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  1. Just curious, but did he ever play beyond just highschool football? 76 is ridiculous like that is rare
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chiefs-kicker-drills-77-yard-field-goal-during-lonely-offseason-workout-and-he-has-video-to-prove-it/amp/ Man I wish the panthers had a young cheap talented kicker :/ Gano has a 4 mill cap hit, sheesh THATS a real kick in the balls.
  3. I’m not limiting Greg Little to his injuries, but comparing what he has accomplished to others drafted after him points in the clear direction that at the very least we over drafted him. We drafted an already raw prospect who has proved nothing but his inability to contribute on the field so far . Versus numerous players drafted after him who contributed greatly. Simply said Littles stock has gone greatly down due to injuries and struggling, while others have showed their value. Also the context is concussions did end his career I wasn’t talking about individual injuries, a high ankle sprain doesn’t make you retire at 28...
  4. No I’m just raising questions with our draft strategy, it seems Hurney has given up on him trading for Okung tbh. If you read the article I posted I was clearly just pointing out the titanic miss he had considering there is an argument for nearly every player in round to to be deemed more valuable then Little to this point.
  5. Man it’s totally like our very own HOF middle linebacker didn’t just retire in his prime due to concussions... It’s called reading data if someone gets two whole concussions in their rookie year what does their future look like? Very grim, but obviously I hope I’m wrong and Little becomes healthy and is a star.
  6. What does a defensive personnel change have anything to do with Greg Little? Looking at the grand scheme Hurney has failed dramatically outside of the first round continuously and that’s exactly why we never have many players remain. He is a one trick pony and is slitting our teams throat with the amount of talent we miss out on due to his poor work.
  7. Does that not mean we can’t reflect on it? When’s the last time we have had a draft with more then two players even remaining on the team after a couple years. If we don’t reflect we will never change and we will never win. If you can’t even reflect on ur mistakes how are you supposed to change them?
  8. I’m not giving up on Little, I’m honestly fairly optimistic about what he can become without injuries hindering him. But yeah ur completely right, every team makes those mistakes. I’m just frustrated in general like it’s getting to the point where only 1-2 maybe on a really good year 3 players remain on the team after two years. We keep missing and our drafts will never lead to sustained success, and I think it’s absurd that Hurney is still our gm.
  9. Is it not fair to reflect on our current general managers draft history? We are literally talking about last years draft class and it is already clear that it was a waste. If we don’t reflect and make the right changes we will be stuck in mediocrity. A team cannot win a ring with Marty’s draft tendencies we have every right to talk about that until he is gone.
  10. That’s a good point, but just looking at who got drafted after with both picks we traded for him, I think it’s gonna be hard for Little to become more valuable. Especially with the amount of talent drafted after him.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28981688/how-2019-nfl-second-round-draft-picks-fared-store-2020%3fplatform=amp Reading this just makes me so frustrated with Marty. He really could have drafted nearly anyone in this round and they would have filled a hole. But instead of course he traded up for a lineman who very likely would have fallen to our pick anyway. Greg Little has accomplished two things so far... two concussions. Then this year Marty traded our pro bowl LG for an old expensive lineman at the same position as Greg Little!! He somehow managed to make more holes with a draft pick he is incompetent. And don’t even get me started about the Will Grier pick, he likely won’t even be on the team in the next two years. Fire Marty or just at the minimum kick him out of the war room after round one.
  12. Gimme Trumaine Johnson, he is a long rangy corner. I think he could replace Bradberry pretty well. Plus he wouldn’t affect our comp picks as he was cut.
  13. I would love to test that anytime haha your a clown anything you say is irrelevant. You seem a little too invested in this team, I think you secretly are a Panthers fan lmao.
  14. Ur funny Man you think just because you have been on this forum longer it makes you inherently more knowledgeable haha? Ur nothing more then a troll it’s irrelevant whatever you say nobody on this forum could care less. Focus on ur own team, a team that is better off then the Panthers currently. Yet, we both know that’s not saying much so the Steelers are still trash; and will accomplish nothing In the next 3 years and will be forced to go through the same process the Panthers are going through rn. So enjoy watching ur team accomplish nothing and be years behind the Panthers in any sort of chance to win a ring any time soon!
  15. Why are you on a panthers forum? Go give your opinion to people that care.
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