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  1. Lol no one idolizes a pro athlete unless they’re mental and yea money hungry women and men are part of the issue but there has to be accountability on the other end as well for poor judgment. And I mean ....you start getting multiple women pregnant....stupid is as stupid does.
  2. CMCs skill set has hardly been utilized by Rivera. Brady is NOT going to run him up the middle constantly. He will maximize his skills and CMC will be worth every penny.
  3. We get to the qb just fine. We need some fatass DTs to clog up the run. Preferably ones who don’t fallen off the planet after getting overpaid for what they are to begin with. oline should’ve always been the focus, hopefully this year is the year the FO shows they actually care about it.
  4. His personal life is none of our business but you feel bad for his kids? Lol sounds like you’re not exactly taking your own advice. We’re humans and we don’t walk around not thinking a single thought about any aspects of anyone’s personal life to say so is a flat out lie. I can somewhat agree with that but I always imagined if was rich and famous I would venture to different countries to find someone. The world is a big place. Plenty of areas of the world have no clue who people like Cam are, it just isn’t relevant to them. Could keep it going until you knew it didn’t matter. That’s legit.
  5. This post makes absolutely no sense. It is not a stupid thing to do. What do you think the Panthers did to acquire Cam in 2011? You don’t think they cut contracts, cut spending, didn’t extend anyone to try and win? They may have no done it to specifically draft Cam but if you think they went in that season thinking they could compete and win you need to go back and study the history of what exactly happened. Fox was a lame duck and knew it. Hell JR even sent out a letter to all PSL owners after the season and said he apologized and didn’t think it’d be that bad. We got Cam out of it, unless you’re the browns it’s pretty rare teams with the top picks didn’t try to tank. Hell the Dolphins and Bengals were almost blatantly competing for it this year. Same with the whole ‘suck for luck’ thing the Colts did. There are examples after examples for top picks going back in draft history. Sure some franchises like the Packers drafted Rodgers at the bottom of the first but if you look into that, they never wanted Rodgers, they wanted another Qb and it didn’t work out. This doesn’t happen often let alone the QB turn out to be a stud. They also didn’t ‘need’ him, they still have Favre. Different circumstances. People who love Cam so much but say we shouldn’t tank for the next QB make no sense because that what allowed the Panthers to get him.
  6. i don’t understand how a MVP accolade from 4 years ago seems to be more relevant than more recent events to some people
  7. I bet you could sucker a team into a 4th or maybe even get real lucky and score a 3rd with a contingency he passes the physical, which he will. I do agree that he won’t be worth near what Cam fans thinks he is, something like being an MVP 4 years ago seems to be their selling points which is confusing to me. there are good and bad reasons for keeping cam and for letting him go. They both can be rationalized depending on the direction of the team so people need to stop getting their panties in a wad and just enjoy the ride no matter what happens.
  8. I know people raising 4 kids on 75k a year and no doubt people do it with less...man if you can’t raise 4 kids with 50 million dollars there is something extremely wrong (or stupid) going on
  9. Haha yea words like foresee, could, prediction and possible and may, could, likely... or my favorite ‘projects’ (CBS projects)... All just opinions and spit balling. Gets annoying but hey it’s the off-season it’s all we have.
  10. what that leaves is spending picks on a strong supporting cast and throwing them to the wolves to sort out the men from the boys and tank then pick your center piece next year along with whatever failed from the draft this year and put the new qb in a great position. Not only that but more time for the coaches to get situated AND more time to get all this money off the books and have a lot of cap room to play with. you pay cmc while the new qb is on his first year contract and reevaluate when the qbs time to get paid is to come this is a proven blueprint (see chiefs and ravens) unless you have a future HOF qb (rodgers brees Brady). It is the best possible path for the quickest turnaround and long term future. This is my preferred route and hope they go. you can drag out the rebuild and maybe have a little success, or take a risk with cam. neither are better long term. A stop gap FA qb isn’t either...unless you luck out like the 49ers did. people don’t want to consider this option and as a fan I get it. I don’t want to wait 2 years to enjoy Panther football again. But those who love cam so much need to realize it took a god awful 2-14 season to aquire such a player and it will most likely take that much again.
  11. why hire a good teacher for 8 year olds since 8 year olds aren’t that smart?
  12. holy poo all you cam fans are butthurt as hell, what does it even matter and long as he’s still playing you have a team to root for
  13. Hahah yea...a cheap, tough negotiator with no cap Gettle is why we signed Kalil, an absolute anomaly sticking out like a sore thumb compared to everything he did here... had nothing to do with a fan favorite and meddling business minded owner the huddle to so gullible it kills me
  14. Getting respect from nfc south, though I can see why they’re happy, they are butthurt about hiring our OC though https://saintsreport.com/threads/kuechly-retires-merged.424216/ https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4077266-so-luke-kuechly-retired/
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