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  1. MSU grad here. He just got fired because he couldn't handle a locker room. Not HC material but was a great OC at Penn State. Not really sure where he'd fit in the NFL however... his offense was weird. Every play the QB was expected to check with him after they line up so he could call a play. It did not work well at all in the SEC.
  2. 800k? Damn Tepper, go quadruple this mans salary and get it done
  3. I'm an idiot and can't embed a tweet right https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-matt-rhule-interested-in-joe-brady-for-carolina-panthers-offensive-coordinator/
  4. Didn't Gruden get 10 years/100mil?
  5. This is my pick as well. My other question would be is how much did he have to do with Mahomes. If he was one of the main ones to identify him as the best QB in the draft and move up for him then that’s a huge positive for me. In my opinion Cam has a few good years left in him but for his successor that Would be huge. Remember Mahomes sat a year behind Alex Smith as well.
  6. I don’t get it either. My top 2 were him and Eric. I’d be fine with either but do hope we at least bring him in for an interview
  7. Serious Question, who goes in if KA is knocked out? I’d like to just run the wildcat with CMC
  8. Geez man. Talk about looking for something to be offended about
  9. At first I was mad but this is a good point. I remember when people thought we overpaid a Reid
  10. Huge. Tepper also seems like the kind of guy to play these things very close... which makes me feel if its coming out already it's possibly already done
  11. Not with SF losing today. They could be the #1 overall
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