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  1. I love Cam’s dedication. He is a good role model and basically the best athlete to be the face of our franchise.
  2. GoPanthers123

    So...statistically is it better

    You need to be good all around. The team will have to go through a lot of games and will be tested both sides of the ball.
  3. BPA for lineman, safety and other needs. Hurndog has the nose for value! Go get em 2.0.
  4. GoPanthers123

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    Saints can eat a big D.
  5. GoPanthers123

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    Hurndog got the stupid out of him, hopefully for good.
  6. GoPanthers123


    Hurndog wheeling and dealing.
  7. GoPanthers123

    Give Hurney some credit

    Hurndog has improved in recent years. Smith is not terrible but what has he done lately? Best case scenario he is on the bench and not taking snaps away from our young core.
  8. Wtf Hurndog, I was giving you props for getting your head straight and then you do this. At at least you had the common sense to cut Funchess, Adams and other dudes who didn’t deliver last year.
  9. GoPanthers123

    Ron ranked in top 10 of NFL head coaches

    We had major injuries this season, and top 5 hardest schedule in the nfl. Plus players dropping passes, kickers choking, secondary who couldn’t tackle and O Line full of holes. We almost made the playoffs. So there. I think there is enough blame to go around. Ron is average, he is a players coach for better or worse.
  10. GoPanthers123

    Week 17 of last season...

    Beat the Saints > win Super Bowl What if can be anything. What if we won another close game instead of losing during the second half? Fug the Saints is my motto and I stand by it.
  11. Kyle Allen costs us the minimum, already on the roster, solid with potential and we have bigger needs in the draft.
  12. WR, it is a pass happy league and without a deep threat well we saw what happened in the second half of the season when Cam couldn’t throw bombs. In other words a great WR who can catch balls in coverage and then make plays can make even mediocre QBs look good.
  13. GoPanthers123

    Pats owner charged in prostitution bust

    He will buy his way out of jail time. He should have just bought a first class ticket to Thailand or something instead of risking it locally.
  14. Rams had 62 yds rushing and that was the key stat. No play action option and NE won through superior DL and OL.
  15. We don’t know what Ron says in the locker room just what he says to the media. Maybe he admits to mismanaging the team as well, and learns from experience.