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  1. How likely do you think Tre Boston signs with the Panthers? Also, if you do think he will sign then what are the Panthers waiting for? Lastly, what contract would you give him?
  2. DJ and Curtis is gonna be an amazing tandem. Both fit the modern era of WR's perfectly! Bye Bye big boys Kelvin Benjamin, and Fun Fun.
  3. This list should be treated as toilet paper.
  4. I would take Kyle Allen and a safety like Deionte Thompson or Amani Hooker, over Will Grier anyday. Waste of a 3rd unless he pulls a Garoppolo.
  5. It’s a joke, sorry I didn’t know it was ur time of the month.
  6. Im not supporting the idea of releasing our draft board, but the reason is to not show other teams our draft tendencies. Not because were worried about some athletes "feelings."
  7. anywhere from 5-9 mill would be completely fine with me. Quiet and respectful, I could see him having a very long career. Solid player, deserves a solid contract.
  8. A hypothetical situation. Its not very complicated.
  9. True haha I think we have very opposing opinions. But, it was nice debating this with you I can tell you have great insight and you know what ur talking ab greatly. And the one thing I know we agree on is, how important our safety need is. Sadly ur so right unless some injury big happens we will stick with who we have on the roster. Also I’m curious about what you think ab Eric Reid?
  10. You can take a tiny gamble, and sign someone. Sending a 7th for a guy making nearly the min doesn’t stop you from signing someone. But if ur talking about trading for someone who can join the team and be the answer at FS, that’s a 3rd round and up type player heck w players like frank clark going for a 1st going on a franchise tag it would cost more. Obi is a cheap option, that might be able to develop. Even if he doesn’t develop at all, he would be an amazing special teamer and could take Colin Jones spot instantly.
  11. ohhhh lmaoo. That makes a lot more sense, now I feel dumb.
  12. Key word “probably”, also other teams will for sure be after him. And since when did a 7th round pick mean so much, Kevon Seymour cost us a 7th lol.
  13. I agree that’s best case scenario, but that extra time learning in our system would be very important for him especially. And it’s not certain he will be cut, it is likely. Also, after seeing us trade a 7th for Kevin Seymour and I think a 4th or a 5th for Andy Lee only for him to leave the team a year later. Also a conditional 6th for marshal Newhouse. It’s a small payment I’m willing to take. Other teams might value him to if he’s cut.
  14. I agree with everything you have said. Except the film part, he did look pretty dominant on film. But, I’m not saying Obi is the answer. I just think taking a small chance on a freak athlete at the one position this organization neglects every chance it gets is not the worst idea. Also, at the very least he is depth and I’m sure we would all prefer Obi over Colin jones lol.
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