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  1. wait!! They practiced the 2 minute drill AND red zone??? I call BS.
  2. More T&A is what the site needs! whatever happened to the T&A section anyway???
  3. Especially when you look at all the pass rush talent that was brought in this off season. Nixon, Fox, Jones, Reddick...
  4. Rhule brags on you, that's the kiss of death.
  5. Love this post. We don't need 7 rookie probowlers for this to be a hell of an off season. I also like the idea of 2nd round graded LG that will compete for (and win IMO) LT. It's too easy to get overly excited about the newbies and start having delusions of grandeur for all of them. The truth is, we have improved every single aspect of our team this off season; secondary, LB, DL, OL, QB, RB, WR, TE, Hell, even ST looks better.
  6. I love that he's an old school, no BS kind of guy. I saw this video of him mic'd up at the Senior bowl a while back, and had to post it here. Best quote in a while "This is a man's game, play it like one". https://www.panthers.com/video/phil-snow-mic-d-up-at-the-senior-bowl
  7. Maybe Marky Mark can play him in a movie. Edit: Damned good movie though.
  8. I'm still curious if they play him at FS. He was a damned good OLB last year and looks like a more natural fit at SS, but I wonder if there is anything he can't do.
  9. I assume that we'll see a lot of rotation across the line this early, but it would still be good to know how Christensen is doing at LT vs LG. I really want him to definitively claim the LT role early.
  10. DT for sure, Jones, Fox and Nixon all should feast next to Brown soaking up double teams. Hell, Roy was a very pleasant surprise last season, I'm excited to see if he improves much with a real off season . Kerr and Obada were decent last year, but I really think that all 3 of the guys above will prove better. As for the left side of the line... we lost Okung, but did we really? He WAS good for the few games he was healthy. But we gained Erving and Christensen at LT and re-signed Scott, who was also a pleasant surprise last year. At LG, we brought in Erving, Elfein, Brown, and Moore. Plus,
  11. If I only get to pick 1, I'm going ATL, mainly because they're so close. Ironically, I've never considered TB a rival, really, because, well they suck. Looks like they showed me! This year, I'd say they're who I want to beat the most, because that would likely mean that we win the division. BTW, fug the Taints too.
  12. FWIW, a lot of main stream writers are full of poo! EDIT: That being said, I like the look of Spotrac better. No idea about accuracy.
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