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  1. funny light hearted video I think y’all should check out.
  2. Herbert sitting a year with Joe Brady would be lethal. Plus we could load up on the O-line in preparation for Herbert.
  3. Your probably right, I can’t imagine Teddy getting benched. Honestly the huddle would already have been calling Herbert a bust at this point. I even can’t even imagine the outrage if we took him last draft. That’s valid but the Chargers o-line is pretty horrible as well.
  4. Anyone remember the rumor that Hurney had a draft crush on Justin Herbert? Genuine question if we had either traded up or he had fallen one pick to us what would our current situation be right now? Would Teddy still be starting?
  5. And the best Panthers WR core of all time plus CMC...
  6. To much money tied to the oline especially the interior.
  7. Great super in depth post!! Personally I would resign Taylor Moton, give Paradis one more year before cutting him and draft Creed Humphrey round one and play him at LG year one then after cutting Paradis the next year move him back to Center, then move Daley to RG while also resigning John Miller to a one year team friendly deal. Then my unpopular opinion would be I would let Okung walk and give Little another chance to win the LT spot while drafting a tackle prospect around the 3rd to 5th round range and let them compete for the starting LT spot. I know my idea is not flawless but I think it’s unreasonable to invest an absurd amount of money to OG and tackles in free agency they always end up being overpaid and a ridiculous cap hit(Matt Khalil, Matt Paradis.)
  8. Big praise for our UDFA rookie safety, he had a great game today and looks like another great hybrid SS/linebacker. Give this defense two more years with good coaching along with plugging up our linebacker core plus another DT/CB and we’re legit. This team is young and talented I’m super impressed by this team this year!
  9. Teddy is a game manager, unless we’re built like the Steelers we will not win the big close games. In the next two years we need to draft a franchise QB. Regardless this team has so much potential and I’m so proud of the coaches and the team in general. Also, SIGN CURTIS SAMUEL!!
  10. Fourth or possibly a third round pick for Njoku, if we don’t trade for a TE we will most likely draft one around that range anyway and I think there is almost no chance one of the TE’s in this draft around that range can compare to Njoku anyway.
  11. Real talk they look like some weak ass bitches on the interior their a joke.
  12. After Moton I would be super happy to resign him, he is a great asset for our team.
  13. This gets me so excited just imagining all four of them in their prime together, that’s just downright scary.
  14. I mean obviously you have to pay good players man I don’t think that’s an issue haha. Like what are we supposed to get bad players so we can pay them minimum contracts?
  15. I don’t know is this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I think this is the best Panther wide receiver core we might have ever had. Also, I would love to resign Curtis Samuel his downfield blocking and overall impact I think is very understated.
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