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  1. I think we keep it close all game and in the closing moments Jake will hit Rosario for a TD in the back of the end zone to win it
  2. I think we signed Teddy just to keep us in games and prevent us from getting blown out every week. At least keep the morale decent so we can see what we have in the other guys. No one wants to play when we are losing 3-62 every week. We are still going to lose a lot, it will just be more stylish.
  3. Chinn has been what we are paying Shaq to be.
  4. CMC in there out blocking the center.....lol Larsen was better than this when he took over for Kalil wasnt he?
  5. The players had their choice to opt out just as you do. They chose to play, there have not been any major covid outbreaks, no reason to cancel the season, get over it.
  6. Pretty much this. Even when we got the PI call in the endzone the announcer said "im not too sure about that call the guy is in a bucs jersey shouldnt be any flags on them". In all seriousness though we all knew this was a get right game for the bucs no way the NFL was going to let us spoil that,
  7. Who is hoping for the season to be cancelled outside of 4corner world?
  8. Not sure if Cam wins that game either, the Offense did not lose that game.
  9. I loved Cam as our QB, he was the best one we have ever had. However, he is gone and is not coming back if you cam stans want to go be patriots fans that is fine. Stop talking about the dude every time someone mentions our new QB. Bridgewater has done nothing but be positive since he came here, its not his fault that Cam could not stay healthy. I am proud to have him as our QB so far even if he is only a placeholder.
  10. Remind me how many of the top young QB's were selected #1 overall? Watson? Mahommes? Jackson? How about the top old QB's? Brady? Brees? Rodgers? You have to go all the way back to 2004 Eli Manning to find a QB drafted #1 overall who won a SB Exactly why dont you just wait to see which team drafts your boy and go root for them.
  11. KK is a DT, not a DE or OLB.....i swear some of you guys seriously....
  12. Then imagine those some folks getting butthurt when someone like Scarlett gets released...
  13. They need to set a criteria for postponing games. How many players on a team need to have covid for games to be postponed? I do not want to see a situation where JAGS have covid and the team still plays, meanwhile an elite QB has covid and his teams game is postponed.
  14. https://dailysnark.com/2020/07/29/chad-ochocinco-says-he-took-viagra-before-every-game-cant-stop-me-running-on-3-legs/#:~:text=The former NFL star and,not breaking any PED rules.&text=Ochocinco also hilariously added that,him running on three legs. He took playing hard to a different level
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