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  1. I’m totally pissed the year we get season tickets at $8500 a year.......... Kemba is gone........ it will be tough to keep me for the 2nd year.
  2. If the Hornets have 2 Max slots we couldn't fill them who will come to Charlotte
  3. Can we Actually call an cancel tickets even if we are on the payment plan?
  4. I learned my lesson w pro sports........ Do not buy season tickets......
  5. Looks like we will be a one an done season ticket holder this year. Anyway we could get out of the tickets an just take what we have paid already?
  6. Ok figured someone here follows the NBA an could tell me and possibly create some chatter for the board. Guess not.
  7. What are the dates for free agency, draft ect. When does free agency start and end? When is the lottery and the draft?
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