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  1. GoPanthers123

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    What about users with Saint in their name, they are just here to troll anyway.
  2. If they move to New Orleans and rename themselves the Saints. Otherwise I’m a fan 4 life.
  3. If 1. Cam 100%and playing at same MVP level 2. Washington not DC, only in name 3. Rest of team playing same level as in first half of season our record is 12-4. We are a wildcard team. My reasons for slide are in order listed Cam’s health being number 1.
  4. GoPanthers123

    David tepper speaks.

    Tepper is saying the obvious and it is a relief that he is sensible. Ron is on the hot seat for sure though.
  5. This topic feels like déjà vu. It is clear that Cam had a shoulder problem, he sat out last 2 games and was probably playing through pain for many games before that. As our margin of losses was a small one you could say that made the difference between being a playoff team or having a losing season.
  6. GoPanthers123

    saints are gonna win a super bowl in the falcons stadium

    It does NOT matter if Brees retires. His stats in last 5 games - 5 TD 4 Int QBR of 60ish. Let Saints play him next season, I am totally ok with that.
  7. He is reading The huddle for ideas of how to move forward.
  8. He will help beat the Saints, it is for the greater good. 4D chess.
  9. GoPanthers123

    saints are gonna win a super bowl in the falcons stadium

    hopefully saints do not win the SB.
  10. GoPanthers123

    DJ Moore’s Rookie year

    Not much to say, he is a great pick and is along with CMC will be the go to player for our offense.
  11. GoPanthers123

    Pagano joins the Bears

    Ron throws lesser coaches under the bus and protects his buddies. It does make it less appealing to be here. That may not be the main reason but it is a factor. WR coach is gone while Washington is still here.
  12. GoPanthers123

    New Panthers mascot for 2019

    I would say lame d*ck Rivera but he showed some balls going for 2 pt and on 4th down.
  13. The one game I felt they did well was va New Orleans, shutting down Brees. Here is hoping for draft and FA help which is what we need.
  14. Yes and No. They are finally looking to get younger but keeping Washington as DC is showing signs of dysfunctional culture.
  15. This is where Tepper steps in and says decision overruled! You re good at D Ron and suck at personnel decisions.