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  1. This way the new HC next year can pick his own OC! Really though, it's not any different than a couple of years ago when Ron took over as DC down the stretch.
  2. They gotta call it the way Vegas tells them to call it, regardless of gender.
  3. Moose is going to lose his job if he keeps calling them out for their B's holding calls.
  4. Any video on what they consider taunting??
  5. adequate would be an upgrade from what we've seen from Daley. Hell, a healthy, which is rare, Erving was barely adequate!
  6. Fug him! BUT...That's actually pretty damn funny. Top notch trolling, several of our users could take notes.
  7. I'm not the most adapt at reading Lips, but I would have swear he yelled " it's my team " !
  8. Because I'm one of those squares that had to google that poo.
  9. “Say less” can be slang for quite a number of things. It could mean “I understand what you are saying” or “I get the gist”. It can also be used when you want to agree with what someone’s saying, letting them know that you both have an understanding.
  10. I hear ya, but... All TB had to do was make him break stride and someone else could have tackled him. This wasn't 1 on 1 in the open field, there were orange jerseys all around them.
  11. no wonder he could do more push ups than Brady.
  12. Exactly, Cam isn't very good, but he's better than the 3 people standing to his right.
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