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  1. A 2nd year, 2nd round tackle that we barely got to see last year because of concussions? I highly doubt it
  2. What a douche. I really didn't think I could hate him and that organization anymore. I've been waiting for us to sign a Mississippi State player for years... thought we were going to get Willie when we traded up, then apparently had Stevens ready and it falls through.
  3. Yep it's essentially the Coach O model at LSU. Hell even the same OC. Except at the end of the day I think Rhule coaches circles around EddyO
  4. Where? I think round 1 and 2 were BPA depending on how you feel about Simmons vs Brown. Maybe Jonathan Taylor but I think the NFL values DE > RB
  5. I didn’t read your entire post but I think the simple answer is if you need as much as we do BPA. If you’re a contender, grab what you need to get you over the hump. I believe that’s why so many people are ripping the Packers. They’re close to being SB caliber team and took BPA instead of a need
  6. Man I just don’t see it. I watched every game he played in last season (very few) and the dude can’t take contact. He was constantly out. Not sure how he’s an NFL TE
  7. Why is this a bad thing? We double dip in the second round by giving up a 5th and grab a guy who most likely wouldn’t have been there by our pick. I think Jets grab him
  8. Why tf did they draft tommy Stevens if they were just going to extend Hill? I don’t get it. Let Hill and Stevens battle it out for gimmick QB 3 then sign one of the 2. 16 mil guaranteed for a gimmick 3rd string QB? God.. teddy salary is looking great
  9. I’m excited about this one. Good height and weight and seems to catch everything. 4.6 40 probably really hurt his draft stock but these guys had them a projected 4th https://www.draftsite.com/nfl/player/omar-bayless/34869/
  10. anyone think we lure Moss as a udfa with the brady connection? hope we bring in a ton of OL including darryl williams
  11. Hope we grab Darryl Williams with our last pick
  12. Can someone top level explain how this works? Why couldn’t we just sign him like other XFL players?
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