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  1. When he was out, the defense started to suck. He is a key piece.
  2. He isn’t better than Teddy and also he is much much cheaper. He would be a good back up at least if we kept him.
  3. It was evident that Cam wasn’t the same as of last season. That is why I was looking for the next QB and high on K. Allen, who incidentally had a higher Qbr than Teddy heading into this week.
  4. The game went down to the wire in NO. It actually was the best case scenario.
  5. Are you sure? The line was +7 and we lost by a FG going down to the wire with depleted roster.
  6. That’s right and also Saints have no Defense. We might not struggle in red zone against them.
  7. I would love to see Brees choke. It’s a good time to up our sack total to what it should be. Stopping the run was the real issue this year, I hope our guys will limit Kamara.
  8. There is a chance that Brees and Brady will struggle in second half due to age. Also we could sign competent players to replace those on IR. And CMC performance factor. Its not easy but that’s the formula for the chance at playoffs.
  9. I expected about 6 wins at start of season because I knew that underachieving was due to Ron’s coaching in recent years. Now playoffs are within reach, depending on cmc recovery of course. If he comes back soon and plays as before it could happen.
  10. If CMC is healthy for Saints game then we win, their D is terrible and CMC is our redzone offense.
  11. Nothing happened. No grounds for over reaction, it’s the exact same team we saw all season.
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