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  1. It was a pick by the OC/QB coach. I thought we had other needs in the draft so by that definition any QB chosen wouldn’t work for me. Now he can’t complete a pass, inaccurate and not ready. Maybe it was bad coaching too, it was already clear Ron will be gone and so are his buddies that he protected.
  2. I agree mostly, except that our QB feels like a temporary solution. Atlanta should have cleaned house as well last year and they will soon.
  3. I think 8-8 or 9-7 is a realistic prediction. 6-10 or 10-6 is a bit unlikely but we will see.
  4. He would be XFL mvp candidate, the team did well to grab him. Interesting prospect who may fit well with new system.
  5. Teddy B is kind of good, but not that good. Saints preferred two other QBs in front of him. I think he can game manage an all around good team to a winning record, but nothing beyond that.
  6. If they make the playoffs. Tampa is looking much better and wildcard is not a guarantee either.
  7. Well it’s the right position. OL is the group with biggest questions.
  8. I think it’s fair. GB GM just for contrast made selections that no one competent would make, he is the one that can look for a job soon.
  9. Will Grier cannot complete a pass, unless it’s point blank to CMC. Winston is just good enough to fool someone thinking he might work out.
  10. I get a sense that a coherent plan is in place with this draft. We are in division with Brady Brees and Ryan, so that was the draft to improve our chances. I grade this overall an A. Good work.
  11. I had no doubt that Hurney and Rhule working together would nail the picks.
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