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  1. How much will final record play into signings? Players like McCoy and others place a high value on winning.
  2. While most think this will be a KA versus JG game, I think it will be more of a rushing game battle. I look for CMC to carry the Panthers to the winners circle. 17-10
  3. Hopefully, Olsen doesn't have to spend the whole game blocking & is ready to take over the game. If so Panthers 40-13, if not Panthers 17-10
  4. Bring him back only if he is 100% healthy according to the Doc's & fellow players [they will be watching] AND the o-line is no longer a patch-work. KA needs a good o-line but maybe not as much as Cam in the first game back.
  5. Panthers 35 Cards 21, Allen plays well, Norv returns to Carolina football, RUN THE BALL [with more than one player]
  6. Tampa will be better than they showed first game. So will the Panthers. Panthers 31-28
  7. All around ugly game, much like last season's opener Panthers 17-14
  8. Win or lose, Chicken Little will forever be alive and well on the Huddle
  9. Better basic football execution. First P/S game had too many missed tackles, blocks, O&D missed assignments, etc overall. There were bright spots, but not enough, IMO. Just better play by all 90. Plus no injuries on either team.
  10. I expect this to be a run heavy game on both sides. Low scoring Panthers win 17-13. But Bear fans rejoice when kicker goes 2-2.
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