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  1. He's part of the DLine. Slavin-Hamilton Pesce-Faulk De Haan-Van Riemsdyk
  2. How much would Frank Clark cost again? Kidding. I'm kidding.
  3. If that's the way Washington approaches the game, they'll lose. It's amazing what this team has done since Jan 1. Just night and day from the way they played last year. I'm sure Washington thought they could come in and bully the Canes into submission. They need a plan B.
  4. Would you trade a second for Frank? The Panthers would have to clear some cap space for him to accommodate his $17M franchise tender. https://nfltraderumors.co/seahawks-open-to-trade-offers-for-franchise-de-frank-clark/
  5. I worry about Montez Sweat. Initially projected late in the first, now climbing the charts based primarily on combine numbers, which were: 6-6, 260 4.41 40-yard dash 21 reps at 225 36-inch vertical jump Another early draft pick (taken 6th overall after a monster combine) 6-3, 266 4.58 40-yard dash 37 reps at 225 41-inch vertical jump This early draft pick had great college tape, but never recorded a sack in three years in the NFL, before being cut. I'm not saying Sweat will be this, but the hype after the combine sounds familiar.
  6. So, Hail Mary at the end of the game. How many Hail Mary's are there that do NOT include PI? I think Sherman/Weddle have a bit of a point. It's kind of a wild card a coach could play at a pivotal moment to potentially great advantage.
  7. Your statement implied the Panthers were looking at Jones for QB at 16. That's the statement I disagree with. It's not happening, nor should it.
  8. Can you point out where Verge's NFL scout friend agreed? I didn't see him make any statement to that end. I can see where you said the Panthers should take him, but nothing else.
  9. Just a couple of opinionated notes... A TEAM Hall of Fame should celebrate players who made a profound impact during the time they played for the Panthers and should have a minimum time component included. I would start at 7 years. In this day and age, with free agency the way it is, those years shouldn't have to be consecutive. You can't blame a player for going where an opportunity presents itself. There should also be a delay in the nomination of the player to the HoF of at least a couple of years. There are those players who retire, only to return the following year or so. There shouldn't be such a rush to immediately get someone into the HoF. Additionally, the HoF should be about performance on the field. What did they do for the Panthers that was so outstanding? How did they help the Panthers reach or win the Super Bowl? I appreciate players who play with the same team for a long time and are productive, but I would prefer to recognize the players that took the Panthers to the next level, which means meaningful playoff appearances and the Super Bowl. Intangibles, such as leadership should also be considered. What they did off the field should be noted (it paints the picture better), but unless they are convicted of a capital offense (looking at you, Rae), the focus should be about what they did while in a Panther's uniform. With that in mind, my list for additions would be limited to: Steve Smith, Jake Delhomme and Jordan Gross. I would give consideration to Dan Morgan, Mike Minter, Kris Jenkins and Wesley Walls. Players such as Reggie White, Lamar Lathon and Kevin Greene didn't play with the Panthers long enough to warrant consideration. Julius Peppers (lock) and Thomas Davis (likely) should be considered a couple of years after they have officially retired. I don't believe in retiring numbers, either. Hopefully, the franchise is around long enough that doing such a thing would present a real issue, down the road. And NO statues.
  10. I would also prefer Burns, but am not sure either he or Sweat will be available. I'm kinda lukewarm on Gary and Ferrell, but also remember some of the same concerns about Julius Peppers when he was drafted (takes plays off; not always motivated). I'd be happy with any of the three, actually. If two of them are on the board when the Panthers draft, I'd even entertain a trade down a few spots to pick up more picks.
  11. A source close to the process said that Irvin was close to signing elsewhere in the NFC South. Was originally thinking New Orleans, but now thinking Tampa Bay?
  12. I'm thinking Matt Kalil could slide over to center for them. He probably wouldn't be too costly and...and...and his brother used to play center. What say you, Saints?
  13. Let's see if he gets the Kareem Hunt treatment from KC or if they let talent override his actions. BTW - it's not just one action. Please were called twice in the span of a week.
  14. Except his contract automatically voids at the end of the 2019 league year. He will be "cut" and can't be tagged. NO can then sign him to a new deal, if they want, or he can retire with no penalty to the Saints salary cap.
  15. From Spotrac: Contract Notes: $27M guaranteed at signing (signing bonus + 2018 salary + 2018 roster bonuses) Full No Trade Clause 2018 Roster Bonus (treated as signing): $13.5M 2018 Roster Bonus: $3.3M (due 3/16/2018) 2019 Roster Bonus: $11.95M (due 3/15/2018) 2020 automatically voids at the end of 2019 league year Cannot be franchise tagged in 2020
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