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  1. Manther

    Roughing the passer

    Please do not allow small children to watch this video
  2. Manther

    Officiating was disgusting.

    People are writing entire articles about the protection the refs give Tom Brady just from this last game https://www.12up.com/posts/6276315-video-refs-call-worst-roughing-the-passer-for-tom-brady-ever "I didn't realize that slapping the quarterback's shoulder before he throws the ball constitutes a 15-yard penalty. This was probably the least amount of contact to result in a roughing the passer call ever, and unfortunately, it cost the Kansas City Chiefs dearly. But of course, the contact was on Brady and heaven forbid any defender try to stop him from throwing the ball. " Your stat is just a joke in context. Can you show me an article where someone is claiming the refs overprotect Cam?....I'd love to read it.
  3. Manther

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Reading it again, that stat doesn't even apply. Here's a stat, Cam is bigger and faster than Tom Brady too....it applies about as much as that non stat. The question becomes how many dubious roughing the passer calls has Brady received and how many missed calls. My guess is Brady leads the league ALL TIME. I only have to go back one game show how EGREGIOUSLY the refs protect baby Brady. Sometimes I wonder if he needs an oline. I know Cam had 0, that's read ZERO, roughing the passer calls in 2015....that is with a SB run. The huddle is not exaggerating and not the the only ones noticing: "A crazy statistic came to light following the game, one that may shock most football fans. A whopping zero ‘roughing the passer’ calls were called in Newton all last season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl. Meanwhile, it seems as if a defender does as much as breathe on Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, the flag starts flying." http://dailysnark.com/crazy-0-roughing-passer-penalties-called-cam-newton-last-season/ Cam gets RP calls the same as Brady....oh my god you are fuking funny.
  4. Manther

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Did you watch the pats game? No exaggeration roughing called for shts and giggles...the announcers and commentating ref all said wtf: I can't believe you brush away that call, giving a fresh set of downs to pats team when their down. I call BS on the Cam ranking. Please share your source for that one. Cam was receiving helmet to helmet IN THE POCKET, not running the ball down field. Just because a guy can run the ball doesn't mean you spear him.
  5. Manther

    Officiating was disgusting.

    I think the most maddening part is its called sometimes. Roughing the passer is called if Brady is literally just touched with a hand...meanwhile helmet to helmet full steam hits on Cam...nothing. That is the fuking crap that needs to stop. As for holds, they make a huge difference in a game....and are called soooo unevenly. I don't know that we have to call every misstep, but we need to address the Odell Beckham behavior.
  6. Manther

    Officiating was disgusting.

    At first. The players will adjust their behavior when they realize that it hurts the team. The first few games will be ugly though.
  7. Manther

    Ahhhhh Karma

    "We've known for a long time we don't get calls our way." OMFG hahahahahaha now that is funny. God that is funny. What a fuktard.
  8. Manther

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    Uhhh Cam and Kuechly are his kryptnoite. He never raves about Ron...mostly he talks about Cam and Luke. I'd take Belicheck every day of the week and twice on Sunday over RR. RR is a missed opportunity. He'll be gone next year, unless we're in the SB.
  9. They brushed his shoulder once and got called for roughing the passer.
  10. Manther

    Here for my lumps...

    I agree. I might have shown, but not create a thread... Tip of the hat.
  11. Manther

    "Hell yeah, that was PI"

    Dude, the game should have never got that far. The rams should have had a fresh set of downs at the 2 due to a BLATANT FACE MASK. Please stop crying for the aints.
  12. Manther

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Is there a way to put like 10 pies on something?
  13. Manther

    "Hell yeah, that was PI"

    Hahahahahaha. You're funny.
  14. Manther

    This is what MAGA has given birth to...

    1:49 as Mr Phillips bangs the drum inches from a boys face his associate yells at the others "white people go back to Europe where you came from....this is not your land....we been here million fuging years" I'm no trump fan, but the this one falls in the same category as the Cohen report last week. Corporate media had a BAD week.