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  1. Now do this for Trevor Lawrence rookie season and realize how dumb you sound to non-reactionaries
  2. Should I pick up Bryce on fantasy?
  3. Last year he was, CMC on panthers didn’t do much. Wilks with Foreman did
  4. Prefer he hire a Shannahan tree , either Slowick or get Miami OC
  5. CMC isn’t a power back like foreman which was the scheme
  6. Foreman was better than CMC on panthers last year.
  7. The NFL is going to have a team in the Carolina’s period
  8. CMC sucked his last two years here, we literally improved greatly when he left last year. He’s great in the right system, he’s not an MVP or anything crazy like that
  9. I wonder if these guys all fired Tepper because they all wanted Stroud
  10. I wonder how bad a season DJ would be having in this offense
  11. I hope it atleast occurred to him he could’ve had BPA at 9, traded up in 2nd for Levis and still have DJ and our draft picks
  12. This far in with no pick even why not convert to run first and play action off to attempt and salvage the season?
  13. Except he has all day to pass and his receivers are as wide open as it gets . It’s all on tape
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