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  1. Don't be surprised if: The Panthers trade down in the first round...MAYBE twice...to get additional picks. The Panthers do not land any of the following: Brown, Okudah, Simmons, Wirfs, Kinlaw. None of the first four draft picks for the Panthers are on offense. The Panthers do NOT draft a QB. No WR is drafted. The Panthers trade up into the 2nd or 3rd rounds for additional picks (there are a lot of good Day 2 picks available) CMC is the subject of MANY trade rumors. CMC is actually traded for picks this year and next. None of the players drafted are from Baylor, unless drafted in the later rounds (5-7). The Panthers are not aggressive in free agency.
  2. Wut? I'm interested in the interplay between head coach, GM and the scouting department. Sounds like Rivera went against the information provided by the scouting department, but couldn't convince Hurney to see things his way. Probably happened with Gettlemen as well. This would certainly explain, at least in part, why Rivera was so reluctant to play the young guys - he didn't necessarily want them in the first place. I'm no advocate for Hurney, but believe the people he employs to get good intel on college players is suspect, at best. The idea that he does well in the first round is a misnomer, in my opinion. First round talent *should* be good (except if you are the Jets). My point is, if Hurney has had trouble finding talent Day 2 and Day 3 of the draft, he should have replaced personnel. I don't have a lot of confidence in this year's draft if it's the same scouting department he's had for the last few years.
  3. For those who want Tua, I would suggest reading this article. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102745/article/2020-nfl-scouting-combine-biggest-questions-for-top-five-qbs
  4. I'd prefer to draft Brown or Kinlaw, as I think the need in the middle of the DLine is greater. However, if we ended up with Simmons, it would be interesting to see how he would be used. The Swiss Army Knife of defensive players.
  5. The contract Shaq signed indicates that he is now the de facto leader of the LB corps. I'd expect Shaq to be in all downs/packages. I'd say it's likely the Panthers grab a FA linebacker and expect that Snow will take advantage of talent that he gets through FA and the draft to piece together a decent defense. In addition, I have the feeling Luke will be around to help review tape, etc.
  6. If EVERYTHING went right, the Panthers could be a .500 or better team next year, but when was the lat time everything went right? 2015? The odds are clearly stacked against them. This year is just a bridge to next year when the Panthers free up a LOT of cap room. Even then, having a bunch of new bodies on the team doesn't make for a cohesive unit.
  7. It opens the door for more mediocre teams to get hot and make a run through the playoffs. Really makes the regular season less important.
  8. Sorta, kinda, which is the way I would go. Slap the franchise tag on him. He said he would sign it, so let him sign it. If the Panthers emerge from the draft with a CB either Day 1 or Day 2, then let those five teams that are interested make an offer, 3rd round or better. If they don't get a good offer, let him play out the year, then let him go. It's what they should have done with Norman.
  9. Whichever team decides to sign Rivers needs to start scouting top draft picks next year.
  10. All these Marty Hurney threads are seriously mislabeled. Here I was, thinking the discussion was going to be about QBs and/or Dak Prescott. Silly me.
  11. There is talk about a separate salary cap for quarterbacks. Sounds like it may be an idea worth considering.
  12. That's damning with faint praise. Best on a really bad defense is not really good at all. Tre is decent in pass coverage, but he's like a bullfighter when it comes to tackling. All he needs is a red cape. I would rather address the safety position in the draft. This is where we will see who is calling the shots. The Panthers have rarely addressed the safety position in the draft (I can't remember when). If they go safety day 2, then I would say Rhule is calling the shots.
  13. Lots of wind damage and flooding in the Raleigh area. Many trees down and lots of power outages. We had pea-sized hail for a couple of minutes.
  14. From what I have read, he has run the offense strictly from shotgun formation. Also read that he doesn't know how to command a huddle and, in fact, rarely had to call plays in a huddle. I would have to look at tape to verify. He tends to lock on to receivers early and is late getting to his progressions. He's been hurt a couple of times, so having a solid OLine is going to be key. In situations in which he has felt pressure, he has tended to be inaccurate or make poor decisions. He has athleticism, but doesn't tend to use it when the opportunity presents itself. His leadership skills have been questioned. He's not vocal or a natural leader, so you would have to wonder how he is going to handle the scrutiny, particularly if he is replacing Cam.
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