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  1. DJ Moore is currently 5th in receiving yards in the league with a backup QB throwing to him. I'd say he's proven to be a great pick and obviously has huge upside. I wish his TD production would go up but he still has time to grow and more consistent o-line play and QB play should help with that.
  2. It's been that nightmare since forever with Ron. 2015 was not some magical coaching season from him, the team put it together and McDermott had that defense buzzing. He's not a suitable head coach in the league. The man is a supposed defensive specialist and has so so many high round draft picks on his defense. Can't figure out how to put it together to avoid these embarrassing blowouts.
  3. hahahaha oh my god man go take a nap. This is the most incoherent, drunk toddler overreaction post ever on this board. Ron and Marty aren't magically good at their jobs cause Kyle Allen played great. Just remember the little detail that they drafted a QB in the 3rd round cause they didn't know Allen could be the guy.
  4. hahahahahaha holy crap this is next level ignorant. In a sport where context matters more than anything, this guy seriously says that you have to take all context out and just look at W-L records. Great analysis bud. Keep up the good work
  5. Rivera teams suck on Thursday nights as well so apparently it just seems like he sucks
  6. Cam's foot is hurting him more than they're leading on is my view on it right now. I could be totally wrong and he's just done but I don't see it. WE would have heard much more about his accuracy issues if he was this bad in camp before the injury to his foot. If he is trying this new throwing motion and can't plant properly on his foot then it's going to cause some miscues. Again, I could be overanalyzing things but at this point it's worth giving it a chance and trying to see if he comes out of it positively. The foot would also explain his limited mobility. If a few more weeks of what we saw on Thursday happens then yeah he is for sure done...but I'm not throwing in the towel yet. Helps that Curtis Samuel posted on Instagram "Stay calm. We going to be scary" Now of course that's random player speak/hype but he knows and sees more than we do. He was getting open, once they get the timing down it could be scary. As panthers fans, why not just hope it gets better? You can have no expectations and end up being less disappointed and worst case it goes as you thought. Best case, they make a run and Cam is good again.
  7. Well I have seen him looking at it multiple times. Just keep throwin that poo out there though. It's so funny seeing fans now come out in droves cause Cam has struggled to come back from injury, acting like the dude never works hard.
  8. I really think they told him not to run and try to make plays in the pocket and it's gotten in his head. We need a change of philosophy and if he doesn't improve after that then yeah, his confidence is shot and he's done.
  9. Rivera will have this on a shirt the next presser he holds.
  10. Even with the stumbles this is brilliant. I don't blame you cause it was 1am by the time the game ended.
  11. I've been calling for it the same amount of time as you. I always thought we needed a coach who could take advantage of what Cam Newton brings to the table without getting him killed unnecessarily. The problem is it would have never happened under Jerry and now that Tepper may finally make a change(missed his chance in january) Cam is a shell of his former self. He doesn't trust his coaching staff, o-line and worst of all his own body. It makes me so sad cause this man could have been a legend. Thank you Cam for all the great memories. I'm sorry that Ron let you down. Cam would never drag his own coach but don't forget that in 2017 there was some serious tension between the two with Ron's pussified coaching. Never forget that Cam is a warrior who is willing to put his body out there but the coaching staff abused him and now won't trust him. They're useless. Cam sucked big balls last night but the state of this team is and has been 100% the fault of Ron Rivera. Why else do you think we can't ever muster 2 winning seasons in a row? It's cause we always play one score games and those come out in your favor only half the time. One year it works, the next it doesn't. There's no reason for that with the talent we've had over the years, our coaching and medical staff have been so freaking inept.
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