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  1. This is how Ron wins, take minimal risks, maximize time of possession, if we get the lead keep running till you get a 3 and out, when behind then let the offense off it's leash. It get's us wins, but this is like that person in life that plays it safe, never takes risks, never goes up to a girl he is not 100% sure he has a shot with, and always sticks to his routine. He has decent success, but will never achieve his dreams. This current season we have a top 7 QB that brings a unique threat to the league playing arguably his best football to date. We have a top 3 TE back from injury, top 5 Oline, top graded punter as well as kicker, 1 of the best MLB (albeit under performing), top 5 LB core, 2 quality starting CB, 2 high quality RB's and a slightly above average Dline. We are stacked this season, ever our WR's have flashed great potential. Our drive's should look the same way it did in the last quarter vs the Redskins, in the first quarter. How do you rate our defensive roster vs our defensive performance? Do they look as good during games as they do on paper? How do you rate our offensive performance when we are behind compared to when we are ahead?
  2. Ah don't worry, I know risk adverse Ron is to blame, I just didn't go down that route and point fingers, instead explaining why I am bothered by our loss. Add that with the fact that we might lose Olsen, TD and R Kalil to retirement this year, I am just as annoyed that other fans don't want to see the change needed for a team so full of talent to succeed.
  3. The issue that I mainly have with this current era of Panthers football, is that when we lose we look bad. I would be happy losing games where I felt the Panthers played their best football, but lost. The other problem is that our offensive drives will look mediocre and struggle to move the ball, then all of a sudden we look like a completely different team. Perfect example was the last two drive of tonight's game, they moved the ball seamlessly, firing on all cylinders. It frustrates me and I'm sure many others to no end, because we know the personnel, we know what this team is fully capable of but most the time they don't perform up to par.
  4. 3 plays for 5 yards, what the hell was that.
  5. Not sure if the rules account for it, but his heel touches the ground inbounds before the rest of his feet lands out of bounds!
  6. Last year the Saints defense took a few weeks to get going. Considering we play them towards the end of the season, I'm not gonna rule out the same thing happening this season. Same thing with the Panthers, I don't feel like the defense is playing quite up to their potential yet, plus we're getting TD back and newly acquired Reid. In the redzone against the Bengals Uzomah practically ran past Colin Jones uncontested for an easy touch down, I'm hoping Reid has better instincts and the ability to not let plays like that happen. Personnel wise on defense, Brees and co will take advantage of our zone coverage D, however action Jackson is very quick when it comes to tackling the WR catching the ball and preventing YAC, and Bradberry has been performing beyond expectations this season. So if both teams are playing well I feel we have a chance to beat them, limiting Brees time of possession and not letting them get big plays will be key, because if he gets it to the endzone I don't see us stopping them from scoring. Offense wise, Norv's play calling combined with our Oline, RB, FB, TE (hopefully Olsen) and WR I feel this has the potential to be the most explosive offense during Cam era Panthers. If needed, they should be able to step up and have a shoot with Brees and Co, however those kinds of games usually comes down to the last two possessions, which led to a game winning drop by Funchess in the endzone in last year's wild card play off game. We have the personnel to compete, but drop rates and inconsistency could rear it's ugly head with the game on the line against a team like the Saints, so I'd prefer a big lead, a nice turnover or pick 6 going into the 4th. I feel we split with the Saints, the Falcons and clean sweep the Bucs to take the crown in the NFCS (we also have an easier schedule than the Saints). The Saints and Falcons fans will need to settle for cheering on another NFC team to take us down in the play offs.
  7. Megadeth

    Ron says we good at safety

    Yep, and it turns our good mourning, into black Fridays.
  8. Megadeth

    Ron says we good at safety

    Seems to be the case sadly, we're sitting on hidden goldmines. Then when we finally decide to play them, they have a break out season and get paid elsewhere.
  9. Megadeth

    Ron says we good at safety

    The second half of our schedule includes Lions, Saints, Bucs, Falcons and Steelers. All those teams have extremely good WR's, and I get the feeling that the offense will bail the defense out and Ron will decide we don't need a serviceable safety. Then when it comes to our final stretch where we will need a pivotal win against the Saints, the safety will get abused and cost us.