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  1. Has anyone heard from Luke directly? Or is this just click bait from some of the talking heads? Please post if you have access to a direct quote.
  2. Question for someone with REAL knowledge on NFL contracts, Does it make a difference to a players contract and/or salary cap based on date of signing? Does it make difference if a player is on roster at start of season or 2 weeks in?
  3. Follow the money. Who's going to pay for all of this? Tepper did not get rich using his money but that of others, [universal truth among all billionairs].
  4. A lot of doctors or medical centers are still unable to perform elective tests or exams due to lock down. Depends on which state/county/city. Because of CAM's injuries, at least two or more doctors will be involved. Also the majority of NFL offices are closed to the LD. Owners, GMs, & coaches have not been able to sit at a table & discuss signing some players especially if it means they will have to admit failure of their present choices. IMO. At least 3-5 teams were QB play away from the playoffs. again IMO
  5. Decision on Saturday games will come from the networks, IMO. If offered a few more million $ per team NFL will jump at the chance & I wouldn't blame them.
  6. This would make a good prop bet. 23 now over/under 27 at seasons start. I'd bet over IMO.
  7. I don't see any problems with the draft itself. But the BIG, BIG problem is how it will play out on the real important thing, the TV ratings. Without fans screaming in joy or dismay, ratings may drop & in this day & time there is nothing more important. IMO
  8. Yes, especially if someone is willing to over value either in a trade up & drafts them. Just not the Panthers. IMO
  9. The question probably should have been, Who is worth teams trading up for? Don't worry, Tepper will run draft with Hurney there as a figure head that he has been for the past year or more to take blame for Tepper. IMO
  10. Too much draft capital for Love, Herbert just maybe. IMO
  11. Of course they're alike. KB showed up to practice with a bucket of chicken wings & CAM with a plate of brussel sprouts.
  12. Sad to say, probably Winston. Far too many owners, GMs, talking heads in sports media, football fans, & yes Huddle 'fans' that suffer from Ron [no tie] Rivera syndrome on steroids. IMO
  13. Sorry to throw truth on anyone's hopes, but coaches [HC, OC, or DC] go bust just as often as 2nd & 3rd rounders. Remember George if you don't, check Panthers coaching history. Tepper has given them what seems as a 2 year pass, but who knows.
  14. Why would anyone rush to sign Cam? Sadly, his value is dropping every day that he is unsigned. IMO, he will be signed prior to the draft.
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