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  1. I honestly think this will end up happening. Houston needs the picks more than it needs a disgruntled QB. They could get 2 and 23 and 34 THIS year. Not saying it works that way, but thats a lot of high end, low pay talent plus they get Zach Wilson. No brainer IMO.
  2. DG did love him some big ole men, didn't he.
  3. I think Parsons will be a damned good football player, and may actually be BPA in this scenario. BUT, Slater, Lance and Farley are all still on the board at 8. I'm picking either of them.
  4. Just out of curiosity, which 2? My rank, I'd say that Khalil was top 3 centers in the league for a long time, Olsen set several TE records playing, TD was the best feel good story in football, AND produced on the field. Luke and Cam were superstars, but had relatively short careers (I know, I know cam is still playing, but as a shell of his former awesomeness). CJ was a stud, but so are a lot of players.
  5. Remember December when WE were debating whether it would be worth taking Wilson at 8??
  6. I think you have to take him. #8 may seem high, but people WILL be reaching for QB's this year, and Jones has done nothing to show me that he can't be a long time starter in the NFL. He won't be the best player on the board in this scenario, but he will be the best QB.
  7. Well it's settled then, draft a LT at 8 and Mond at 39. Chris Simms has spoken.
  8. Dude, Luke helping him put that championship shirt on over his broken arm hits you right in the feels, don't it?
  9. Don't worry, we signed Stephen Sullivan already. We're good.
  10. I missed that comment, but yeah, it's refreshing.
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