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  1. Rivera is not a precision guy. Not a perfectionist at all. He’s always SEARCHING for good enough. Things have to go pretty bad for him to upset his own status quo. That will continue to be our problem. We have to regularly overcome him being a day late and dollar short. The idea that you lose a DC in back-to-back years and don’t even really go out and look for another speaks so much to it. A precision guy (even one who is a defensive coach) looks at a vacancy as an opportunity to perfect the craft, not just “maintain.” Same with why it took so long to fire Shula. He pretty much had no choice and oh look, we get a real OC and Ray Charles can see the improvements. Getting Norv Turner DESERVED Rivera ensuring the defense didn’t take a step back. But it did because that’s the most telling sign of a mediocre coach at best. One constantly chasing one side of the ball or the other to be better. It’s rare they ever get both maxing at the same time and it always goes back to decisions being made too late or simply wrong for the sake of not truly trying to be the best.
  2. Really that simple. Been my concern all year. We can’t and that’s an offseason problem.
  3. I was certain we give it right back, so that doesn’t worry me. It did happen rather quickly tho....
  4. Monty83

    Fire Rivera fanboys must be on vacation

    The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl, and when you have a Cam, who is like no QB ever and gives you an opportunity to be in every game.... multiple championships. We haven’t gotten there yet, and Rivera’s philosophy, despite being able to win games, has been legitimately questioned whether it can get us there. I think Rivera has made some really good decisions, but two things 1) he has to consistently get out of his own way and 2) he’s got to make these decisions faster. We’re on a timetable with all of our vets. Despite the fact he eventually gets there, time matters. Im happy with some of the adjustments in the past week, now we just need to stick to them and be willing to make more quickly if necessary.
  5. Monty83

