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  1. Love the write up, perfect for this time of year. I only count 52 players though; maybe add an extra WR or S. I could see Franklin grabbing a spot on the roster.
  2. I've heard him say the same elsewhere. However, he is literally the only one I've heard say that he was bad at the mid level throws.
  3. Extra points for the badass panthers sweater gif.
  4. I agree, but only "slightly below average" would be his best NFL season. Still, this should be the best line he's ever had.
  5. "To make room for them on the roster, they waived cornerback Troy Pride Jr. with a failed physical designation. He was their fourth-round pick in 2020, but missed all of last season with a knee injury. " He was in the bubble last year, and it sounds like the knee might not have completely healed.
  6. That's a hell of a combo! I like it.
  7. Brown, Elflein, and Erving, IMO. Erving and Elflein are versatile, and should be decent back ups. THEY IN NO WAY ARE NFL STARTERS! Plus, we're paying them anyway, might as well let them hang around. Brown and Mays are both on 6th rd rookie contracts, so they're basically free.
  8. I'm starting to think Fitterer started the alcohol issue rumor.
  9. Carolina has four games currently slated to start in the 4 p.m. afternoon time slot, including two at home against Arizona (Week 4) and San Francisco (Week 5). The 2015 season was the last time Carolina played four games in the late afternoon slot, and three of those were on the road. I love those 4 o'clock games, especially earlier in the season. I can take the boat out Sunday afternoon, and still catch the panther's game.
  10. He literally could have been me, except my CMC jersey is black.
  11. I'm not hating on TMJ, in fact, I'm excited about his potential. BUT, to answer your question... I would have preferred to stay put at #52 and grab Radunz or Freiermuth. FWIW, I think TMJ was Brady's pick.
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