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  1. *disclaimer-I know not many people check this forum, but I’m always interested in conversations about the draft with a Panthers focus. My intent is to challenge preconceptions and find out what people think. I think if you look at mocks and articles about players there is usually an overall consensus, but Who is being written off and may surprise or provide good value at a lower pick? with that in mind I read an interesting article. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2823425-who-should-remain-high-on-boards-despite-disappointing-at-the-nfl-combine#slide7 I still think Greg Little has potential, although I’m well aware that’s an unpopular opinion. I think other guys who fall into this category include WRs-Kelvin Harmon, Riley Ridley, and a few of the later OTs-Tytus Howard, Kaleb mcGary. I think where teams can really win the draft is picking up diamonds later on. So who isn’t getting much love who you think can be a great value pick?
  2. Dang you were doing so well then you let yourself down with condescension. Again you’re missing my point. He was an RT for the 49ers. NE transitioned him to LT. Ramzyck has played LT previously unlike Brown and time will tell if does in the future. I think I gather your opinion on this so let’s leave this behind huh?
  3. Weird. We agree on something. I’m not taking Williams or Taylor either by personal choice. Not because I don’t want to draft the position but because I’m not convinced they are LTs. As for our back and forth about Ramzyck look at T Browns Wikipedia page. He hadn’t played a game at LT before he went to NE. I think Ramzyck will become NO’s LT. You don’t. And that’s perfectly fine.
  4. Theres no sense in arguing about it. It’s just my opinion versus yours and I’m well aware from previous discussions with you that you dont respect my thoughts. I’m not gutted by this. All drafting is ultimately a roulette. Tell me this- who do you like as an LT prospect? Also do you think Williams or Taylor can be LTs?
  5. Wrong. He played mainly RT but like Moton did some spot duty at LT and G. Similarly to Moton they used him in jumbo packages. He will be moved to LT just as many of us would like Moton to be moved to LT. why are we always so keen to put players in a box anyway. And you missed my point about Brown. My point is NE acquired him for next to nothing and let him go for likely a 3rd R comp. I don’t want to be the victim in that transaction. I want to be the team that emulates this style.
  6. Armsted is their starting LT But was occasionally injured and Ramzyck plugged in seamlessly. He is their future LT. Debating CMCs worth was not really my intent. Although I wasn’t a fan of drafting him so high he has surprised me and he is unquestionably the fulcrum of our O. Maybe too much so. However this thread is about drafting must have LT prospects. My point is good LTs often arent the first guy off the board. I went through the list of top rated T and checked each round where they were drafted and plenty of them were found later than R1. Patience is key. I reckon red-shirting when possible can have huge benefits as they are slowly brought into a rotation. There are dangers in being a plug and play prospect as an OL. Maybe taking an OL who has the attributes but needs coaching up has merit. Greg Little/Oli Udoh? I mean it looks like there is a chance Kalil may be kept on. Regardless we do need to draft a tackle.
  7. Good enough for someone to vastly overpay for him-sure. But apparently not so good that NE want to overpay for him. This is a guy that NE acquired in the 49ers trade up for Tarvarius Moore. Who? All I’m saying is Brown was a 7th. Moton wasn’t talked up when he came out. It is possible to get a very good tackle who isn’t the first to come off the board and not only through the draft. I wanted Ramzyck (taken in the late 20s by NO) the year we took CMC. Not saying CMC wasn’t a great pick but they got a franchise LT while we spent a high first rounder on an RB...
  8. Brown isn’t in the same league as Whitworth. NE make tackles look good because they get the ball out fast. Just ask Nate Solder. Still can’t believe NE got Brown in a trade up though. That’s a ridiculously good trade by them.
  9. So here’s where I am. I am on board with picking LT. But even assuming Williams falls that far are we sure he’s gonna be that. He isn’t prototypical, and many people project his best position as G. Nice that he can be so flexible to play all positions on the OL. I’ve only seen the guy play on the left side once in the Georgia game this year where he was obliterated by DeAndre Walker. I am skeptical of him as a franchise LT.
  10. Seoul_Panther

    Small School Prospects

    Oshame Ximines or Max Crosby. TDN likes both of these guys. Small school DEs may be necessary if we don’t go DE round 1. They will fly off the board. OTs I like Oli Udoh and Max Scharping who was very highly rated by PFF. In our hearts I think we all know that we won’t draft a safety high. The good news is with a ton of good S options in FA and a deep S class we may get great value at this position in the 3rd and later too. Apparently Crosby tested very well at the combine.
  11. Seoul_Panther

    Captain Cut

    This. Who cares who was better or worse? Fact is they have both done badly. We definitely need better fortune in FA to go with a good draft.
  12. Seoul_Panther

    Captain Cut

    I was looking at Panthers cap hits next year on over the cap. The top 7? Newton 23mill Kuechly 17mill Short 17mill Kalil 12mill Addison 10mill Poe 9mill Shaq 9 mill At least 4 of that group were average-poor last season. Frankly it’s a miracle that we were even competitive last year. We have to get more production from our best. I just think Poe may escape due to a combination of being Hurney’s splash guy last year and a lack of picks to fill all the positions of need.