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  1. I agree. Let one of these guys take a quick pass for a 15-20 yard gain a few times and the blitzing will slow down.
  2. Yeah, but he's suspended for 11 games.
  3. Solid point. I can only hope that Foreman takes a portion of the load. I'm also excited to see CMC and Shanault on the field together.
  4. Running the ball down our throats is only a viable option If their D can keep us from scoring. We have upgraded every single aspect of the offense. We have better RB depth, better WR depth, a much better QB (I'm not saying that Mayfield is pro-bowl material, just that Darnold is THAT bad), a much better O-line, and a the same TE group with more experience and an OC that knows how to use them. And a qualified OC. I see us as a playoff team.
  5. Exactly. No one else is going to learn the playbook in the 4 weeks it takes for Darnold to heal. PJ is the only choice right now. Now come October......
  6. Tep floated that idea when we were still trying to land Watson.
  7. It's my refusal to accept the latter that makes it hard to accept the former!
  8. No, but Dad's mutton chops were a thing of beauty!
  9. What's not to love? 2 hours of pure cinematic perfection where the entire plot is a multi-state beer run!
  10. I agree with you in theory, but as the father of a 22 year old and a 24 year old, it's hard not to think "kid".
  11. Don't remember that one, but my parents had Convoy on 8 track in their carpeted-wall van.
  12. I assume the corresponding move will be Darnold to IR.
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