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  1. Yeah, but everyone wants to be #1 off the board.
  2. If you never hear their name, an o-lineman is doing his job. I agree that if he played in a bigger market he'd get a lot more love.
  3. Pie just for bringing this clusterfug of a thread back to topic, AND for actually watching the video before commenting. We obviously have gone all in on offense, time for Bryce to put up or shut up. On defense we will definitely be watching the waivers to add depth to our LB's an secondary. The idea of Bootle or a late round rookie getting significant snaps WHEN Horn gets hurt scares the crap out of me. Evero will need to make chicken salad out of chicken poo for us do even be competitive.
  4. They both have lots of Dallas memorabilia on the walls behind them. And Fug fantasy football!!! The only fantasy I'm concerned with involves Scarlett Johansen and Salma Hayak showing up at my door with with a jar of coconut oil bottle of good bourbon .
  5. He was on the board longer than most thought that he would be, in fact I actually mocked to us at 65. After having to wait that long AND falling onto a team that immediately makes him a starter, that is the perfect answer.
  6. I was hoping for DJ James from Auburn, but at least we went CB, which I like.
  7. No need to get cute about it. Just woke up to the podium first thing and pick Ja'tavian Sanders. A pass catching tight end is something we've been missing for years
  8. That really doesn't sound like us...
  9. I doubt that he continues to drop to 39.
  10. Right now there are 2 ILBs, 2 Centers and a few CBs that would be great picks. Hell, Sanders at TE is also an interesting option. ALL AREAS OF NEED. I'm giddy with anticipation! I'm going with the consensus and guessing Center or Morgan going after a stud ILB as my guess though.
  11. I was thinking JPJ at 33 and best WR left (out of several good ones) at 39. But no one worries about the 5th year option on a center.
  12. I do question whether he's a complete moron though. I would assume that if the staff did say that they would have preceded it with "don't tell anybody, but..."
  13. Why TF would he (or the team for that matter) advertise that??? I smell BS!
  14. We have absolutely NOTHING else to mock them about. But yeah, feels kinda empty.
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