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  1. CJ Henderson or Javon Kinlaw after a trade back.
  2. Sorry, not buying the idea that Tua or Love are the answer. Bridgewater is here in the short-term. If they draft a QB, what they are indicating is that the entire QB merry-go-round this offseason was a big mistake. I believe they are a bit more on the ball than that. You may not, which is fine.
  3. If the Panthers went through what they did with Cam, signed Bridgewater and THEN decide to draft a QB anywhere in this draft, they will have surpassed the Texans as the dumbest franchise in the NFL. And it won't be close.
  4. If EVERYTHING went right, the Panthers could be a .500 or better team next year, but when was the lat time everything went right? 2015? The odds are clearly stacked against them. This year is just a bridge to next year when the Panthers free up a LOT of cap room. Even then, having a bunch of new bodies on the team doesn't make for a cohesive unit.
  5. Let's take a step away from the ledge for a second. Nothing has to be decided soon, so let's not knee-jerk this. We have a brand new staff coming in. Let's see what they bring to the table. No decisions have to be made until the draft. At that point, we'll likely know a little more about the staff and plans for the team. There are a lot of holes to fill, but I still believe the team is talented. With Rivera in "win now or else" mode, the younger players were never going to get a shot. Now, they will. There's simply no choice. I expect the OLine to be better through health and good coaching. I expect the DLine to improve, whether that's through FA or the draft. We'll certainly have a very good idea where the team is headed at the end of the draft. Lots of good TEs available in rounds 2-4 this year. It would be nice to have a decent pairing. I expect the DLine to be addressed in the draft/FA, along with IOL. The rest filled by FA. A lot of things have to go right, but if Cam is healthy, this team could be surprising and could energize Cam with an influx of youth and a new staff. But nothing has to be decided now. Stand by.
  6. Last night's win against Chicago may have been one of the best overall games they have played this year. Good to see Nino get on the board, as well. Still need a top-9 forward with a physical presence.
  7. It was a good win against a team they should beat. I still don't see the quality of play that we saw in the second half last year. Shots on goal are down and our physical presence is not as evident. I'd like to see a trade for a Top 9 forward with more of a physical presence. And I'm really over McGinn. I just don't think he offers much on a nightly basis.
  8. I'll leave that to Bernie when he loses the nomination again. Wonder if he'll do the whole "spoiled grapes" routine and wait until it's too late to endorse another candidate? That was certainly helpful of him!
  9. Can we change the title of the this thread to the "I Love Bernie Sanders" thread?
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