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  1. idk I probably have. I see something that's been shared, I comment. It's a message board.
  2. Slightly misleading stat.. look at the TD/INT ratio and it tells a different story. You’d think Teddy would be way above 2:1 but it’s not even close
  3. I was replying to another poster saying we miss him. Because he is playing.
  4. https://twitter.com/smccloverjr/status/1315364058812624900?s=20
  5. I think Teddy is great for this year and next.. MAYBE 2022. I really hope we draft the next guy this year or next and let him sit with Teddy for at least one year. I also hope we're smart enough to go ahead and get the next Joe Brady on the coaching staff. He won't be here much longer, let's go ahead and knowledge transfer as much as possible so we can be next man up.
  6. Remember when we complained keeping Mike Davis for 3mil? LETS GOOOO
  7. The only answer I know to your question is yes, he’s stayed in football shape
  8. I want Micha Parsons bad. We honestly may legit play ourselves out of him though, this team can win 9. He’ll be a top 12 pick I think
  9. I’m so sick of seeing Tre dive for ankles. Every. Freaking. Time.
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