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  1. yes! Its highly likely he is going to breakout this year anyway dude has to much talent to not eventually breakout. I’m praying he stays healthy this year...
  2. This just shows how slept on our wr corps is, i genuinely would not be suprised if we finished as a top 5 wr corps. But, that’s more contingent on cam newton and especially if he has the ability to throw the deep ball. Also, this offense is special our o-line could finally be one of our strengths. If all the pieces come together( Greg Little develops into atleast a starting caliber LT before playoffs/Daryl Williams stays healthy) then I think we easily have a top 10 if not higher o-line. Combined with Christian being just amazing and helping the offense on a ridiculous level through big yardage run plays, or being an amazing receiver he makes this offense elite by himself. Also, with Greg Olsen possibly playing at his elite level with Ian Thomas poised to breakout as well. And DJ Moore, and Curtis Samuel poised to breakout as well. Moreover, I think Jordan Scarelett is gonna be a good backup rb he has all the makings of a solid rb except minus the receiving ability. But, im so excited for the team this year I’m expecting this team to do something amazing and I think we have the roster to back up that claim. Keep Pounding!!!!
  3. How likely do you think Tre Boston signs with the Panthers? Also, if you do think he will sign then what are the Panthers waiting for? Lastly, what contract would you give him?
  4. DJ and Curtis is gonna be an amazing tandem. Both fit the modern era of WR's perfectly! Bye Bye big boys Kelvin Benjamin, and Fun Fun.
  5. This list should be treated as toilet paper.
  6. I would take Kyle Allen and a safety like Deionte Thompson or Amani Hooker, over Will Grier anyday. Waste of a 3rd unless he pulls a Garoppolo.
  7. It’s a joke, sorry I didn’t know it was ur time of the month.
  8. Im not supporting the idea of releasing our draft board, but the reason is to not show other teams our draft tendencies. Not because were worried about some athletes "feelings."
  9. anywhere from 5-9 mill would be completely fine with me. Quiet and respectful, I could see him having a very long career. Solid player, deserves a solid contract.
  10. A hypothetical situation. Its not very complicated.
  11. True haha I think we have very opposing opinions. But, it was nice debating this with you I can tell you have great insight and you know what ur talking ab greatly. And the one thing I know we agree on is, how important our safety need is. Sadly ur so right unless some injury big happens we will stick with who we have on the roster. Also I’m curious about what you think ab Eric Reid?
  12. You can take a tiny gamble, and sign someone. Sending a 7th for a guy making nearly the min doesn’t stop you from signing someone. But if ur talking about trading for someone who can join the team and be the answer at FS, that’s a 3rd round and up type player heck w players like frank clark going for a 1st going on a franchise tag it would cost more. Obi is a cheap option, that might be able to develop. Even if he doesn’t develop at all, he would be an amazing special teamer and could take Colin Jones spot instantly.
  13. ohhhh lmaoo. That makes a lot more sense, now I feel dumb.
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