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  1. Like Shula with the Giants
  2. Winner winner. Jim Kelly right? If the new xfl does it right, they can draw players and $ from the NFL. Step one is all about getting the kids to come to xfl for $ vs NFL. We are closer to that era now with the cap limits in the rookie class vs say 10 years ago when rookies could negotiated contracts to whatever the player and team could agree to. Time is ripe to give the players the upper hand again. XFL will give them bargaining power at minimum and another spot to earn more $$$$ for some.
  3. Would be a nice hire fore sure. Still on the Torrian Grey bandwagon though, but For has the NFL pedigree that likely gets him higher up most people's want lists. Just hope it means Rodgers is out or assistant something, not the DC.
  4. Struggled to being an All American in 2017 and 2018. Lord if that's struggled then who at OT is worth more than mid round?
  5. How the hell is a 4 year LT starter that just held up against Alabama again only a mid round OT. Also a 2 time all American that's had stiff de to run up against year in and year out.. Mitch Hyatt gets no love. Would love to see him suit up as a starter next year at OT or kick inside to LG.
  6. Oline isn't the abomination some think only if Williams comes back on a prove it deal and is atleast average. We currently have 2 spots filled and a below average guy pencilled in. Issue really is who exactly plays LT. Williams back helps with RT and using Moton at either G or LT. Kalil retiring is gonna hurt but Larson is starting material ( below average but not replacement level). The DL is fugged. Poe was not the same guy he was in KC or ATL. Short reverted to the collegiate hot cold guy that's effort was questionable. Addison is a specialist, Pep is out of gas to be more than a depth handful of plays guy, and lots of jag depth guys otherwise. For the team to take off, they need the monsters Inc performance back from the DL. It really covers the secondary and let's the LB corp produce like a group of HOF. the offense this year was less of the problem compared to the defense. The defense was 2 tiers down from the SB run and a sold tier below the playoff teams of the past. Most of the issues we're all up front. Even last year wills correctly saw only was to save a mediocre backend was with blitzing. If he could get 2 solid pass rushers plus a motivated short we would be ok.
  7. There were a few (less than 5) posters on here wanting Kyle as the #3 or PS guy over whoever lost the main backup competition. He had a real NFL arm and size but always bounced around in college after being a top hs qb and even a good starter in college before always getting replaced by the backup and never getting a 2nd chance at the school (hense all the tranafers() This game reconfirms he is again worth developing as backup at minimum. Wouldn't hitch the wagon to him being a plus starter ever but he has the tools. I just know if they can stash him again on PS, there are enough teams carrying 3 QBs that he could get picked up by someone else if we again go with 2 real QBs.
  8. chbright

    Bowl Games thread.

    It's bama....... Never going to be a flag.
  9. chbright

    Argue Hurney’s case

    So far, Ron Rivera is the only guy that can get hurndog canned. I'm not sold hurney 2.0 is terrible, maybe mediocre, but until RR goes, we won't know. As for doing better than hurney, well there are a host of other once proud franchises that have looked like crap since hurndog was let go last time (or 80%of the time). I'm impressed he keeps hitting in round 1, hit round 2 this year, turned a KB into a flaming 3rd round pick, liked the value CJ Anderson pickup(FU RR!!!!), nutted up with tepper on Reid. But the 2 kickers last year, the line issues that did not get addressed and are a big deal, and no backup after cam (that's not major but who picks the next qb after cam). I think if you clean house, hurney goes as much as anything not for his job this time, but what he did last time. 2nd while he might be ok as a gm, I'm not sure he is really passionate about it as he really didn't go find another gm role or any for that matter after he got canned last time. Maybe he's just loyal to the Panthers (bless his soul) but again there are other out there that are more passionate out there...
  10. Wish Torrian Grey was still available as db coach. Washington scooped him up already last year.
  11. Hines Ward paired with the twin towers for 3 to 4 years, what's not like. Great value too. He is a plug and play guy IMO. His ceiling isn't that of funch, but ready day camp opens. I get Cravens as a potential day 1 starter at SS if Boston doesn't up his game. Same with HH over Dickson. My question is how the staff feels adding another offensive linemen beyond just depth guys. They are said to like Williams but where, LT or do they see him as a RT. If he isn't a viable option at LT do they have a guy like Spriggs rated as worthy of a trade up. If Williams is LT in waiting, I don't see us going OT for a while now (value is gone at RT fight now)