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  1. I was famous once. I was on TV on Clubhouse 22, an afternoon kids TV show in Dayton Ohio back in the 70s and btw was the highest rated show of its type in its time slot in the entire US.. I remember kids at school saying, "Hey! It's that kid who was on TV once!" I actually got to meet Duffy the Dog. Dont let your envy get the better of you. lol
  2. grampahol

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Then again isn't that what every team's fans say at this point in the season? Well, except for Pittsburgh fans who all seem to think that they are impervious to any kind of failure ever and the rules simply don't apply to them.. Did I mention my extreme distaste for the Squats? Yeah, that's probably implied..
  3. grampahol

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Hard to believe, but the Bengals "brain trust" really doesn't pay THAT much attention to our wants and desires over at theBengalsboard.com. Give it till about the second quarter on the game day threads and we'll either be over confident or will have declared our side to be the worst team in the history of the entire universe . Take your pick. That's how game day threads work, eh? We're either gonna go to the super bowl and win by a hundred or we're going to fall off the edge of the earth and set a new record for terribleness.. I think our teams match up pretty good and neither team gets the respect from national pundits we seem to desire although I really don't care what the "Egg-spurts" have to say from one week to the next. They all seem to think the sun rises and sets on a few teams that the rest of the known universe hates. Our offensive line has some gaping holes your defense can exploit, but we both have a similar problem. I think that you got lucky missing out on Joe Mixon. He hasn't really broken any long TD runs yet, but has been really close on numerous occasions. I like when both teams best players are on top of their respective games. After all, who wants to watch any team's backups play and when you win it's a whole lot more fun to beat their best players than their backups. Hey, good luck Panther fans. I hope to see a great game from both teams, but naturally being a Bengals fan I'm hoping our great game turns out better for us than you and I would expect you feel the same except for the outcome of the score at the end.
  4. grampahol

    Full Story Behind Josh Gordon's ""Release""

    To be fair not everyone put the comma's and periods in the exact same places every single time so there is that.. Just doing my part to add to the revelations..