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  1. We get caught up too often in 4-3 and 3-4 talk, when the Panthers are likely to spend a lot of time with just one LB on the field, that being Shaq. Yeah, 1st down and short yardage, he plays the middle. But in nickle and dime packages, it won't matter, other than to say he'll be on the field.
  2. If you buy into the idea that DJ didn't receive good coaching and that he has talent, it's not a stretch to assume he can recapture and improve on what he did his first year. DJ needed a fresh start and this staff brings that. I think that could apply to SEVERAL under-performing players. And DJ is much cheaper. I'm just not that into Bradberry for $14M per.
  3. Bradberry is solid, but I'm going to put my faith in the new coaching staff to bring out the best in Jackson. There's bound to be CBs out there who may not quite be at Bradberry's level, but cost less than half what it would take to sign him.
  4. Let's say that Player A is in the last year of 4-year deal that included a base salary of $1M per year and a $20M signing bonus. That player is traded to another team. How is the cap amount calculated? Typically, the cap hit would be $6M per year, so the last year would be $6M. However, since the signing bonus was already paid by the first team, is it counted against the cap by the team he was traded or would that cap hit only be $1M?
  5. If the Cam trade didn't work out, I'd entertain the idea of trading them Grier and a future conditional pick for Trubisky. The Panthers need a QB. If it ain't Burrow (and it won't be), then they need a bridge until they can find a permanent replacement. Trubisky could be that.
  6. I had a similar idea a couple of months ago, IF they had to trade Cam. Sound reasoning even if I had to throw up in my mouth a little.
  7. I don't think so. He gotten a large amount of money due to the restructures over the last couple of years. The 21M remaining is base salary that is paid out if he plays. Since he isn't, I doubt seriously that he sees that money. That's not a slight on Luke, it's just a result of his retirement.
  8. If Hurney was to reconstruct the Panthers on his own, then yes, I would be worried, but this isn't the same Panthers ownership or leadership from before. Tepper has to approve contracts and I feel pretty confident there is going to be input from several sources (Tepper, Ruhle, scouts, asst GM, etc.) before moves are made. It bothered me to no end that Shaq was signed to an extension. Now, it appears there may have been some inkling that Luke was considering retirement, leading to the extension. I doubt that Luke just woke up and said, "that's it". I'm sure there has been an ongoing discussion that probably began not long after Rivera was fired.
  9. I don't get it. If LSU wins the championship, Brady will accept the position with the Panthers, but not if they lose? Please. 1. Brady has been at LSU for ONE year. It's not like he's been a long-time hire, trying to win one for his home team. He's had no ties to LSU previously. 2. It's the N.F.L. What more do you need to know? He'll come to the Panthers if they make a decent offer, he connects with Ruhle, Tepper and Hurney and buyout his contract. I get WHY he signed the 3-year deal. There's a certain level of security there, but let's be real.
  10. Baylor could have given the Panthers a run for their money this year. Just sayin'
  11. I'd bet Brady retires, regardless of the outcome this season.
  12. I'm not propping up Marty as much as I'm more convinced than ever that Rivera was a sub-par coach. Yes, the players are from two different GMs. The common ground here is how little Rivera did with the talent he was given. If you look at what Belichick is able to do with his roster (unfair comparison, maybe), it just screams out loud that the talent here was not developed properly. The players I listed would likely be starters on most teams and I can't think of even one of them that improved once they became a Panther. To be fair, I can't think of many ex-Panthers that improved upon leaving, which doesn't speak well for the GM. I've been trying to figure out who should take the larger portion of the blame for the Panther's failures over the last couple of years and I think it's weighted far more against Rivera than it is Marty, at this point. I believe there is talent on this team beyond the guys I've listed, but the Panthers have lacked the coaching ability to cultivate that talent. That doesn't make Marty a great GM, it just makes me believe that Ron is a not-so-great coach.
  13. Was listening to a radio show and one of the commentators had an interesting take any time things don't work out for a team, no matter what sport. If you can't figure out if you should blame the coach or the GM, ask yourself this question: how many players from this team would be definite starters on other teams? If the answer is only a couple of players, then the GM is to blame. If the answer is several players, then it's the coach. Who did the Panther's have this year that would be starters on other teams? CMC, Olsen, DJ Moore, Samuel, Turner and Moton for sure would have jobs on offense, for just about any roster. You might be able to include Wright and Thomas, as well. Keuchly, Thompson, Bradberry, Burns and Addison would certainly be starters for most defenses around the league. I didn't count injuries, but as much as people are down on KK, he and Cam would certainly qualify. Jackson has talent, but I would say he has suffered from a lack of quality coaching. I'd say there is talent available along the OLine, as well, but again, coaching has been an issue. NONE of the linemen have markedly improved over the last couple of years. Of all of those, Cam, CMC and Keuchly are elite and, quite probably, generational talents. I believe the Panthers made the right move.
  14. Shots fired...towards Tepper. Remember Tepper commented that he wouldn't accept mediocrity. By firing Ron, he is laying the mantle of mediocrity at Ron's feet. Cam and the Riveras are very close, so I would expect Cam to take some offense to this implication. I'm sure Cam would have wanted Ron to stay. At this point, I doubt Cam is excited about learning a new offense...again...while having to learn to adapt to a new coaching staff and philosophy. If the new hire doesn't work out, Cam is setting up an "I told you so". Having said that, Cam will do fine with a new staff, provided the HC of the new staff is Mr. Bieniemy.
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