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  1. Kyle Allen didn't seem to have an issue throwing the ball deep, with two completions and two defensive pass interference calls in the Saints game, IIRC. 3 of the 4 long balls were to DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel. Ya know, those "effectively rookies".
  2. I've been a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, Carolina Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes since I was born and since the franchises existed in their current cities. I know how to deal with pain.
  3. Raleigh PF

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    If one of the bonafides is available at 16 (Nick Bosa; Clelin Ferrel; Rashan Gary), then the Panthers should stay at 16 and pick one (not likely). Otherwise, I would hope they make a deal to trade down and get an additional second day pick or two.
  4. Cutting Cam is not likely, but the Panthers need to be prepared in the event Cam can't answer the bell. That means an experienced vet needs to be brought in to compete with Allen, if things don't break the way we would like. Allen played against the Saints first-team defense, although they were surely uninspired. Keep in mind, no one has much of a book on Allen, so he hasn't faced a team that has game-planned against him. I would say it's likely he's a league-average, if not below league-average QB next year. Spend some money on a couple of road graders and try to shorten the games. Bring in a vet RB to split some carries with CMC (maybe someone like a CJ Anderson...whoops!). We may see some rather low-scoring games, at least from the Panther's end, next year. I'd dare say that Cam not being available next year would make it easier for the Panthers to let go of their core vet group (Olsen, Peppers, etc.).
  5. Raleigh PF

    Devin White LSU

    I thought Will Witherspoon was going to be an awesome player when he left the Panthers as a FA. Will was a good player, but not the beast I thought he would turn into when he left the Panthers. I see some of the same qualities in Thompson. He'll be a nice player, somewhere, but I don't see him being a perennial all-pro.
  6. You don't think Teddy would have a little more success under Norv Turner's guidance? I respect (and dislike) Sean Payton, but he's never been tasked with developing a young QB, has he?
  7. Raleigh PF

    Draft Kyler Murray

    That's just it, isn't it? Murray's best comp is Doug Flutie, who was an average QB. Certainly, Murray could surprise, but unless he just kills it at the combine, I would expect his draft position to fall into the late first/second round come draft day. I hope to be wrong and someone drafts him before the Panthers at 16, as it will increase the talent pool the Panthers have available to draft.
  8. Raleigh PF

    Draft Kyler Murray

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Murray take the Brian Jordan route. Play football for a couple of years, maybe through his rookie deal and then head over to baseball for the second half of his career. More likely this happens if he doesn't pan out quickly. He's a great athlete, but I think there's more a chance he ends up being a bust than a perennial all-pro.
  9. Would like to see Ryan Kalil brought in as a coach, if the Panthers did end up selecting a Center in the draft. His knowledge and experience is what the Panthers will miss most.
  10. Sounds like they are going the "rest, wait and see" route.
  11. Raleigh PF

    Devin White LSU

    IF the Panthers sign a good FA C (such as Paradis) and IF the Panthers can sign a good DE and IF Darryl Williams is re-signed and IF the Panthers don't trade for Antonio Brown and kill their cap room and IF the Panthers let Shaq walk, then... No.
  12. It's interesting that Ramsey targeted Corn Elder and Rashon Gaulden with the tweet, isn't it? Leads me to believe that he is telling them to get ready, because Fewell will drive them hard. Nothing said about Bradberry or Jackson. There's no indication that either Bradberry or Jackson are difficult students. Both are where they are because they have talent and the ability to listen.
  13. Whatever. You do you and ignore how a vast majority of front offices work.
  14. Sure we do. James Bradberry, Darryl Worley, Zack Sanchez. Three DBs taken in a panic draft. Exactly what checks and balances are in place? Keep in mind, the Raiders just hired Mike Mayock to the GM position. Just about the first words out of his mouth were that Gruden had final say in the personnel decisions. Most GM/Coach relationships are like this, unless the coach is a newby.
  15. No, but he has quite a bit of input into player personnel decisions, if not most.