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  1. No basketball, baseball sucks what else is there to do? But seriously this is like fake football, none of this matters.
  2. What can we do? Half the league does not even have a starter. Same situation as last year if Cam goes down the season is over.
  3. I do not car how she would take my statement either. Im a panthers fan and I do not watch the panthers to hear about politics, either you can play ball or you cant. I just did, kaep opted out of a contract and nobody else wanted to pay him 20-25 mill a year to put up with his bullshit.
  4. This. Who gives a crap if they kneel? They could lie down and take a nap during the anthem, whatever. I dont care how many times he has to piss in a cup either, keep it to yourself, you choose to still play in the NFL go get another job if you dont want to piss for them. Everyone knows Jay-Z is a sellout he has been for years. The halftime show has been crap for awhile. I dont see how much different the acts will be now. Its still gonna be mainstream garbage. Kaepernick played himself out of a job and then wanted too much money to account for the circus that comes along with him. The guy was never that great of a QB, pretty much the same thing happened to The Golden Calf of Bristol.
  5. That has been pretty much the whole leagues game plan since the broncos got away with it in the super bowl.
  6. He will probably sleep on his neck wrong the night before opening day and not play for weeks. He used to be a great center but his body is pretty much shot.
  7. TRANSACTIONS Signed as an undrafted free agent by Washington (5/1/18)...Waived by Washington (9/1/18)...Signed a reserve future contract with Carolina (12/31/18).
  8. Hoping for no injuries for him this year, the kid has the tools and the work ethic to be a beast. As long as he keeps grinding and developing he can be a star in the league. I think we seen that last year in a limited amount.
  9. Cam never gets calls, after the super bowl loss the scouting report is hit him with your helmet anywhere you can, go hurt him.
  10. These lists are always biased, Cam is at 19 because of his shoulder (or that's the excuse anyway) but Wentz is 11 and has been hurt the past 2 seasons.
  11. Walls was a 5x pro bowler and 4x all pro while on the panthers, that was not a pity induction. I don't think some people here understand what an all pro nod means, all pro 1st team means you were the best at your position that season.
  12. Except nothing like gross or kalil, no pro bowls, no all pros, he was just a good player. Good players do not go into the HoH. So poo me again i guess because your boy was just a fan favorite in carolina. Gross , 3x pro bowler, 1x all pro Kalil , 5x pro bowler , 2x 1st team all pro, 1x 2nd team all pro Hoover people liked to chant his name? One of these is not like the others.
  13. Too early to tell, the kid needs to develop
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