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  1. There is Hurney haters, and there are those that want the team to succeed... Hoping for this pick to not work out for the demise of Hurney is, well not cool for the team.
  2. Would trade up for Ford and that is it. Trade up to the top of the 2, don't want to have to give up to much
  3. Not sure if you know what I was responding to. That said, has absolutely nothing to do with what he becomes.
  4. I still think our pick is going to be Burns or Sweat. Fingers crossed. Give me Wilkins and I will be OK
  5. This is sooooooo much better than having the Draft in some indoor facility. Actually, wish I was in that outdoor crowd!
  6. Expect 3 would be thrilled with 4. Needed for this season, 2-3. Long term, 3-4.
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