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  1. Our timeline is 4-5 years. Either we go with young new QB, including Allen/Grier, or let Cam prove he can be a pocket passer. Signing another vet doesn’t make sense because we are not playoff material right now.
  2. We have Cam and he can do everything Jameis can, only better. Also next year is not a tank year. Look experiments are fine but we are now committed to winning. We can go 8-8 and that’s better than 1-15 because it is closer to 16-0 which should be our goal.
  3. Rhule took the best man who he relied upon. Ron took the whole damn roster.
  4. Now that staff is almost finalised, let’s crush NFCS! Thank goodness Ron and his BFFs are all somewhere else.
  5. I’ll go Niners after watching them shut down GB, their defense is really good.
  6. I thought it said Rivera. Actually don’t want either Of them.
  7. Luke loves football, let him be part of the team as a coach.
  8. This confirms that you don’t need a QB if the rest of the team is elite.
  9. 9ers great D and rushing offense, still the winning combo.
  10. 49ers tanked last year and now they are the best team in NFC. This is the kind of team I want to see Panthers eventually become.
  11. Many of these are 1st overall Browns picks. They don’t count. However if we trade everything for Burrow we are on the way to becoming Browns ourselves.
  12. Chiefs win but Titans still legit, would do well next season.
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