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  1. Of course, you're right, only time will tell -- but I think this IS an exciting acquisition. Take a look at all the WF hilights that Riot Report put out: https://theriotreport.com/panthers-sign-new-receiver-to-help-in-return-game/ When I started watching those, I thought, Ho hum, these are vs Towson and Rice, so no big deal.. Then he started showing off against NC St, Syracuse, Louisville, even Clemson. This kid has many fine attributes that aren't teachable; he just has them -- open field speed, vision (PR asset), toughness, and that quick twitch side step that we see from CMC, but not from anyone else on the Panthers. I don't hold his stature against him; a lot of smaller guys have the 'attitude' to compensate for it. So happy that they landed this kid to replace Ray Ray. Eager to see him in action.
  2. Upstate, not that it'll make much difference, but you've got me with 24 wins, yet I had 25 going into last week, and tied the Parrot with 6 more Shouldn't that = 31? I'm bringing this up in case anybody else has an incorrect tally. And now for this week's sweep of the games... KC @ DEN: DEN SF @ WAS: WAS AZ @ NYG: NYG HOU @ IND: IND OAK @ GB: GB MIN @ DET: DET JAX @ CIN: JAX BUF @ MIA: BUF LAR @ ATL: LAR LAC @ TEN: TEN BAL @ SEA: SEA NO @ CHI: CHI PHI @ DAL: PHI, 51 pts NE @ NYJ: NE, 41 pts
  3. That should be their concern, more than ours. We've recorded 10 more sacks than they have (albeit it in 1 more game)
  4. why y'all beating up on the OP? Several on here were questioning him not flying to London, but being seen in the airport. This man's just giving us the explanation. I appreciate the info, myself.
  5. Send it over here - it can fix my fence. I am an equal opportunity employer.
  6. I say "no." With your luck, it was probably a guy named Aaron. with a faulty spell-checker on your end.
  7. I have nothing to add to this discussion. In my view, it is all speculation. The outcome of this "QB controversy" depends entirely on when and if Cam heals up. Until that happens, I believe Ron is right in trying to squelch all further talk about it. But that's not to say I'm denigrating the thread. Actually, I don't recall any time that I've Pie'd as many posts -- so many well-thought-out ideas on the subject! I'm only happy that the team has shown so much resilience the last 4 weeks, and pray it continues...
  8. Well, that's typical picking of nits for ya. Was I incorrect about any of the larger points I was making? And when you cite tie-breaking procedures, and you have to get down to the 5th, 8th, and 9th examples, as a reason to run up the score, I wonder if you could cite one time when such an arcane measurement was ever resorted to. Let me know, and I'll pass it on to Ron. What's your take on Daley? I'm interested.
  9. A couple of notes: This isn't college. There's no incentive to run up the score, to qualify for That playoff seeding. Using the clock to your advantage is the way to go, in the NFL, when obtaining a big lead. Ron did just that. This was a well coached game. Our players (exception, Ray Ray) were ready from the start, and played with unity and purpose throughout. There are actually more standout performances, across the board, than can be listed. But I'd like to single out one that might be overlooked. He didn't score, he didn't get a sack -- fact is I bet he doesn't show up on any stat line... guess to whom I'm referring?? ... our 3rd string LT, Dennis Daley, who still doesn't show on the team's depth chart at that position, but as the backup RG. So much for the vaunted and much feared pass rush of the league's leading sack meister, somebody named Barrett. Daley made him disappear like a Vegas magician would. I've been criticizing the nit-pickers on here for weeks, the people who are never satisfied, with the play-calling, the coaching, the execution, blah, blah, blah. And some hide it by saying "wait til we play a good team" Well, did you see how Houston handled the Chiefs today, in KC? Didn't we just beat them? Time to get on the train, boys. With a bye week to rest, and heal the injured, it's pulling out of the station soon. This team is gelling.
  10. Take the blinders off, Winston's "gifts" were forced on him, down his crab-stealing throat, actually, Our D had a dominant day, I don't care how many yds he racked up. This game was WON by the Panthers, not lost by the Bucs. When both your sacks and your turnovers exceed your penalties, it's been a well-coached game. This team is starting to hit its stride, and something special is brewing.
  11. Some folks on here are worried about Suh, but the Bucs better worry about McCoy, who will be way up for this game. He should feast on the banged-up right side of their OL. (Starting RG and RT are out) I see our pass rush harassing Winston into 3 TOs. On the other side, their pass defense is quite weak, and can be exploited easily. A couple deep pass attempts early (whether they pay off or not) will stop the 8man front they were able to use against Cam. Panthers 34-13.
  12. I don't see them scoring 20 against us again. I read their starting RG and RT are injured and will be out. And Bruce irvin, who didn't suit up for us in wk 2, will add to our DL depth. Expect a lot of pressure on Winston, with sacks and turnovers to result. On the other side, they stacked it against the run, knowing Cam was restricted in his passing ability. Their pass defense is a sieve, and I think Norv/Allen will exploit that with Samuel and Moore. Decisive win for the Panthers, and if Jax can take care of the Saints at home, we could be tied for the Division lead. That's the upside. The downside is unacceptable.
  13. His analysis of OUR Defense was not a hilariously comic voice-over, however.
  14. GVR played a better game than the guy he replaced. Must have been a dozen times at least that he managed to block a second defender, on a single play. That's hard work there. I lied the way he called out 44 (their top LB, Myles Jack), and then proceeded to eliminate him from the play. He and Paradis are forming a tight unit of combo blocking.
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