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  1. @CRA Tell you what, don't bother. I'm done. The violence is just going to escalate, as I feared. The hate-filled echo chamber has apparently enveloped the huddle as well. I'm done here. The violence loving leftists can give a collective cheer. They all complain about not having a moderate here, but any time a moderate points out the extremism they are attacked. Good luck with that. Wonder what this place will be like when they set Charlotte ablaze next year.
  2. So is anything going to be done about the threats of violence on this thread?
  3. We don't know the motivation. We know he supported antifa, took guns to anti-kkk protests where he covered his face. He made posts about killing nazis. The hate-filled echo chamber warps the mind.
  4. Not surprised. Go back to your hate-filled echo chamber. News flash: Hate-filled leftists don't want anyone posting about violent leftists.
  5. Are you saying that if I create another account like many here do, and post the article, that they won't attack the messenger? I call BS.
  6. Tell that reporters and youtubers I posted on the Ngo thread. Tell it to the 9 dead last weekend. antifa is begining to look more and more like the haters they hate.
  7. He's at a rally that antifa attended with a mask and a gun. He posts on social media in support of antifa.. but theres no solid evidence. who's being willfully ignorant?
  8. By attacking me you are just trying to quiet anyone who points out the violence on the left side.
  9. It could be, it really could be. The question is will the violent fringe take over. Obviously antifa supports are willing to attack anyone who associates antifa violence with antifa, a perfect environment for it to get worse.
  10. Well, at least we agree that you hate. Its a start.
  11. I agree 100% on this. I found this article on the CDC study on guns in America, ordered by Obama very good: https://slate.com/technology/2013/06/handguns-suicides-mass-shootings-deaths-and-self-defense-findings-from-a-research-report-on-gun-violence.html
  12. Wow, another voice attacking me because I point out leftist violence. Antifa is loosely affiliated...if you are looking for a membership card, you aren't going to find one. The best you can do is online particpation, which is well documented. He was at the rally covering his face with a weapon.
  13. For the last 2.5 years I wasn't in the Tinderbox, only on football forum..for years as a lurker. When I peaked in here I was shocked a the vitriol, blood-thirsty and violent rhetoric the moderator allows. I posted on the El Paso thread. That guy is a sick fu ck. The psychos on both side are the enemy. Not me. Some of you are so blind with hate you just want to argue and attack anyone who posts something about anyone from the left. I still have yet see you condem this sick fu ck. All you do is defend him.
  14. rNC is coming to Charlotte next year whether we like it or not and antifa will be out in protest and should be. However, when trump was inaugurated, they burned cars, smashed windows and plowed through streets. This psycho took a semi-auto to a rally in may. Last month an antifa participant firebomed an ice facility. Last weekend one went on a murder spree, thankfully the police were there in seconds...who know what would have happened if he made it in the building. What if another psycho takes mass murder devices downtown next year? Can't we condemn violence on both sides?
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