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  1. If he kept his play up from earlier in the year maybe he gets that money but he is too inconsistent. His play fell off a cliff in the later parts of the season.
  2. So all the people voting no are you going to quit watching football or go to another team?
  3. I don't want to wait 5 years to be competitive again but i'm not jumping ship to root for some other team.
  4. I would rather see Greg go on IR with a healthy brain than get scrambled he is a great dude. This team isn't doing much anyway, greg has made his legacy. As far as i'm concerned one of the greatest panthers ever.
  5. Really sucks for some of these guys, the definitely deserve a ring.Davis, fitzgerald, olsen and a few more.
  6. Trying is not good enough, I knew this was going to be a loss and all MoRon can do blame is someone else, the fault is on you nimwit.
  7. Only way I'm happy is if everyone is gone, coach, GM, coordinators, medical staff, training staff. everyone.
  8. Greg deserved more great player and an even better person, he deserved a ring.
  9. Terrelle Pryor knocked a SECOND woman to the ground before getting into a physical altercation with Briston, a witness told police. In the docs, one officer says the female witness was voice texting into her watch and was overheard saying, "She was just defending herself and had to do it." Hudak also reports a witness at the hospital was overheard saying, "We should have just let him die." Hudak says witnesses told police the two had a "very volatile relationship" and that Pryor "always had his hands all over her." From the reports it seems he started beating on her and the fight spilled into the kitchen where she grabbed a knife and stabbed him to get him off of her.
  10. He knocked that draft out of the park, Greg Hardy was the only worth anything and he became a nutcase. It did set us up to draft Cam the following year though so there is that...
  11. Dan Morgan has only coached high school football right?
  12. And your argument is Barkley is better because he put up better combine numbers and was drafted higher. Oh and Barkley had a better rookie year than CMC while being the feature back while CMC was splitting carries with Stewart in his rookie season. Right now CMC is great and Barkley is not so much. I don't care if he is supposedly injured, if he is he should not be playing. Right now today CMC is the better player. Mitch Trubisky was drafted higher than Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahommes, does that make him better than those guys too?
  13. Ok and like I said talent alone will not make it that far, it might work in college, but in the NFL everyone is fast and you actually have to work at it. Draft order, combine stats, none of that poo matters. What matters is what you put on the field on sundays, and lately with Barkley that has not been much. You can call me a homer that's fine, but the truth still remains a rookie year does not make a career. Vince Young was a rookie of the year how did that work out? CMC will be a 1st team all pro this season, but barkley has his rookie of the year award.
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