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  1. When teams shut down CMC or if he gets injured, we're gonna be stuffed
  2. Kyle's couldn't be doing more. I wonder if the fumbling will be a persistent problem though...
  3. Here's an idea @1of10Charnatives Why don't you jump on a plane to London? Go to a pub and give a speech outlining your views about English food When the locals come over for a chat you can respond with a joke. See where freedom of speech gets you.
  4. I think what this shows is that in every country there are plenty of people who have a pretty poor understanding of what people from other countries prefer In this case the myth that Americans regularly consume baked beans I was appalled when I came here and found that most beans are in sugary sauce Many of the things that you describe sound bloody awful. I would hate that too. Some dishes in any country can be explained as something that you are conditioned to eat but which doesn't appeal to outsiders. Think chick foetus in Indonesia or intestines in Korea Or fermented sardines in Sweden. Fact is though that there are options out there in every country now especially in major cities. If you can't find decent food to your taste in this day and age you probably aren't looking hard enough.
  5. Sorry I need to explain it to you. My point is comments and quotations even by famed authors who lived more than a century ago, which were admired or thought witty in those times don't always age well. I get that you and a bunch of people here think that it's hilarious to trot out tired cliches or quotations about other cultures and pass it off as a joke, when at best you've visited other countries for a brief period and have little or no understanding about what local people eat. As someone who lives in South Carolina and endures being told on a daily basis what Americans think they know about my country I suppose it shouldn't surprise me.
  6. 49ers RT McGlinchey out 4-6 weeks, will miss the game.
  7. Twain huh? Well if you like literary references you will perhaps know that Rudyard Kipling, poet and author is widely disdained now as a racist and sexist. Making sweeping statements about foreign cultures is a simple form of prejudice. Hoping the folks heading to London represent the better qualities of the people of Carolina.
  8. British food? Didn't realize the Panthers had games in Scotland and Wales too Haggis and scotch eggs are Scottish. Few people eat jellied eels. Marmite was famously popular during WW2 but has dwindling popularity. Crumpets aren't a dessert but when taken should be smothered in butter. This is a very cliched selection of fringe foods. This is the 21st century when every cuisine is available in most cities in the world. But it's so much more fun to be able to make a blanket derrogatory statement about an entire country.
  9. Just a reminder that 49ers have wins over the Bucs, Bengals, Steelers and Browns who have a cumulative 5-15 record Right now this looks like a game against a playoff team, but by the end of the season we may look back and say we should have won that. No doubt they are a form team on the road but this is not the team some people make them out to be. Their game against LAR this week may be their first real test.
  10. Prior to the browns game Bosa had 1 sack all season. The Browns had Greg Robinson at LT. Bosa is no better than Chandler Jones, JJ Watt or Calais Campbell our last 3 opponents. Cam is either ready or he's not. Whatever happens he'd better realise that if he starts he can't roll out injury excuses again.
  11. Sorry but he might be wrong. Cam has 9 straight losses. Saying that we have precisely zero chance without Cam is dumb. I can accept that our chances are higher with an experienced, healthy, proven QB but to say we flat out can't win is to give Cam entirely too much credit.
  12. Hof players do tend to raise the levels of guys they play alongside Why are people so concerned with what Samuel could do if things were different? No Hof QB is coming here this season. I am concerned with how he can help US not how he could hypothetically help our rivals. It doesn't matter who's fault his underproduction is, he is here and we need to get more out of him
  13. I think there is a clear difference in quality between the two run games. If the weather is bad there is a likelihood of a lower scoring defensive battle. If this turns out to be the case that works more in the Panthers favor.
  14. If you're trying to say that this team is better with 100% vintage Cam, I think there are better ways of doing it than throwing shade at every other Panther by say that they have a 0.0% chance of winning a game without him.
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