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  1. Add in Ian I feel really good about our offensive weapons with a healthy Cam..
  2. If he lasted to the 3rd round I would jump on that.. Reality thoe is he won't make it out of the 2nd round.. Dude is a beast..
  3. He was a teenager and the women was beating his sister.. Yes it was wrong.. But this wasn't a grown man who should have had a adult mindset.. He was a child watching his sister getting trashed.. Being honest if I was put in the same situation.. I don't know if I would have done anything different..
  4. You know we had Roman Harper back there who was a hitter as well.. Also a better pass rush and A elite CB shutting down half the field when Coleman did that..
  5. Yes you do.. Every good defense has a hard hitting safety on the backend that will intimidate players over the middle..
  6. Please.. Reality Check.. Jackie Newton is the boss in that family.. No matter how grown Cam thinks he is.. When she says jump all the boys say how high... No way in the world would she let him jeopardize her seeing those grandkids... They might not be married but Kia is a Newton by order of Jackie...
  7. Yeah she's right by his side.. the internet is dumb..
  8. Can't move on after you've planted enough roots to make a botanical garden.. His mom wouldn't accept it..
  9. Cam would be dumb as hell to leave that girl now.. They just had their 3rd child together..
  10. Searcy is more of a box safety .. He isn't good in coverage or playing as the back end of defense... And now with his concussion issues he isn't going be very effective doing that either.. We need to move on..
  11. What round is he projected to go??
  12. How good are Reggie Bonafide hands?? Could he make the switch to WR?? Still on the roster but they have him listed at 6'0 I thought he was taller thoe?
  13. A 4th or 5th round pick maybe or a dollar tree FA signing like Dontrell Inman??
  14. I hope we planned to have more than 3 WR in the Wr corp right?? It wouldn't be crazy to mix a big guy red zone target into the group..