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  1. I always thought Gaulden should be given a shot, they clearly had a plan to convert him to safety and it’s good to see they are following through.
  2. Best part is Falcons are married to Matty Choke. Sucks for them.
  3. They release these to troll people and get the clicks. In my rankings I would find a stat Cam was excelling at and justify putting him as number 1 Qb of 2018.
  4. At the time of the Grier pick I was pretty pissed but yeah he was a steal at the bottom of the 3rd round. He is a project for sure and Allen looks certainly better right now, but who knows he might get a lot better with time.
  5. Well having 3 competent QBs is a good problem to have. I am behind Cam all the way but if we let Allen sign with another team down the line and he proves to be a great starter I would call for Ron’s head there and then.
  6. He is tested in NFL setting and if we have a must win game I would go with him unless something else happens. Ron likes rookies sit, even Moore our first round draft pick saw limited action until circumstances threw him in the mix.
  7. I say Kyle Allen is the back up based on last season until proven otherwise.
  8. Cam’s health is going to decide our record next year, same as every year. If 2018 taught us anything it’s how much Cam carries this team.
  9. Cam went no nut so he could fug up the Saints extra hard.
  10. It’s all speculation. You can’t say who stays healthy or who can adapt to NFL before they see the field. Someone is a steal in plain sight ala Tom Brady but the diamond in the rough is hard to see.
  11. I had high hopes for last years draft. Gaulden should get his shot next year I hope.
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