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  1. Kemba would be a dumb-ass if he stays when he can be in Dallas or Boston
  2. I hope Kemba leave this shitty organization
  3. This kid seems very poised and humbled. Very mature and is saying all the right thing.
  4. The kid will be a star in his 2nd season. Miles is electrifying and has shown more than Monk.
  5. You fuggn trade MKG and Marv’s expiring contracts you idjit
  6. Yes he does suck. Getting rid of MKG will only be good if kemba stays. If kemba leaves, you would be stupid to trade MKG and in return get someone with a 3-4 yrs left on their contract
  7. We suck! And we keep winning worthless games to try for the 8th seed. This is what we get
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