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  1. That does not sound like a serious question.
  2. GoPanthers123

    A dose of delusion that y'all need

    We can win both home games, en route to a wildcard spot. In the playoffs you just need a bit of luck and I would say we are due for a bit of luck.
  3. GoPanthers123


    Cam is the best player to ever wear Carolina colors. We are so used to him saving the day, when he is injured we go on a losing streak.
  4. One of the many reasons why rooting against the Saints make so much sense. They should just rename the team New Orleans Scumbags.
  5. GoPanthers123

    Raiders have released RB C.J. Anderson

    This late in the season if he isn't going to a playoff team it's irrelevant, they are trying to fill a roster spot.
  6. GoPanthers123

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    To reiterate because it should be repeated. Fug the Saints and fug the saints' fans. When Brees retires Saints trolls will not be here of course the way Falcons and Bucs trolls are not here. Enjoy your brief moment of success Saints it will be over soon.
  7. GoPanthers123

    3-0 , going down with the ship.

    I like beating the Saints part. The secondary is such a mess but we could catch Brees on a bad day.
  8. GoPanthers123

    Tobacco pipes- anyone smoke them?

    For specifics head to smokingpipes.com and try out 1 oz bulk samples they are super cheap $ 2-4 per oz. Stuff like Balkan Supreme, 965 Match, Engine 99, Super Balkan, Father dempsey or Aromatic English. For good virginia-based try luxury bullseye flake.
  9. Our passing D giving up 3rd and Long big plays is the biggest issue. Reid and Jackson are solid, can we get some help for them?
  10. Kareem Hunt may be a Free Agent next year if NFL will have it. We may even get him for half price due to residual PR issues.
  11. GoPanthers123

    If Ron rivera isn't fired tomorrow

    I believe we as fans should get an honest reason for the losing streak. I'm assuming Cam got pounded in Pitt game which damaged his arm but our D regressed steadily as season went on.
  12. GoPanthers123

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    Ron is low key trolling. Just kidding he is dumb plain and simple.
  13. GoPanthers123

    Cam was in MVP conversation JUST last month

    He just reinjured his arm probably because OL has holes in it. Then his throwing motion began to look like crap it is pretty obvious.
  14. GoPanthers123

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Good call. We got Moore, Jackson, Thomas who are legit in the draft - one of best drafts we ever had. We have a good future ahead. Fingers crossed we can upset the Saints and cost them home field advantage that would be a bonus.