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  1. Hey he played receiver in college , see passing, works
  2. Can we note just give Cam some Brady stem cell IVs and restore home to 2015 glory?
  3. Perfect guy to insult Cam for Rhule if Tepper brings him back
  4. He’s coming in to lay the law down Danny McBride style
  5. I bet he agrees that Brady Christiansen’s arms are too short
  6. while his hamstring is recovering their is real risk to pulling a groin muscle
  7. All the good OCs are going to go with the new HC jobs. Nobody that is a name is going to sign under Rhule who is on the hottest seat in the NFL unless they get assured they will be named permanent HC once he’s fired. tepper has to accept this and plan on a loser season ahead or dump Rhule now
  8. Coaches are still a big part . Scheme and playcallling
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