newton got hit. The marginal-late-ish hit on Wentz with the Eagles picking a fight with him afterwards (I like that Reid got the better of him too). I like the fire...I'd really like to see it channeled more in our favor in the game.
  8. https://247sports.com/nfl/tennessee-titans/ContentGallery/NFL-offensive-scoring-rankings-2018-121722415/#121722415_24 6 games in, and we're in Shula territory with a lot more WR weapons and an upgrade at running back. The Oline is not performing that much different than last year. Why?
  9. Ron has punted in field goal range before...leaving points on the board.
  10. Announcers asside, Ron has punted in some head shaking situations. This of course, would have been one of the dumbest.
  11. Ron has punted in some smh situations. It has been clear from day one, he trusts his defense more than his offense. I agree to punt there would make no sense.
  12. Manther

    Eric Reid

    Reid did not have a great game until the end. Jury is still out. Had he held on the interception, we'd all be celebrating him a hero for ending the game.
  13. Last two games, 4th quarters, Torry Smith has rocked, making the catches we need to keep us in the game. We can argue whether or not someone else could have filled that role, but its a waste of time. He's not going anywhere. I hope he keeps playing at a high level.
  14. Had Ron punted on 4 & 10 with 2 minutes left, we probably would have missed the playoffs and Tepper would have terminated Ron, and the coordinators. He went for it, we won in the NFC on the road and have a reasonable shot at the post season. Now if we could just get a full 4 quarters of good coaching out these guys.....