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  1. Swagger Stick

    Shits gettin real now

  2. Lol. The whole premise of paying a group of people who have no one to blame but themselves for their current failings because of something that happened in the past is ludicrous. Pretty damn SAD that you have to give us either the current occupant of the white house OR someone who wants to pay your " reparations ". Why not say Trump against someone who wants to make everyone in the country a vegan ? It makes as much sense.
  3. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Said it here last night and got poo pooed for stating facts. Cam's a head case. Probably number one reason Tepper hired a team shrink. You can blame blame blame anyone and everyone else all you want, but Panthers aren't going anywhere with him as QB. 2015 was a fluke cause of a weak schedule and the ball bounced our direction that year. Won't happen again. Take a qb in the first round this year. Trade up if you have to to get a good one. Make sure this one isn't a chile.
  4. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Yeah by all means and ways lets not tell it like it is was and will be. Lets cover up the sore that is holding this team in perpetial mediocrity forever. Just because he is Sir Cameron Newton, water walker, healer of the blind, deaf, and dumb.
  5. Swagger Stick

    Cam time?

    If you were an adult 33 year old man who would you want to hang with in your off time. Another person who is an adult in mind or someone who act like a 12 year old kid. ? Plain and simple.
  6. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Always and excuse. The line. The recievers. Rivera. Shula. Always someone and anyone other than Sir Cameron Newton fault.
  7. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Lol. Only reason this guy even is here is Cam. Bitch boy red.
  8. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    hahahahahahha. More lame ass excuse for Sir Cameron Newton. Leader of nothing.
  9. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    lol. Lot of pressure ? Panthers are paying him $20 million dollars a year to be the face of the franchise. Sorry but I don't feel a bit sorry for people who are willing to pose and not perform when the going gets tough. Either you have it or don't. He don't. He is the scam - just as predicted.
  10. Swagger Stick

    Cryptic Eric Reid Post

    LOL. Hilarious take bro. Everyone with a brain knows Cam is his own anchor, ball, and chain. You don't believe me check out his latest instantgram post.
  11. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Sir Cameron Newton anyone ? lol.
  12. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Sounds like a straight up observation to me. Cam's a 12 year old in a man's body. No problem with that other than he is supposed to be leading an NFL team of men, lol.
  13. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Has never been right in the head. No wonder Tepper got a head shrinker for the team. lol.
  14. Swagger Stick

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Time to draft a quarterback in the first. Dudes a head case.
  15. Swagger Stick

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Are you buying the beer ?