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  1. It’s like comparing the conversation and insight talking to a passionate Panthers fan who is also an avid huddler vs. a casual fan you see randomly on the street wearing a Panther cap. I think we all have experienced this sentiment.
  2. That is not what I am implying. My point was the general consensus of the community around here, as I stated a huge college area, like die hard of all die hard. They follow these guys weekly. SLC as a whole is millions of people either Utah vs. BYU, then the occasional Utah state fan. They watch more of Wilson than anyone on the forums and probably more than anyone in the entire nation...for obvious reasons. So I put more stock into their opinions and views more so than the general random poster who watched a few highlights and read talking head reports. For example living here and telling people I am from Charlotte and a Panther fan I have learned some very interesting things about Steve Smith, Jordan Gross, and Star Lotulelei, who call came from Utah - stuff that I never knew in Charlotte. Personal and professional.
  3. That is correct, I live in Draper where he grew up, 20 minutes north for LE stadium. This is a HUGE college city (SLC), with Utah (best NFL prospects), Utah State and BYU all about an hour so so from one another. Now, I am not saying a QB from a college program with sub par competition has never been successful and I do not deny he has upside at all, nor am I totally against drafting him. However the generally consensus around here is that he is not NFL franchise QB calibur, and a team will reach for him, thus unless we spend a top pick on him it won’t happen and I’d rather NOT do that. If that does happen though, I’d feel more comfortable if he sat behind TB next year. He’s just played garbage competition in my eyes.
  4. Moton was not resigned when he would’ve been reasonable because there was no money, most dead cap in the NFL, it would’ve taken a genius GM to figure that out, which we don’t have. I know a lot of our fans weren’t here for the entirety of Hurney 1.0, but let me clear up it for you. Hurney is a double edged sword. Either he is not signing who he should be, signing who he shouldn’t be, or letting good players walk for no compensation OR he’s super interested and overpays them immensely bringing us back to the top of this post. This is the Hurney cycle. Get used to it. Every time this team says it builds through the draft in a conference I gag. You don’t draft players like Norman, Norwell, Bradberry and Moton only to spend their future money like an idiot on a crippled Olsen, Gano, Olsen, KK, or M. Kalil... We do NOT build through the draft.
  5. Paradis...and the oline FWIW When you put all your effort and energy into balling out for the first 30 mins and then completely slack off and become worthless the last half of the game you still end up being graded average. I know PFF won’t have the stats but man I’d love to see second half stats only especially form the oline. Ive never seen such a bipolar Jekyll and hide oline
  6. I mean I’ll put it on the list of relevant topics on the subject of Panthers wasted cap and missed chance for rollover money, supported by hindsight. Point #61
  7. TBs two year contract is pretty irrelevant seeing as the Panthers have the most dead cap in the NFL anyways. But the time it clears he’ll be gone and the defense might actually be good enough to compete. And he can mentor a QB until mid next season when he comes off the bench. Not really a huge problem. But if you want to talk contract and cap problems, there IS much more relevant discussion there in other areas. As far as just rolling with Allen, Grier or Walker to tank, it’s not very encouraging for a new coach and and expect young players learning a new system to give all their effort with this kind of message. And as history shows tanking for a player is not a guarantee, nor is it predictable. Some times it works. Most the time it does not. Finally, no one is beating the Jets this year to Lawrence, period. Not to mention how there are so many teams this year doing awful. PJ and Allen are easily winning 2-3 games which puts us past a top pick anyways. This team is bad but not atrocious enough to compete for a top pick this year. Grier would be our only shot I’d think but not enough info to really know. I think huddlers are just mad they set the bar too high, this poo is all short term and doesn’t affect the bigger picture at all, and it’s to be expected.
  8. Agree. Lot of things to consider for Oline. Last I checked TB has the 4th quickest release in the NFL due to his conservative dink and dink style. You can’t grade him below average and knock him for those flaws and at the same time say his oline is graded higher because they block for a QB with these stats, it makes no sense. I think the Panthers need to move on from TB too but let’s put things in perspective. Aside from Moton the oline is trash. Only other respectable player is Okung but he is half way out to door to go retire and is never on the field. Also the oline does surprising well for the first half in almost every game we’ve played and then falls apart disastrously in the second half of almost every game when the win is on the line and they’re needed most. So the stats are skewed.
  9. When you lose someone like Luke is pretty much required you keep Shaq. Especially when you have zero know how to create depth/upcoming talent which is one of Hurney’s biggest weaknesses. Hence overpaid.
  10. while you’re at it, would you mind calmly searching for all those ‘Cam is going to ball out and Tepper will look like a jackass’ threads? should be pretty easy there were about 10x as many...
  11. Took the Bills a little bit to get started as it will the Panthers. Unfortunately I think the hindrance will in fact be Hurney, otherwise we have the pieces in place. I don’t understand why they can’t just make him a head scout. He shouldn’t be handling the cap, FA and contracts.
  12. He admitted he would have read the defense after a motion in an attempt to to set up a favorable run play. Which it appears the staff wanted all along but there was only 13 seconds left. Which as the article states would’ve cost the Vikings 40 seconds Your really should tone down your emotion and look at it from a more objective stand point. 10/10 you run the ball in the situation, burn 40 seconds and still come away with points giving the Vikings, or any team little chance to come back. Yes it’s a big problem TB missed an easy pass and it’s equally a big problem the correct strategic play, no matter the QB, failed to come to fruition because of ‘panic’, or inability to get the call to the line. As far as why the play came in so late no one really knows. Also no one cares what Cam would’ve said. Cam sucks and TB sucks. Just because they admit they suck doesn’t change their play on the field. Time to move on and find the future.
  13. Why does it feel like the Panthers have been in cap hell with garbage players every year since 2011?
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