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  1. That was just bad luck that strangely affects the even year seasons. I’m good with Norv running the O, and Ron running the D. They hired a guy to monitor clock management and time outs right? I think we have everything we need to compete this year.
  2. Good luck predicting anything in NFC south. I will pick the Panthers.
  3. When I was watching the draft tape that’s what I saw, it always took 2-3 guys to finally bring him down. He was making guys miss, plowing through tackles etc just a beast.
  4. The only thing falcons have going for them is that they are not the Saints. I think they perfected the art of giving away games otherwise impossible to lose.
  5. We got younger and faster. I think it may take time to gel but we will finish strong like usual Nov Dec are our best months in recent years, apart from last year obviously. Can we win win close games? Is Ron willing to put it on Cam to convert 4th and short? Is our kicker reliable? Look anything is possible.
  6. Who works for Madden anyway? Some random dude estimating a score out of a 100 and it is meaningless.
  7. It was a smart offseason. We had to get younger because going into 2018 we were one of the older teams. I expect a slower start due to lots of new players, and we peak around December sweeping both New Orleans games. Yeah!
  8. I’ll take the Ws over power rankings praise any day.
  9. It’s cool, Cam is bored out of his mind because there is no divisional rivals to crush for this week.
  10. Is it the same saints fan base who don’t have a life so they come to troll panthers message board? I’m confused here because I would rank them at 32.
  11. On the way to party with models. It’s cool bro get all that partying out because come September it’s all business and blood lust.
  12. Emirates is high style travel. I live in Australia so all flights are about 10 hours at least.
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