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  1. KneelingCamFan

    so what did Cam do after the game yesterday?

    I could see Cam setting down roots here after he retires. I will say that I think that he embraces the Carolinas more than the Carolinas have embreaced him because of who he is...I think he really does want to win a SB for the Carolinas...
  2. KneelingCamFan

    SI.com: Panthers should trade for Tyrod Taylor

    I think if Cam Newton got seriously injured..like out for the season, tepper would seriously consider bringing in Kaepernick
  3. I think with better coverage in the secondary, the defensive line will play a lot better. I also expect Efe Obada to get more playing time so I think this defense will be that much more fierce. On offense with Samuel and Byrd coming back healthy...Only team that scares me are the Rams at this point..otherwise, I def think the panthers can go deep into the playoffs..
  4. Great post. I really like Rivera. I think he's a great coach and one of the better coaches in the NFL, especially considering this is is first time being a head coach. However, I think he can stuck in his ways. Because Siefert burned him, I think Richardson decided to just stick to Defensive guys like Fox and Rivera. For Rivera, i think he can get too stuck in his ways (Silatolu WILL START AND YOU WILL NOT TELL ME DIFFERENT) when it's obvious that he's not an NFL starting offensive linemen. I think you have to strike the right balance between analytics and still the old scouting techniques. I think the Rams and Eagles are two examples of teams that have figured it out...
  5. Larry Allen went to Sonoma State...i Would consider that a small school, but on a whole, I agree with the premise.
  6. I'm gonna disagree with this, only because of how he was throwing the ball against the saints last year. Those passes that he was throwing to Clay(the TD that was dropped and the one on the sideline towards the end of the game) showed great arm strength. Norv is prob coaching him to take something off of his throws..
  7. KneelingCamFan

    Kalil visiting Dr. James Andrews

    How about moving Trai to Right Tackle again?
  8. I like Josh, but I could see him saying something to piss Steve off..Mack and Kyle and Frank have a good rapport with steve, so those would be the best shows to put him on..
  9. KneelingCamFan

    Kalil absent again

    I agree and while I'm sure Andre Smith will and Kendrick Norton are going to be serviceable, there were still some OL on the board at that point in the draft that could have provided quality depth...Ryan is on his way out and Matt might be right behind him.
  10. KneelingCamFan

    Kalil absent again

    First Post here.. I agree. Rivera's comments were odd. "He's inside today." Almost like he was talking about a child. lol