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  1. As do you, sir. This is all about power, control, and money. Are you aware that the death rates attributable to COVID-19 (which includes a person dying "with" COVID, not necessarily "from" COVID) has been incentivized to receiving $13,000 from Medicare? Are you aware of Dr, Fauci's involvement with Gilead, who's in partnership with China on their new, untested, vaccine?
  2. Your computer models will most certainly be cited by the task force.
  3. I've read 4 pages of arguments on this subject, and all are centered on which of 2 entities takes the hit -- owners or players. Yet there's a 3rd possibility that must be considered: the taxpayer. If the Cruise Industry ( which can be viewed as far less important and 'essential' to the average American citizen) can get Federal bailout money (Billions), then the NFL might make a plea for similar relief.
  4. We are the sacrificial cupcakes.
  5. The draft and FA moves show this to be a feature once again in their planning. They've acquired a lot of 'hybrid' athletes to move around in their chess game of Defense.
  6. Not so unlikely. Walker has many similarities to Wilson. They both have elite escapability in (and coming out of) the pocket. This can't be taught; you've either got it, or you don't. Time and again in these highlights, you see he had that feel and that footwork to avoid the sack. And he shows good on-the-run decision making in deciding when to run or pass off that escape. And like Wilson, he does it while keeping his eyes downfield to find the open receiver. If he can do it with Cam Phillips, think what he can do with our WRs. He also displayed a wide variance of throws, many more deep than Bridgewater will even attempt. Then there's that uncanny sidearm throw, in traffic, which is classic Mahomes. I have more optimism about Walker than I do about Teddy.
  7. Just asking -- thought you had to have at least 100 posts to start a thread.
  8. Where in the world did you get this idea? That's patently false.
  9. Well, he certainly telegraphs the play, doesn't he? On pass plays, he instantly gives ground with a back-pedal a CB would be proud of. Run plays, no such.
  10. Pride should be the last of these guys to see the field. He needs the most coaching; he has the most bad tendencies to correct. This is not to say he doesn't have the potential to learn, and get better. I just see him as the most error prone of the group you discuss, and therefore (as it Now stands), he would make the D the most vulnerable to the big play. Nice thread, incidentally -- you got a lot of response.
  11. Interesting stats comparisons. I'd say wing span and vertical jump (and hand size) mean a lot more in CB evaluation than weight and bench press. On "measurables," this guy looks good.
  12. What the hell; it's a slow day. I'll revive this moribund thread with my choices: @1of10Charnatives creative and witty @electro's horse always entertaining @The Huddler a Dylan fan can do no wrong and if any (or all) of those invitees are unable to make it, I'd happily be graced by the presence of: @ellis so much stuff I didn't know about @rippadonn we share a few viewpoints, and support is a good thing @ladypanther not sexist; not seeking diversity -- she's just Good
  13. Oh, I don't know. There are a raft of regular posters on here who all think (with years of basement experience playing Madden) that they easily could do a better job as GM. And most of them see themselves as better QBs, better WRs, better tacklers, and way better blockers, too. The fact that they know all about the cap and dead $ overcomes the lack of any real on-the-job experience in personnel mgmt, hiring, or playing the sport. I exempt all you former EvecVPs of corporate planning -- you know who you are.
  14. I was implying he was not so overrated as they were.
  15. Compared to John Elway, or Terry Bradshaw?
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