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  1. Came here to post this. Franklin didn't have a good angle and ran into that guy knowing he was going to get the worst of it. Good job, IMO. EDIT: that being said, also IMO, Franklin is not a starter caliber S.
  2. Throckmorton has played mostly at LG also. Zavala may stay put on the right.
  3. per the article, it was a bicep injury late in the game but kept playing.
  4. and moving from LG to RG with almost no preseason. He was certainly a bright spot. Hell, the whole O-line was a bright spot after a frankly (pun not intended) scary preseason.
  5. I'll add that our running game was going well until we had to abandon it because we were playing catch up. other than that missed 4-1 early on.
  6. It changes every year. This year I'm intrigued by Detroit, so I'll watch their games. I have teams that I will watch so that I can hopefully see them lose. I'm a big fan of whoever is playing Dallas, New England, anyone else in the NFCS, the Bengals and KC (they've been too good too long).
  7. Yeah, but his foxtrot on DWTS was it's own kind of abuse.
  8. Should be a good one. Both should be playoff teams this year (he says without 1 snap of real football being played).
  9. Hell, even Ihmir Smith-Marsette (ankle) is hurt. He's only been on the team a few hours!
  10. TBF, according to all reports, TO was a dick to everyone.
  11. 20-13 Panthers. Bryce is sacked 3 times, passes for 300+ yards Ridder is sacked 4 times. ATL runs the ball well between the 20's, but has trouble in the red zone.
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