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  1. Seoul_Panther

    Torrey Smith

    Torrey was clutch yesterday in a vital game against a good team. He had a bad start to the season but you can't argue with his recent production.
  2. Seoul_Panther


    This is a funny read. Hysterical witch-hunting threads that don't anticipate miraculous comebacks don't age well.
  3. Seoul_Panther

    Efe Obada: NFC Defensive Player of the week

    There was a news item on Efe on the national news at ten, 3 weeks ago, which is quite impressive since interest in American sports naturally doesn't rate as quite so important as the EPL. This was prior to his debut in the regular season too. Not a ton of stuff that people don't already know but i loved the comment about his wife's reaction to him making the 53.
  4. Seoul_Panther

    Efe Obaba game ball

    Congratulations Efe. Best wishes from a fellow Englishman.
  5. I think its awesome that you have belief in MK- proper fandom. The problem is when does it become like we're trying to find some/any role for him. And at what cost? If they genuinely entertained an idea of a position change, they wouldn't know until TC if it might work, at which point the draft and FA have passed by. If you did pick someone up, what would be the point of a risky stop-gap that would be short-term and stop a new guy's ascension? If he's unmotivated, unfit or incapable all you've done is narrow options at another position in an effort to fold him in. I can see the argument of it costs us nothing to keep him hanging around if hes been paid, but again-do we trust RR and MH not to just drop him back in as a starter? I think that fear is very real in this fan base.
  6. It's a thought but I would much rather, find a permanent replacement for RKalil through the draft or a proven starter like Larsen. One of the biggest knocks on MKalil seems to have been that he just doesn't have the drive to succeed and his health isn't reliable. He's also expressed in the past unwillingness to play other positions. He doesn't need the money and with his brother gone-where is his incentive to be better?
  7. I think I don't care about his contract in terms of money paid. I'm interested in whether he even wants to come back. Whether RR sees a role for him and will try and push him back in like some of his other man-crushes. And whether his roster spot can be freed up, and if so when-concensus seems to be after June 1? Unlike others I don't foresee him hanging around as a reserve-especially if his brother hangs up his clogs.
  8. Yeah maybe-I was just giving an example of a terrible contract which was traded away. I've read plenty of threads on here where people categorically state opposite interpretations of his contract. Honestly, I really no longer care. Here's another question-Is he worth keeping on the roster when he is a liability-regardless of whether he's been paid or not?
  9. Browns took Osweiler's cap hit in exchange for a high pick from the Texans. There are a ton of teams who are way over the cap who can use tackle depth and an extra pick.
  10. This is so true. There seems to be an assumption from some that him being injured will cause his contract to be easily negotiated at great value to the Panthers. But as you say there is a dearth of OL especially tackles which is a critical position. Add to that that there are a number of teams ridiculously over the cap-mostly teams that suck and need OL. Then finally remember that we are close to the cap, and if we attempt to low ball him he can walk knowing that his efforts last year are enough for him to get overpaid in FA. If anything this injury makes it MORE likely that DW is playing elsewhere next year.
  11. Seoul_Panther

    The Atlanta game is an opportunity

    I mean I think we agree that there is a ton of room for improvement. Of course we can lose. Yes Atlanta can project to be terrifying. So can we on a good day. The way I look at it, A lot went wrong- fumbles, injuries, Amini's lard ass and we won. Whereas Atlanta had a lot go right-Foles was terrible and Philly wouldn't run the ball but they lost. At the end of the day, the point of this thread was to say that ATL have pressure whereas if we lose we are still in a good spot. In that way I see opportunity rather than the downside.
  12. Seoul_Panther

    The Atlanta game is an opportunity

    I was in Seoul-moved back to Carolina in April. Otherwise i would surely take you up on that. I lived in Daegu for 2 years, met my wife there-very fond of the place.
  13. Seoul_Panther

    The Atlanta game is an opportunity

    Yes. Thank you. I'm not trying to pretend that we should be thrilled with our offense. Our #1 pick had one catch for under 10 yards. Our TE is ruled out for a while. Cam didn't throw a TD. But thisthread isn't about how we can be better; its about how we should be feeling positive and stepping up into next weeks game rather than pensive and nervous.
  14. Seoul_Panther

    The Atlanta game is an opportunity

    I honestly don't understand where you're going with this. My answer to you is no. Because they won. Like the Panthers. Which is the opposite of the point you were making.