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  1. That’s the problem. It is a question. One of the few issues that there is consensus on the huddle is that folk want to keep Williams and get rid of Kalil. But neither is close to assured. For those who talk of easily fixing the OL with 3 or 4 high draft picks exclusively devoted to OL, when was the last time that happened? Who are these great OL and why aren’t other far needier teams than us drafting them? Larsen, Van Roten, Clark, Newhouse. None of these guys are optimal players but they don’t get the credit they deserve as UDFAs and mid season FAs off the street. They did a good job considering and represent great value. We can’t be fantastic across the board and there are plenty of needs going into this offseason.
  2. Price was a really interesting one. At Ohio, he played 2 years as a G where he was highly rated by PFF. Then he played one year as a C where he was rated average. People said here is a great OL who can play both positions. Bengals picked him and made him starting center. Weirdly the same year, Ragnow an awesome C who we were talking about last year got drafted by Detroit. What did they do? Started him at G. He also had an underwhelming year for his draft position. So a good player can be misused and made to look bad. Personally I’m not seeing a lot of great C’s this year. There are also a few teams who are looking to upgrade the position and it may be overdrafted. I would hate to see the Panthers overpay when they have an adequate solution in Larsen already on the roster.
  3. Who do you like? I know Biadasz has returned to Wisconsin for another year. He was top rated C by PFF. I’ve seen Elton Jenkins, Eric McCoy and Bradbury talked about from the 3rd but I’m not sure I would take anyone higher than that.
  4. Seoul_Panther

    Big Board by round

    Another DL stays in school: https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2019/01/09/alabama-dl-raekwon-davis-to-return-for-senior-season/
  5. Seoul_Panther

    Bucs didn’t get Bowles...

    They have now. I guess he chose sunshine.
  6. Seoul_Panther

    We are finishing last next year.

    I agree that OP has jumped the gun saying that we will suck next season. That’s why he got pooped on. I didn’t echo his sentiment about next season being a write off. My point is that others are making efforts to improve and we don’t seem to be showing any urgency. It is a long offseason but none of the signs point to drastic improvement in the roster indeed, the culture seems to be carry on with what got worked before. Even with a complete change of attitude towards this roster it’s hard to see any way that fortunes are going to radically improve. I will be delighted to be proven wrong. We will see.
  7. Seoul_Panther

    We are finishing last next year.

    According to you. I say that if people want to express a concern on status quo after a late season collapse in a sport forum that’s ok.
  8. Seoul_Panther

    We are finishing last next year.

    Who’s giving up on next season? I merely say that I see cause for concern. I know you disagree but it’s not unreasonable to say. This makes me not a real fan? Again I think you’re polarizing your opinion to the point that you aren’t entertaining reasonable conversation. And surely that’s what this forum is about no?
  9. Seoul_Panther

    We are finishing last next year.

    If you wish to be angry at people for wanting something positive to come out of a crappy season that’s your choice. All I'm saying is I can see where OPs coming from. I think you’re being a little reactionary to what you see as a lack of patience.
  10. Seoul_Panther

    We are finishing last next year.

    I hear you. It’s hard to read through doom and gloom posts. But in a way I have to agree with OP. On a day when the Bucs grabbed a successful head coach, and rumors that Todd bowles a very good DC (not HC), will join him. Atlanta picked up Koetter from TB as their new OC. Again good OC terrible HC. NO obviously doing ok there. Meanwhile crickets in Carolina after an abysmal 7 game slide. I look at our team and we haven’t got any exceptional younger talent. I hope for the best but the Panthers need some good news to pick them up. Coaching, draft, FA, trade. Something.
  11. Seoul_Panther

    2018 Huddle FFL league getting late start

    No I didn’t see any. I had nothing worth trading. Missed the draft because I was dragged off at short notice by the wife. Computer drafted one RB for me in the first 6 rounds and Mariota as QB. My goose was cooked before the first game.
  12. Seoul_Panther

    Big Board by round

    @ncfan unfortunately Derrick Brown has decided to return to Auburn. So has Tyler Biadasz top rated C and Collin Johnson WR Texas. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2019/01/06/auburn-dt-derrick-brown-returning-for-senior-season/
  13. Seoul_Panther

    Center.......what would you do?

    Tyler Biadasz C Wisconsin has opted to return to school. Top rated C prospect for upcoming draft.
  14. Seoul_Panther

    Ha Ha, Flowers...

    For me it’s Deionte Thompson/ Eric Reid. Sadly I think it is an unlikely probability.