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  1. I’m happy to see this, Cam is gonna get the ring he deserves!! Belichick knows how amazing he is, literally the Panthers are the only team that has a winning record over the Pats and 99.99999% of that is due to Cam.
  2. My bad I misunderstood what you meant, I thought you meant we only look for white quarterbacks and I was confused. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  3. I love having talent at safety, I’m just asking what his role is for this team now and in the future.
  4. Valid point, but I personally see a solid foundation with a lot of potential. Maybe not two years but along the lines of 3-5.
  5. After drafting two talented safeties in Jermey Chinn and Kenny Robinson what is Tre’s role on the team? He’s on a three year deal, I personally see him starting one to two years before he is either cut or moved to a depth role. He is a good leader and I like the idea of his veteran presence for our young secondary. What are your guys thoughts? Also in the future, Kenny Robinson at FS and Jermey Chinn at SS is going to be dirty. The ballhawking and athleticism between the two is unreal. I love the direction this Defense is heading.
  6. Sign Can if we won both games, but tank the rest of the season if not and roll with Walker/Grier
  7. This has the potential to be a steal, I see him as a potential 2nd or 3rd year starter who could man our FS position for a long time. He is a true center fielder, I like this pick Rhule definitely has a plan on defense.
  8. Great pick!! Rhule is killing this draft so far Troy Pride is a speedster and a fluid athlete. This draft is plugging holes with athletes with proven production. Keep pounding baby!!
  9. Loving this draft so far!! Our defense just keeps getting more and more athletic I’m excited to see these guys develop.
  10. Literally the guy I wanted in the second round!! LETS GOOOOO!! Great character guy, great athlete, great competitor. Panthers having a great draft so far!!
  11. I think Curtis Samuels value will only go up, this year could be his literal first year with a legit QB. No more injured Cam, or Tyler Heinicke, Kyle Allen, Will Grier throwing him the ball. Also, he fits Joe Brady’s system greatly and we need multiple WR’s for Brady’s system to truly work. Also, Curtis is only 23 years old and with a breakout season this year his value could sky rocket. And if we potentially were going to trade him we could do so before the trade deadline this year after he increases his value more this season. If we are consistently losing this year we could trade him and get more assets or if we are doing decent we could maybe resign him and lock up our elite WR trio for the next couple seasons.
  12. Exactly man, I honestly think he could have broken out last season too but he was stuck with Kyle Allen throwing him the ball lmao.
  13. In my opinion I think Samuel is much better then he’s given credit for. He’s an absolute burner with 4.32 speed, he’s most importantly dedicated to improving each year. And none of our Quarterbacks have been able to throw a deep ball his entire time here except when he was a rookie where he got hurt. Only reason I would trade him would be due to his contract being up after this season, first or high second pick minimum for him idk what haters see but I agree with Luke Kuechly he’s special.
  14. Tristian Wirfs Lowkey sleeper
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