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  1. Dude come on... It's fine to have opinions but you KNOW you're baiting for conversation. Like we get it, you get paid based on hits and conversation that takes place on this forum but don't double down on it. Tepper is a smart man and is going to make a decision based on Cam's health and recovery, which he, we, media, and you do not know at this time. Your threads have just been getting absurd lately. You posted this yesterday: You actually typed that out and started that thread.
  2. Why would he say "Cam is our guy and we will build around him" if he isn't sure how his recovery will play out? It's almost as if no decision has been made on Cam.... and he's weighing his health as a major factor.
  3. Yeah agreed. I mean I'd stay away with him top 10, but in our current situation if we lose a few more games and he falls to us I just think you have to take that chance. Unless Burrow is there by a miracle. Of course if we somehow know Cam is fully healthy before April and he wants to be here another year that changes everything.
  4. If Tua is there at 12-16 and we pick there I absolutely think we take him and have to. Just not sure I love it but it's a chance you have to take. I think Rivers has another year or 2 in him. Think he's second in passing yards right now
  5. I think with Norv, DJ, CMC, and if Greg can go one more year he'd have a career year here
  6. I agree but if the decision is made I don't hate it. But as you said would prefer to keep Cam. Also a lot of talk of if we lose a few more and if Tua injury drops him a few more spots we could end up there. Not sure I like that idea either
  7. Just overheard on the radio. Talking of trading Cam for Phillip as Phillip doesn't want to move to LA, Cam would be a superstar in LA, Phillip is from Carolina area, etc. I still hate the thought of moving off Cam but interesting to see what the national media is thinking. Could give us 2 years to figure out if Grier is the guy or not. Don't shoot the messenger (I still want Cam here next year)
  8. Wow what a trash clickbait thread. Of course he’s an NFL corner. No he’s probably not a pro bowl caliber one (at least not yet)
  9. Maybe in 2013. You have no idea if he’s any better than Allen now. You’re throwing poo hoping it sticks. Nobody knows
  10. Allen is awful(Today). Allen being awful today does not equal Kap being good. They literally have no bearing on each other and yes he was 1-10 as a starter that year
  11. It amazes me everyone knows a guy who hasn’t played a down in 4 years And looked awful before he was benched for Blaine Gabbert is 10x better. Just how do you come to that conclusion?
  12. Please god make it stop. Someone just sign him so we can stop hearing this every week
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