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  1. Unless Allen takes us to the playoffs and then some this year I’d rather draft QB with a no 1 pick to fight out with him next year than rely on just Allen, if Newton is done. But saying that...if Newton comes back against the titans and bombs the rest of the season not only will Allen be an unfinished story but we will have a crap pick in the draft for next year, and we probably would if Allen finishes the season but misses the playoffs as well. Win lose and lose lose scenarios. Honestly this teams best scenario is Cam coming back full force 100%, best scenario and seemingly unlikely. As far as Grier, I could be wrong, and this is based solely on him as a draft prospect since there really is no play for proof, but I think he’s a career backup.
  2. He’s contributing to the win just like any player on a 53 man team. I’m surprised as a PantherS fan this seems to make you bitter.
  3. Young and Elway and some other old white qbs where considered dual threats. I am not sure if ‘double standard’ is the right word so much as ‘stereo types’ but you can find them all over for everyone not just qbs and not just white and black. The sad part in life is the focus is always the injustice instead of education. People get mad, then people get defensive. Injustices ironically strengthen.
  4. That thread was actually an enjoyable, humorous read even for the topic....thanks for that man that really shows the huddle sure has gone to poo.
  5. I mean that’s pretty much saying all qbs are pocket passers. I don’t think you’re understanding the term. There is a difference saying someone can throw from the pocket and labeling a QB as a pocket passer. Everyone’s definitions will be different but in my opinion a pocket passer is someone is won’t do much on the ground. P Manning, Brady, brees etc. They are going to live or die, win or lose in that pocket. They have superior accuracy and field reading abilities. Then you have scramblers/mobile qbs like Wilson, Mahomes, Rodgers. They’ll take off every now and then but they won’t take over a game with their legs and while the defense will expect elusiveness they’re not going to spy them every play or gameplan around the running game. Superior Elusiveness and decent field vision superior scrambling, decent legs to run. Then there are the rare dual threat qbs...Vick, Cunningham, Steve Young. These guys will take over a game with their legs. They have more designed run plays than any other qbs. Decent field vision, superior downfield running and running field vision. Other teams will have to gameplan against their run threat and they will have spies on them the whole game. So in the sense the term pocket passer is suppose to be used, no Cam is not at all a pocket passer. Can he pass from the pocket? Yes. But his best attributes are the dual threat. If he was a pocket passer other teams would not gameplan around his legs. They would not spy on him the whole game, and lastly he would not have broken rushing records at the QB position and rush for 600-800 yards a season. Pocket passers do not have those stats or abilities. Its not a fault to not be a conventional pocket passer, in fact it’s what makes him so special and superior. Unfortunately it’s also led to injuries and it may not be wise to continue playing him as such that makes him special and so the question is can he transform from a dual threat to a pocket passer or scrambler and be just as effective that way? I think he can but it is too early to tell, especially with injuries clouding progress. But to say he’s been a pocket passer since 2011 isn’t really what the term means.
  6. I think the difference is Moore’s ceiling was immediate. He didn’t improve much at all throughout his career..Allen is ?
  7. So our coaching got better, oline got better and now we have weapons who all got better and suddenly our defense got better and they all got better in sync, in 2019, game 3 when Allen stepped on the field and that’s the difference. man that’s some major luck
  8. Wouldn’t offer any kind of money until he plays a full season healthy, or comes back and takes us deep in playoffs. There is no reason to trade him before knowing what he has left. Just need to be patient. Trading him loses Cam fans not a big loss for a Panther fanbase. Those are fickle fans and will come and go building a true fanbase takes a trophy and consistent winning not a single player (exception being the Browns).
  9. If cam is 100% there is no reason to sit back and baby him. He needs to play the 49ers or whatever team is up next when he’s 100%.
  10. Ohhhhhh the media says it well it must be true you guys feed into that bullshit stfu with your virtual bullshit Internet forum and tv media crap and step outside into what consists of the actual fanbase Who the fug bases their perception of reality from the media and a forum good lord A ‘good size’ wow media throwing up undefined, improbable yet hard to argue against words and proportions...what meaning it has I know you guys aren’t that stupid and know better come on
  11. Fan base? The huddle is what....a thousand posters? Half of them are alts... does fillIng up 1/4 a section in BOA constitute as the fan base? do you live in Charlotte? Do you go to games, get out of the house and physically meet and interact with other fans and the panther community? your pea brain should learn the ‘fan base’ doesn’t consist of the 6 people on an Internet forum and only the ones that trigger you what a dumbass comment
  12. ive never seen so many people live in the past with a sports player seems like a curse to this organization, always clinging on way past due for emotional reasons and my god it shows in the fan base
  13. I still want to see how cam plays when he is back. After that it becomes a question of just how much money he will demand. KA gives the Panthers leverage. If his cap will cripple the team move on. But if there is something left, Panthers need to do what they reasonably can to keep him.
  14. I agree cam should start when he’s ready. as far as Allen it’s too early to tell. He’s 23 years old. If he puts in the work, as of now, I see no reason he can’t be a franchise qb. Time will tell though.
  15. You’re giving him way too much credit. He actually thought getting fired from the raiders and patriots was ABs plan all alpng hes serious lol
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