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  1. If Gary had any of the other top edge rushers production.. He would be battling for 1st pick in the draft.. His potential and versatility is incredible .. He could easily play in a multiple front defense but his heart is a ??..
  2. Yep.. As a Big Blue fan myself.. Gary was always unfulfilled potential.. He flash dominants than disappears full halves...
  3. I think they have alot of info on Ferrell being a local player who has been good for a few years now.. No need to use extra resources this year on a player you had your eyes on for years now..
  4. Not a fan.. IF you don't get edge players in the 1st you need to double up in the draft.. 1st 2 picks are good .. But i feel the analysts doesn't see the focus on Trench players i think this team has in this draft.. 1 Dlinemen in this draft isn't enough... If you can't attack the problem with quality do it with quantity..
  5. Oh i agree I'm just pointing out who isn't on that list..
  6. If Burns thing happens.. It could be a start to a great draft if Hurney doesn't get to cute and uses the draft for what it is.. 1st round = 1 of the 6 edge rushers should fall to you.. If not get a good OT.. 2nd Round = 1 of the best FS will be there.. Solidify your secondary.. 3rd round = attack the drafts strength again get More trench players with both picks.. 4th round = now look at skills position players depth CB, RB, WR, QB 5th Round = Development trench player attack the draft strength again and get a player who can develop into something while playing special teams.. 6th round = Another depth skill player.. Cb, LB, RB or WR... Based on everybody understanding of this draft.. The Panthers should walk away with 2 to 3 Dlinemen, 2 Olinemen, a Safety and 2 skill players later in the draft..
  7. Marty said The oline class is deep at the top.. I think the offensive line – tackles and guards in particular – are strong up top. There are four or five guys I think can go in the first round.” Hmmmmm 4 to 5 guys could go in the 1st round.. Taylor, Dillard, Williams, Ford, Risnor that's 5 OT.. But he also added interior Olinemen to his opinion.. So Bradberry Listrome, McCoy are easy 1st round guys.. There 7 to 8 guys I can think of easily.. Before a certain player is even thought of..lol
  8. Sub Zero

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    No you take his opinion with a grain of salt.. You don't have to believe everything you hear.. You can watch the play yourself and form your own judgment.. Really not that hard.. I looked at the play.. He got bull rushed Ferrell had great hand placement and put him on his ass.. Maybe watch a Japanese Sumo wrestling match.. It happens alot..
  9. Sub Zero

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Mel also said Clausen was the most pro ready QB in the 2010 draft and should be a top 10 pick.. So grain of salt on is video eye.. They show the play vs. Williams and at no point did Williams slip.. He got man handled and then put on skates..
  10. Sub Zero

    Who do you run to the podium for?

    Josh Allen, Ed Oliver if they fall to us..
  11. Sub Zero

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Wow shitting on a post that had nothing to do with me feels lame.. I don't see why you enjoy doing so much...
  12. If he does so what?? You want a cookie?? It doesn't change the fact that most if not everybody has him rated after the 1st round.. If 1 dumb team becomes desperate and takes him .. Doesn't mean he was rated anywhere close to the top 4 on the list..
  13. Yay..smh....that reading comprehension thing won't work with me.. I know she didn't mention any other OT .. I was talking about you being self serving by adding or attaching "your" opinion on a singular player to a general point.. I don't understand why "you're " doing this.. Trying to add some validation or achieve a self pat on the back to your internet persona ... I guess ???.. But reality is.. The whole idea of drafting a quality "1st round" prospect OT is understood and has alot of mertis. You constantly adding Little to that list of players based on your opinion when he clearly isn't by most others is where you keep going wrong...
  14. Funny how you added Little to that top group again when she definitely didn't mention him being anywhere in that group..smh
  15. I would go to sleep happy as fug if this draft happens.. And i hate Winovich but this draft would fill so many needs and still leave the option to get some depht undrafted FA at RB and WR...