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  1. He will. And THAT high school team will go on to an appearance in the state finals. Maybe.
  2. He sure isn't. Neither is Belichick. Somehow, that seems to make a difference for the Patriots.
  3. I've seen enough. I'm not bothering with this team until a new coaching staff is brought in. If you think I'm cashing in too soon, that's okay, at least I held out longer than the players did.
  4. It was a good win against a team they should beat. I still don't see the quality of play that we saw in the second half last year. Shots on goal are down and our physical presence is not as evident. I'd like to see a trade for a Top 9 forward with more of a physical presence. And I'm really over McGinn. I just don't think he offers much on a nightly basis.
  5. At least you knew it was coming. Sometimes it's just better to think it and not say it. Or type it.
  6. So, Kaep is having an NFL sponsored workout this weekend in Chicago. The NFL has essentially pressured teams to go watch Colin work out and 25 teams responded, including the Patriots. The Panthers are not attending. Tepper was very upfront with Eric Reid that the Panthers already had a QB1 and did not need Kaepernick. Tepper also said if that changed, they would certainly consider him. That's an interesting decision on the Panthers part. Read the tea leaves at your own peril.
  7. You are making the argument against Rivera, not for him. Ron can't seem to find a way to fix the problems along the line, be it defensive or offensive. As a result, Cam gets hit more, injured more and the opportunities for Cam go away. Remember, Ron's pedigree is as a defensive minded coach. How have the Panthers been doing in that regard? He isn't putting people in positions to excel, he simply tries the same thing over and over and hope his superstars excel. How many 1st round picks do the Panthers have on defense, anyhow? Ron relies on his superstars to ball out and they generally do, but help me understand which players he has helped become MORE than they were when they arrived? Has Moton reached a new level? Bradberry progressed from good to all-star caliber? That's debatable. Shaq has been in this defense for four years and is doing better, but he isn't going to break the bank in free agency. I'd say Jackson might be WORSE now than last year. Ron just can't seem to take decent players and make them into a better, cohesive team. All those 1st round picks and this defense. It's time for Ron to go.
  8. I would love to predict the Panther's win 28-3. Reality tells me that this is going to be a very close game, coming down to the final possession. Falcons 23, Panthers 20.
  9. What a nasty week that was. Let's never do that again. ATL @ CAR 58 PTS (I have a bad feeling about this game, Panther fans) PIT @ CLE NYJ @ WAS JAX @ IND BUF @ MIA DAL @ DET HOU @ BAL (What a fun game this should be!) NO @ TB DEN @ MIN AZ @ SF NE @ PHI CIN @ OAK CHI @ LAR KC @ LAC 64 PTS
  10. I post this for a couple of reasons: (1) Chase Young is projected to go in the top-5 of the draft next year (2) If he were to drop out of college now, what would prevent him from becoming a Free Agent? I know there is a rule somewhere, but can someone quote me line and verse (yes, I googled)?
  11. Players could get more money by changing the length of drafted player's contracts. Forget four years, the max contract for any player drafted is three. That would bring top players into the money faster. Another point for them to consider is the tag system. Get rid of it. Both of those issues would direct more money the player's way, faster. The problem is, most of the player reps are veterans who really don't care about the newly drafted players. I like the healthcare for life, but think it's impractical. What about the guys who are drafted and play one year or less? Does that qualify for healthcare for life?
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