    Fire Rivera fanboys must be on vacation

    As far as I’m concerned we did our job. The man doesn’t coach in a vacuum. He gets enough criticism for some of his gameplanning and he.... changes the gameplanning. My issue is some of the things complained about weren’t detailed logistics with all sorts of other things in play. Simple things. Some happened as a result of injury and some a result of game planning. But most shouldn’t have to be addressed at this point, because they should’ve already happened. Kudos to him getting there, but we’ll have to see if he stays there.
  6. It only makes more sense when you consider who our QB is. Why diversify the offense and keep defenses guessing with some no-huddle thrown in more when you only have the most successful running QB at picking up 3rd downs in the league? No-huddling with the weapons we now have makes defenses account for our receivers and RBs and eliminate a ton of spying on Cam. Allowing the defense to sub and rest doesn’t.
  7. Rivera doesn’t get it with today’s league. He was taught ball-control, run the bill, time of possession, don’t force anything, rely on your defense. That was cool when we had a dominant defense who could put real pressure on opposing offenses, and a dominant run game where we can eat clock and limit possessions for the opposition. We have neither now. Neither. And the league can score easier than it ever has. Now things like field goal become effectively punts and punts effectively become turnovers. Everything is faster with more opportunities. So you have to take the risk of opening it up early. This isn’t even to mention you have a rhythm QB who is also your leading rusher. Which means we have greater opportunity early in games to go down field and still force a defense to account for the run. It’s absurd for us to not go no huddle and play faster early in the game. Our defense needs our offense to add to the pressure, which often leads to them playing better.
  8. I suspect Rivera will come out more aggressive after the criticism in WAS. Part of it I felt like was due to the Panthers being 3-1 going into the game, and the mentality of why not be conservative and take chances. The problem is it takes losses in order for the mentality to change instead of remaining aggressive at all times. Cam building chemistry with receivers and Norv I accept, but we just gotta get out of our own way. We definitely have the talent and ability to go far.
  9. It’s especially hard for us as Panther fans to identify blame in some of these situations. Why? Because literally, what we do at the end of many games doesn’t all flow in the same direction. We wanna blame Cam for missing throws, but then realize that the whole philosophy of what he’s doing in those situations is contrary to what Rivera is doing the whole rest of the game. We wanna blame the defense for being able to get MORE stops and being as dominant as they always have been, but then realize if we didn’t start games in full run conservative mode, maybe they wouldn’t have to get so many stops. We lead the league in rushing? Yay! We’re also the only team trying to. This all just comes back to....Rivera. All the Giants game did was make him believe he needed to refocus the team - not on what it does best or needs to do - but on what his philosophy is. That’s why we came out and ran 5 straight times and didn’t go for it on 4th and 1. It happens with alot of simple guys who get a little bit of success. All they know how to do is go back to what made them successful. No innovation, no awareness, no willingness to make real changes. It will lose us more than a few games this year. And we’ll be hoping Cam makes better decisions down the stretch as he will inevitably have to save us because of Rivera’s ineptitude.
  10. Here is another way to look at it: We all accept that Cam’s biggest strength is probably his ability to run the ball. It’s led to him leading us in rushing. When is Cam most effective running the ball? Probably when he’s able to make plays with his feet And the passing game is moving chains or gotten us into the red zone typically. When is Cam least effective running the ball? When we are behind and he can’t afford to run. So literally every time we ask Cam to save us, we are asking him to do it WITHOUT his biggest strength! Think about that. That’s the case for almost no other QB, who when the chips are down just needs to focus and “run the offense.” Not Cam. He’s simply got to figure it out. That’s why we can’t come from behind. Rivera’s philosophy isn’t made to. We have the weapons, but we still play as if running the ball is all we want to do. It’s also why no lead is safe for us in this NFL either. Because too many teams can score in the blink of an eye. We either need an offensive head coach or a defensive coach with enough awareness to see that passing and scoring are more important.
  11. Literally our team philosophy has been let Rivera roll with his instincts and have Cam bail us out when they don’t work. Doing things like wanting to establish the run early create so much risk because 1) if you’re not successful, you’ve taken the rest of your offense out of rhythm and 2) you immediately put pressure on your defense to prevent the opponent from scoring while you’re trying to establish it. EVERYTHING in the NFL has be moved to allow teams to move to more of a passing offense, which means the other things you’re trying to do establishing the run like dominate time of possession, are negated, because teams can score much easier. We having an amazing record when we don’t turn the ball over, but we actually increase the likelihood we do turn it over by putting more pressure on Cam to have to bring us from behind throwing the ball in known passing situations, INSTEAD of simply being aggressive from the start and having the pass set up the run. Rivera relying heavily on our zone defense requires us to get pressure with the front four, but again, with the league moving more to a passing offense, we are giving up 5 yards every play, and that’s not even pointing out the fact our front four is old and isn’t generating consistent pressure. So now Rivera’s instincts are dominating self-awareness. We don’t even have what we need to be what he wants anymore. If we come out aggressive offensively and open it up, we give ourselves an opportunity to take pressure off of the D (and they need it) and more than anything we give Cam an opportunity to win us more games from in front instead of from behind. His greatest threat is his ability to spread the ball around and have defenses forget to account for his run. We take that away from him when we get behind and defenses know he has to pass the ball.
  12. The fact that we played this horrible and were a couple intelligent throws away from winning SHOULD explain how important it is for our philosophy to change. We appear to have good ability to move the ball down the field, and it seems we would be even more effective having the pass set up the run instead of vice versa. But we all know that will never happen with Rivera. Cam takes a lot of blame for that last drive, but at the same time, we ask him to bail us out in the most effective way possible that also happens to be completely different than our primary objective most of the time. Think about that again. What we are most EFFECTIVE at doing, we FORCE our QB to do on his own when we are down. That is why we’ll never be great with Rivera.
  13. What’s crazy is the first thing I thought with us in that part of the field with 2 timeouts was that we’re almost never in the position where we have timeouts left. Cam’s decision-making down there looked like he’d never been in that situation either. We clearly don’t work on it in practice. Every option was available to him, including running to pick up 5 yards, but he played it like we typically do.
  14. It wouldn’t be a bad time to slip in a run or two with this much time and 3 timeouts. Especially with these DEs flying up field. Better than Cam taking a ridiculous sack and putting us in known passing downs. It’s 4-down territory anyway.
  15. Just think if we attacked all drives that way and slipped in some zone blocking runs for CMac INSTEAD of trying to stupidly establish the run at the beginning of games, having drives end, and forcing our defense to have to stop everyone from scoring from the beginning of the game?