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  1. Just watch these players just somehow have an All-pro season next year lmao.
  2. If we were gonna go all in for anything it would be a complete rebuild. I would much rather tank for Trevor Lawrence, then set up a rookie qb to fail next year. We have no o-line and a weak defense what do you expect Joe Burrow to do? How are you supposed to build a team around him while giving the Bengals our consist top ten draft picks for the next 3 years lmao.
  3. Whenever I see ur posts, I just highly disagree with you. I do not like ur opinions, they are highly questionable,
  4. Trading Luke would be a major mistake, not only can he help us arguably for a lot longer in his career. But, I would love the idea of after Luke retires he can have some sort of position on the coaching staff. And just no you do not trade CMC not only is he literally carrying an entire part of our team, and fits the modern NFL perfectly, he also is 23!!! You don’t trade young players like that he fits a rebuild for us perfectly, if we really wanna blow it up and give a young QB a chance to shine give him CMC!!!
  5. I think you need a “little” more intensity to bring down a 6’6 foot 250 pound monster vs bringing down Kyle Allen lmao. No disrespect to Kyle Allen he has grit, but this is just common sense.
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