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  1. Was hoping he would be a Panther his entire career but I understand it’s a business. Pulling for him wherever he ends up.
  2. I say 2015 team would win. Surprised at the number of people going with the 03 team.
  3. It's a great day for the Panthers because they're moving on from one of the best players in franchise history and the team's only NFL MVP? You can tell that guy just doesn't like Cam Newton.
  4. Throwing the game winning TD pass to Olsen against the Seahawks. Diving into the end zone against the Cardinals in the NFC Championship. The scramble for a 1st down against the Patriots. Front flipping into the end zone against the Texans. That insane throw for a TD vs Atlanta. His great game against the Saints in the playoffs when he was throwing to practice squad receivers. A lot to pick from. I'm going to miss Cam being a Panther. Was hoping he would be the Panthers QB until he retired. Didn't want to see him play for another team. But I know it's a business and even the best players rarely only play for one team their entire career. Hope he has an MVP year wherever he goes and I'll still pull for him unless he's playing the Panthers.
  5. Him being a coach next season would be weird knowing he could still suit up and be one of the best LBs in the NFL.
  6. Would suck a little less if Carolina would’ve beat Denver and Luke had a ring.
  7. Of course it has to end in a way that will give Saints fans something to complain about.
  8. Read their forum on game days. Every other comment is something about the refs.
  9. “We want to win a championship.” They didn’t play like they wanted to win a championship.
  10. They removed his lower leg and replaced it with some kind of bike.
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