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  1. You bash huddlers saying we expect perfection, can't handle the nfl, or can't handle vibrant discussion. That's why you got poo on. Sounds like you're the one who can't handle it. Thin skin. Lashing out at huddlers. We do agree on thing. It will get better, one way or the other. Tepper won't wait forever for Washington to get his poo together. FWIW Washington and RR are probably adjusting. They certainly aren't saying, "welp its the nfl.. poo happens... can't expect perfection...fans are unreasonable"....like you The mis-communication is being addressed.
  2. You're funny. How dare I come on a team discussion board and complain about record setting 52 point loss. Huddlers just want perfection...the nfl is just to rough for me....whatever. Eric Washington, is that you?
  3. Yeah, having 52 hung on you, setting the record for point scored on that field.... we are so close to perfection. I'd just like to see a forced punt in the first 3 quarters. Is that unreasonable? Would Washington say that is unreasonable? This was not just a bad game. Redskins was a bad game. Atlanta was a bad game. The Bears last year was a bad game. 2016 was a season of bad games. This game.... we looked like my overwhelmed grandmother driving the highway at rush-hour...with her left turn signal on the whole way. This was a clusterfug and if the coaches are just going to put it on the players (who definitely played a role), then we're fuged. Washington was out of his depth, nothing was working, he switched poo up so much the players got confused...which made things worse.
  4. This. Communication problem==coaching problem. Design a system that is clear and consistent. How complicated have we made this POS? Eric, you are shula-ing our defense. Please stop it.
  5. If the NFL was serious there would be penalties on the refs, somehow for missing calls like that.
  6. https://www.sbnation.com/2018/11/14/18092504/week-10-worst-call-nfl-officials-must-start-being-consistent Two dangerous plays happened in the same game. But only one ended with a player getting ejected. ... Carolina safety Eric Reid attempted to tackle Roethlisberger. His shoulder made contact with the quarterback’s helmet, landing a nasty hit on Big Ben. It didn’t take long for the officials to give Reid a personal foul for unnecessary roughness and eject him from the game. ... Earlier in this same game, Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt made a questionable hit on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. But there was no ejection, let a lone a flag.
  7. Manther

    Two Backs vs One

    Watch the aints pick him up.
  8. Manther

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    I bet many of us were. For a while it felt like an aints forum. My guess is aints fans cant stand each other so they come here.
  9. We are beating the Saints this year.
  10. Marshall's 2016 season became less productive than the previous year due to mostly dropped balls He was out nearly all last season for Giants. why are the aints so desperate?
  11. Manther

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    drew brees apparently
  12. Why would the entire DL fall off a cliff if it weren't for coaching?
  13. Awwww phewey. You just need to be in post season and peak at the right time. A bunch of 10 win teams have won the SB. We are very lucky to support a team that has consistently put itself in the post season mix.