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  1. After rewatching highlights, when Allen throws off balance and on the run it is a low velocity throw and easy pickings. He doesn’t have the experience to get away with half assed throws, not yet.
  2. None of the true fans could sleep either after that nightmare. Someone will get removed because of this game.
  3. I vote for independent evaluation for - Hurney -Ron - Norv - Washington - position coaches That’s what Tepper is doing now. I think Ron/Washington both will not be here next season. The rest are pending review.
  4. Minnesota and Seattle already have 8 wins, they will be the wildcards. Everyone was hyped for the draft and offseason so .500 is underachieving.
  5. I think he was solid last year, can block too. He played full season and no idea why he hasn’t seen the field.
  6. Ian Thomas played well last year. He should share snaps with Olsen.
  7. Tepper, if you are reading this, please get rid of Ron and Washington. Find a coach with qualities of creativity and being able to make in game adjustments as a priority. Someone new school.
  8. I think Hurney has a good eye for talent and the coaches are not doing enough to prepare that talent for games.
  9. I support Allen starting the rest of the season. Behind this OL Grier will do no better and he is clearly, clearly not NFL ready.
  10. He will kick Ron out after the end of this season, unless a miracle happens and we blow out the Saints twice, and crush everyone else.
  11. All it means is they are waiting until the medical report after recovery. It is as expected.
  12. Ron is being dishonest here, he is not saying missed opportunities because it sounded stupid. So now he is just pure BSing his way.
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