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  1. Pretty awful news however you want to spin it. Not Many positives. Team needs a result or the season could go bad very quickly.
  2. Unfortunately it's likely based on track record that RR and MH see it differently than us.
  3. I think we're basically agreeing with each other, although perhaps we have different opinions on Little. Regarding the Butler comparison-the fact that hes still here after 4 years seems to justify my point. That even if you feel they aren't the answer you have to let them show they're bad. When we took Little I felt like he was one of those measurable guys who we felt could be coached up. I would be more concerned than anything if they moved him inside. He is said to not have much dog in him and I don't think you want a lump at guard who has no nasty. For me then you aren't playing to any of his skillsets. So to summarise- i would like to see Moton at LT if we want to win this season, but i don't see it happening. I would like to see Little play-but not if hes not ready. That would be unfair. Too many people here are looking for an excuse to get rid of him and upgrade before he has played a regular season snap.
  4. I believe RR has a proven track record of continuing to start badly performing players at LT. I think he and MH have Moton locked in at RT and see Williams as a stopgap to leave in FA once Little has red-shirted. Even if a new GM and HC come in are they going to cut the cord on a 2nd rounder that we traded up for before he's even started? Can you justify picking a LT with a high first rounder the year after you picked one with a high second rounder? I know that happens with new GMs purging former picks but you have to give Little a chance to show hes bad before you can cut him.
  5. 100% agree. But there's no way that they don't see Little as the future LT-it would be an admission that they were wrong. If they switch them they are creating an obstacle for their own plan of succession. Even though it is the correct choice.
  6. The problem is we are already playing catch up after 2 home losses, 1 against a division rival. All true fans can project their team winning under different circumstances but how realistic is that? Our defense has 4 sacks and 1 interception in 2 games, giving up 47 points. It is not elite.
  7. Although I agree with 1. I'm not sure how this qualifies as a glass half full opinion when it comes to Cam on a personal level. As for 2. I hadn't realised he wasn't practicing- I thought I read that he was "feeling like a rookie again." Now after the game there is a suggestion that he's injured again? I dunno-after what came before it reads like an excuse. If I'm gonna be positive I say that he didn't throw interceptions and did make some 20-45 yard throws. That's definitely a positive. The caveat there is that he missed with lots more-I was surprised how they kept going to his arm. The worry is that completion percentage and how bad the bad throws were.
  8. I think they will try Little there, before they try Moton. Because they believe in Little at LT and don't want to create an alternative narrative. They almost have to do this because they selected him high. Its also why we wont see Andrew Thomas drafted this year. Because then you're admitting that Little isn't the answer.
  9. I think there are lots of contracts which are being way overpaid for their production. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/carolina-panthers/ I would get rid of Poe, Olsen, Mccoy, Gano, Reid, because they can't be justified at that price in a rebuild. Then depending how drastic you want to be, I would seriously consider dumping KK, Cam and trading Kuechly which i would hate but those guys aren't gonna be enough of themselves to let you win. Now the reason I quote you, is because I make an exception of the OL. I want a new QB and coach to be able to have some reliable pieces to show what they can do. Lets not repeat the mistake of putting too much on the new guy's plate, and tave him rag-dolled like Luck and Newton. Whether or not you agree that Turner, Moton and Paradis are good pieces of a future OL is a different question.
  10. I just think there is too much risk surrounding Cam the player these days I can't imagine any fan of another team who would look at Cam last night and think-that could be a solution. It would be a hard sell after Brady. Its why the statement by Igo in OP makes sense. Cam is hated by opposition fans around the league. He is in a key year approaching a new contract window. If he is hampered by injury and inconsistency and can't run anymore, and suddenly is a FA where is his incentive to continue? He's made his money and richly deserved every penny. Why put your body on the line-especially if you feel you aren't the player you were? So maybe the question is-how much longer does it take him to accept this and indeed can he? Like @Darvinsun I don't want to see him play as a shadow of his former self. Life beyond football should be a genuine and exciting prospect for him.
  11. He made several key plays for them in the playoffs on their Superbowl run though his regular season play was underwhelming. He was strong in clutch situations. Impressive, humble farewell speech. Good luck Torrey.
  12. I like option 1 but like you I can't see it happening. We need to reset and to do so we need high picks. Having wasted a third on Grier we should put him in. He can have his shot and if/when he fails we will be able to pick high. My fear is that we won't be competitive but not bad either That's the worst place to be. We need to be ready to compete when Brees and Ryan call it a day.
  13. Buffalo is my AFC team-I'd love to see Josh Allen prove people wrong. MCDs defense is legit. Roster wise they are on the upswing. Would love to see them challenge the Pats. I guess it's easier for me to step away from the rage and not be locked in on a team though because I'm not American
  14. We scored what 27 points against the NFC champs and completely nullified Donald. I call that relative success The series you refer to was a terrible waste- can't remember if it was playcalling or execution though?
  15. I thought Norv was good last year Also did alright against the Rams. Terrible last night no doubt. Still an upgrade over Shula IMO.
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