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  1. Just being honest.. When Ron was 1st talking up changing the defensive scheme.. I thought he was either dreaming, bullshiting, or dumb as hell.. Considering his job isn't secure and the little money we had going into Free agency.. Plus my thinking was it would be easier to just find pieces to fix our 4/3 instead of having to put more work into getting 3/4 pieces.. But looking at the roster now.. They might have pulled this off.. We might be able to field a competent multiple front defense now.. With actually depth and young guys learning from competent vets at all the front 7 position.. Which is crazy to me.. So on paper right now this doesn't look half bad.. Lastly even crazier to me is we might be able to protect Cam at the same time with all their offensive line moves.. I have way more faith and confidence in this Oline (on paper).. Than I did the 2015 Oline at the beginning of that season.. lol
  2. Love this assessment.. You can always find things you question or dislike during offseasons moves.. Nobody is perfect so I didn't expect to like all the moves this offseason anyway..But it shouldn't be hard to be objective and try to have a positive attitude towards your team.. If you are a real fan.. My positives are simple.. They had a plan and by all appearances.. They stuck to it without any crazy contracts or losing future draft picks.. They saw a problem with the trenches. So they put resources into the trenches.. They gave away some older players that needed to go .. They made move to have some spending money if needed without kicking the proverbial can down the street.. IF Cam and Luke stay healthy this is a playoff team.. And the new defensive scheme should make it interesting to see how it comes together..
  3. Thank you Old timer. But reality check I've probably been here longer than you.. Thank the mods for my Post count not being bigger.. I been here since we had a separate board on the Panthers official site... I"ve seen your kind over and over.. Disingenuous, looking for internet awards, living off a internet persona that really isn't you in real life.. I can't wait to see how fake you and the rest of your brood are if this team starts winning.. All the debbie downer crap is forgotten and you will try to act like you were behind the team all along.. Don't worry I won't forget sweetheart..
  4. And Gettelmen fan boys can go with him to New York.. But you better leave quick.. He won't be there long..
  5. "Swindle by a Swindler" lol Not since Charles Ponzi has that language been used.. seeeeeeeee...lol
  6. Because Gettelmen was about to Giant level screw us.. Thank Goodness between Jerry ass grabbing and moral authority act.. He disarmed and got rid of that nipple short wearing atom bomb before it destroyed our team any more..
  7. Yes I'm good giving a opportunity to a WR with 4.3 speed and has done Kick and Punt returns before a chance.. Instead of using the little money we have on a kick and punt returner.. When we could probably use a FS and a 3/4 DE option..
  8. You aren't talking money.. Go sit in corner sweetheart..
  9. Cmac, DJ, Ross, Samuel's, and Chris Hogan has returned punts.. I think we're set.. Way to back down thoe..lol
  10. $50 says he is giving opportunities in Training Camp to be the punt returner.. Put up or stfu??
  11. It says he returned 3 punts. You said he returned 3 punts in 2011.. That would actually mean he has returned punts before.. He actually knows what that job details because he has done it before.. You are dumb..
  12. You said he hasn't done it. So who would be wrong again here??
  13. Yes he has some returned punts in college.. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/rashad-ross-1.html
  14. We did signed this guy.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.houseofsparky.com/platform/amp/2013/4/26/4253638/2013-nfl-draft-wr-rashad-ross-asu 4.34 speed .. Pay attention to who we sign..
  15. Exactly.. Stop giving Rum any life.. Nothing coming from him is valued..
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