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  1. We had this survey a year ago too. here we go! milkshake- best post pie- a notch below best post beer - something cool and original D - hot chick gif response Poo - don’t use that one, it’s for losers and haters to use flames - ballsy opinion, may not be correct but it has balls
  2. Ron is not very smart and everyone knows it of course. Leave him be. Washington org fell off the cliff from their glory days. Better sell that team and maybe get someone who can right the ship.
  3. He just cleaned house . This is the actual start of his legacy, as of this season.
  4. The name is fine. The owner has no balls though, can’t stand up for yourself even though you own the franchise. Weak.
  5. NE is one of my favourite teams. Cam is one of my favourite players. So that worked out and we can move on.
  6. The virus killed more Americans than Vietnam war and its only been several months. So denying it’s danger is plain stupid and more like deliberate misinformation.
  7. Alcohol is by far the worse of the two. It just destroys your health and don’t forget the effect on people close to you.
  8. Ron isn’t smart enough to compete with the best, the change had to be made. I loved the draft and where the franchise is heading. I trust more in PJ than in Teddy. This will be the big question this season.
  9. People risking their own and others lives, gathering in large numbers like this virus is not deadly. I hope a cure or vaccine will be available but for now some common sense will finally appear out of nowhere.
  10. It is the right time to acknowledge racism against Japanese and Germans during ww2 living in US. They were US citizens and had nothing to do with the evil regimes.
  11. Yeah the stats don’t show much greatness so far. Another question if Brees retires right now and he could, is Winston the default back up?
  12. There should and will be some reform to existing law enforcement and no police won’t be abandoned out of a whim.
  13. That statement is an expression of his hatred for NFL. If he cared more about the cause than his personal agenda he would simply say thank you.
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