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  1. Tanking is meaningful when you have a 1st. We are complaining because this wasn’t supposed to be a tank year and we gave up our first. Feels like our 1st this year might actually be high enough for a top QB without a trade up and we gave it away. Young better work out but damn we need so much more still.
  2. The lowered expectations were almost non-existent until after we looked so bad in preseason. A lot of those individual matchup worries we had (not winning or losing that doesn’t matter) sure seemed to have rolled right into the season.
  3. Embarrassing. Seattle was down a ton of starters and this is what we get. Dont forget that Seattle kicked 5 FGs. Thank goodness they didn’t convert more TDs. TMJ is just not that guy and never was.
  4. Maybe Campen needs to do better. These coaches aren’t doing as well as they are expected.
  5. There are way more top picks that didn’t sit and did fine. Mahomes was behind a first overall pick who had just been to the playoffs several years in a row. Rodgers was a late first rounder playing behind a HOF. Brady was a 6th rounder by and also behind a prior first overall pick. Young was the number 1 pick behind nobody. If he didn’t start right away that would be a really bad sign.
  6. Lol. He’s saying Young might develop, Fitt might get it right and the coaching staff might actually make a difference. He’s playing the long game hoping we stay as we are.if I was a fan of NO, Tampa or the Falcons, I’d be hoping the Panthers tried to work through it for the next few years too.
  7. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m saying you can’t just always excuse bad performances because of good defenses. Yes, rookies have bad games and we should expect bad games. Hopefully we see a legit spark. Manning three a ton of interceptions his rookie year but he also threw for 300 yards in his first game.
  8. A QB can’t ever be a good QB if they can’t even have a decent game against a good D. It’s not like we played an all time great defense.
  9. I remember we were saying in here to just fuging double up on QBs since we needed one so bad. Instead, we took a LB that we waived after 1 year. SMH. I thought I liked the Young pick but there’s been so much “post-Rhule” evidence that we don’t know WTF we are doing that I’m already of the mind that we’ll need an entire cleansing yet again because we don’t have the draft picks or solid foundation to build on.
  10. Welcome to the reality that our drafting/evaluation has been sub par.
  11. Sometimes you don’t quite hit it right! Personally, I thought playoffs were a possibility because I didn’t expect our division mates being 6-0 after week 2. I wasn’t assuming we’d win the division just that if we played well in the division it was possible. I also didn’t think 0-2 in division while the rest are again 6-0. We all thought we were improved from last year when we went 7-10 and our 2023 schedule isn’t hard. I knew we weren’t deep and injuries have already been an issue, but the staff appears to be worse than expected.
  12. SMH. Stats wise, Bosa is well beyond Burns for his career, especially per game. We’ve been over that. Honestly, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t mean Burns isn’t a solid player. Saying Josh Allen isn’t Patrick Mahomes doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be ecstatic to have Allen on our team. I’ve only watched a few drives of SF (last night and last season) and Bosa disrupts the entire time he’s out there whether or not he gets stays. Burns can disappear and disrupt at times. I assume you were around for the last SB year. Well, if you watched Short that year, he was a dominant force where some games he literally disrupted the entire opposing offsense by blowing up runs and collapsing pockets. Short wasn’t Donald but for a few years he was a force. Burns hasn’t gotten to that level yet. Hopefully, he does this year since we almost have to extend him.
  13. If Burns wants Bosa money then he can’t be game planned for and taken out of a game. Atlanta clearly adjusted and their offense moved much better in the second half. If Burns’ best play is speed rushing around the QB when the other guys did collapse the pocket then he needs to do more. I shared a link where he was just guided by and Carr didn’t even have to step up. QBs step up a lot. Again, Burns didn’t dominate against NO. Also, when did I say trade for a WR? I wanted to trade Burns last year when we got an offer that was great value. At this point, trading him is not worth it. Who knows if we’ll finally sign him.
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