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  1. It does. Second half decade? Century down? I’d love to blame AI but you can’t blame stupid on AI.
  2. God damn autocorrect! I remember a correction on a fantasy football site that turned RBs into a post on Arabs. Changed the meaning a bit.
  3. Right. Those were my points. Plenty of fans to draw from and while now you’d say they now have a rabbi fan base, it wasn’t much of a loyal fan base when they weren’t winning. Winning is our only way back to a rabid fan base. Pretty much true everywhere. The teams like SF, Dallas, Pittsburgh, GB and KC have had decades of winning. That keeps through some bad years. We’ve still never had back to back winning years. The Cam led 2013 to 2017 era was our best period. As fondly as some people remember the first SB run, pre Cam we had 4 winning seasons in 16 years. Without Cam we went to the playoffs 4 times in 20 years. with Cam we got 4 playoffs in 9 years which was nice but still not amazing.
  4. Yep. Boston is a big city so a ton of fans to draw from and I grew up close to there. I remember going to pre-Brady games in Foxboro and getting handed a bunch of tickets from people who likely had company tickets. They sure weren’t the current obnoxiously annoying fans back then. The Cam years, especially the playoff runs were a lot of fun. We’ve been poo for 6 years now. In 2018/2019, we went 1-15 to finish those years. That pretty much guts a fan base when you also lose both your best offensive player ever and best defensive player ever after 2019.
  5. There were tons of pre and post draft articles saying he’d be ready at the start of camp. What “ready” meant is up for interpretation but this news did feel like a bit of a setback. Again, doesn’t matter much for this year. As long as he shows that he’s going to easily beat out Hubbard/Sanders (he should) for the starting role and finishes the season healthy, it’s fine.
  6. Who is saying they wanted Darnold over Cam? I didn’t realize Cam was still starting. Heck, there was never even a Cam vs Darnold choice. I’ve only seen Darnold mentioned likely because he’s now the starter in Minnesota and we have Young. Reminiscent of watching Mayfield look decent while our super processor had problems. Is Young so good that it’s racist to not want him over Darnold and 4 more quality starters?
  7. Dude, I was leading that tank train. Between that and trading Burns when the Rams offered 2 1sts and a 2nd, a not horrifically bad GM (Fitt) a could have turned us into a loaded team. We’d have been in the playoffs 2 years in a row.
  8. Personally, not sure why racism comes up either as if anyone who wants Darnold now would have wanted him over Cam before, because of race. It’s because Young sucked and as you said we’d have Darnold or heck Mayfield with Jalen Carter next to Brown plus DJ Moore and CMC (we traded his 2nd for Young as well). I’m not sure we would have had the top pick but we’d have drafted someone with our 2024 first like Alt or Bowers or Nabers as well. Yes, I’d rather have all that and Darnold than Young. Doesn’t make me racist and I wish Cam was still healthy too.
  9. Huh? I didn’t even mention a coach or GM, but talent is talent. Marshall, DJ Johnson (Evero still there) and others didn’t flash at all. Coaches didn’t stop them from winning snaps. Did DJ Moore look like a good WR regardless of coach? Did CMC? Did Burns and Moton? All I said was that with our talent level and holes on the roster, rookies should make an immediate impact, regardless of coach. It wouldn’t take much to start if our rookies are really good. When Brooks is healthy, he better start because beating Hubbard and Sanders doesn’t take much. If Sanders can’t beat out Thomas/Tremble by the end of the year, that’s not a good sign for the future. Marshall had his path to starting handed to him and he did nothing.
  10. 800 total yards (4th on team) as a backup RB isn’t nothing. Williams was like CMC his rookie year except CMC had way more targets so 200 more yards. I’m less worried about Brooks total contributions this year. I’m more worried about the fact that we, yet again, are incorrect in our assessments. We’ve had a lot of injury issues under the prior two GMs in FAs and draftees. As long as Brooks flashes and takes over the starting spot, we’ll be OK. It would suck if he gets shelved after we fall out of contention and he can’t beat Hubbard/Sanders.
  11. Sorry, but i completely disagree. We do care about immediate impact. Not for winning since we’ve sucked for 6 years, but because we don’t have a talented team. If a rookie can’t make an immediate impact, he’s not going to be some solid starter in year 2 or 3. Terrace Marshall has taken a few years but I’d argue that his inability to beat Robbie and Shi Smith for a starting spot in camp(s) showed us everything we now know. Our rookies better be showing us a lot of flashes. If Brooks doesn’t start this season, that’s not a good thing and he won’t be better for it. Same with Wallace and Sanders. We don’t want a DJ Johnson barely playing when we’ve got mediocre starters all over the place.
  12. Lol. You called my saying that we need a generational (your words, not mine) before we will be good again was flawed thinking. Gee, that was so hard to understand. It’s always funny when people can’t respond when given a valid response that goes against what they said. To be 100% clear and simple for you to get, I absolutely believe that we won’t be good again until we have Cam v2 and by that I don’t mean “generational.” I mean a franchise level QB like Stroud looks or like Stafford with the Rams or Burrow or Allen or Ryan/Cam in their SB years. Does that make sense? Care to actually respond? If my thinking is flawed, when do you think we will be good or are your thinking this 2024 team will be competing for SBs?
  13. SMH. Cam v2 means a QB who can get you to a Super Bowl. It’s not really that hard. In one post you say how hard it is to replace Cam, Luke and our OL from the SB team and now you are saying it’s flawed thinking that we need a top QB to be good again? Do you ever notice how hypocritical you can be? Young isn’t talented enough IMHO to win us a SB. That’s the goal, right? We can sit around and hope we get to be the amazing teams around the Johnson and Dilfers of the world or we can get a great QB. We had a chance just last draft and we made a huge mistake. We had another chance this year if we had done the first trade offer for Burns and used those picks and kept our 2024 1st, but again we fuged it up. Flawed thinking is thinking that limping along with Young hoping he improves enough that if we draft perfectly around him that we can win in spite of him. That’s virtually impossible. The draft history of QBs that have been good enough to make/compete for a SB is a lot longer than the handful of game managers with amazing teams around them. Also, Cam is not a generational QB. Matt Ryan did the exact same thing (making an and losing a SB) and he’s not generational. Josh Allen and Burrow aren’t generational. We don’t need a generational QB like Brady or Mahomes although it would be nice. We just need a Stroud who we just need a few pieces around and some luck.
  14. I agree with the post above that you need great QB play to realistically have a chance. We got our choice of the 1st pick in a decent QB draft and screwed up. Sure, best case is Young has a miracle upgrade, but it looks to me like that’s not going to happen. I liken this to Alex Smith and the Chiefs still knowing they needed Mahomes, except that I’d much rather have a 2nd year Smith than Young. Young might be able to get us into a playoff game but he will never win a Super Bowl. We had an MVP Cam and still lost the big game.
  15. They do, just when. I hate to be pessimistic but it’s all about the QB. I can’t recall a QB situation where a bad QB (not bad stats, but looking like they don’t belong) turned a team around. Peyton Manning had a ridiculous amount of interceptions but he didn’t show his future limitations. Usually, it was picking another QB in the draft. Unfortunately, IMHO, we won’t be really better until we get our Cam v2, someone who can carry the team and not win only if we have a stud lineup around him. That’s why I’m more interested in how the rest of the draft picks do to see if we can actually solve holes like the ones we created losing Olsen, CMC, Moore, Turner/Kalil/Norwell, etc. I want to actually be one QB away not Fitterer’s definition of one player away.
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