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  1. Omg ppl need to take the year off from posting..
  2. Sub Zero

    Blowout For The Hornets

    More minutes for Miles and less for Nic and Marvin and this will be a better team.. Just on effort alone..
  3. Sub Zero

    Hornets vs Bulls Part 1

    This team will never get better with Nic and Marvin getting significant minute...
  4. Sub Zero

    The Whole let's trade Kemba crowd

    Yes I actual want to watch some okay basketball and we did that dumbass tank poo and got nothing for it... Yes I'll pass on watching Batum and Marvin take more shots..
  5. Half these lames would drank Rihanna's bath water with a straw if she promise to look in their general direction. Lol
  6. Sub Zero

    Heat vs Hornets

    Clifford was a stubborn task master with no one innovative bone in his body..
  7. Sub Zero

    Heat vs Hornets

    I do want to see more Miles and Monk thoe..
  8. Sub Zero

    Heat vs Hornets

    Its amazing how a coaching change and getting a innovative pair of eyes on the team can help... instead of blowing the team up and starting over..
  9. Can STfu!! The only player worth watching this team over and some of you want to trade him.. I don't care about rebuilding without Kemba this team ain't worth poo..
  10. Sub Zero


    Plus even on the TD he got his hands on the ball and it was just a better catch and perfect throw.. By OBJ and Eli.. I have no complaints on Bradberry.. 3 weeks in a row facing 3 top paid WR and he has done a good job..
  11. I don't care about what Tepper or Richardson get to experience.. They are Million and Billionaires. I as a fan of 24 years want to experience this .. please don't jinx it..
  12. I swear I was thinking the same thing.. Please don't fuging jinx this.. smh..
  13. Lol the disrespect for Funchess.. I like Moore and Samuels potential.. But neither have shown the contested catching ability or route running of Funchess or Wright.. The list should be Funchess Wright Moore/Samuel's Smith Byrd
  14. Sub Zero

    WTF is wrong with our defense

    Or the mods can banned dudes who do nothing but troll and add nothing to the conversation.. Like they do all the time..