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  1. My take is now that Cam is on IR it takes off the pressure from the team, and we will play to our strengths rather than try to accomodate Cam’s health. This could turn the season around.
  2. Is this the part where we jinx the team? I predict a draw 24-24 OT.
  3. We lost two close games. One to best team in NFC, one in which Cam got injured. Plus all the botched ref calls. Literally this close to being 2-0 now.
  4. Hurney is not dumb enough to sign someone who hasn’t played in years. Both Allen and Grier know the playbook and had time practicing with receivers, they are our best back ups imo.
  5. Carlsberg is crispy fresh, damn I could go for one.
  6. This summarises the situation precisely. It’s like a little common sense is such a relief to see.
  7. It’s a popular theory. I think Cam is lightly bruised but that playing him behind that OL means he needs to be fully cleared or risk another injury.
  8. Playing Cam behind that OL is like test driving a Ferrari on an obstacle course.
  9. This OL was our weak point, some ‘experts’ were putting it in top 10 in the league but obviously it’s not.
  10. This is the scenario Grier is actual useful. We are in a weak division this year, just need to outlast the other teams with some depth.
  11. Isn’t this the code word for being benched by Ron? Good thing I didn’t bet on this game.
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