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  1. Just because of woman of seniority was cut and men weren’t doesn’t mean it’s automatically discrimination is what I was saying. Probably more to it than that. Seniority can mean a lot of things, but regardless a lot of times it means more money.
  2. If it was discrimination, women wouldn’t of ever had seniority. It just happened at my work. They had a choice to cut 3 people or ones boss. The three were males the boss was a female. She was let go. There’s no reason to look at things and assume the worst and see things that aren’t there. Even if it was only 10k a year more, that could have been the difference of even just one person.
  3. Probably because seniority made more money. A lot of companies are cutting less people but axing the ones who make more. Don’t think it was a sexist move.
  4. Yea all the cam fans People wanting teddy and Rhule to fail family pay me for what I’ve done players butthurt business decisions are made tons of them none Panther fans Hurney hate is valid
  5. Dude...when I was a kid I had to remember 20 phone numbers, early teen, someone could PAGE me to call them...there were pay phones EVERYWHERE Used a 30 lb Walkman with headphones...had to record my cassettes or stuff my pocket with a few. Once portable CD player came out it was big $ to get one that didn’t skip. VHS collection was massive... The most high tech on a car was something like power locks and windows There was no internet until I was an early teen and I spent days on red alert aol dial up and by days I mean 23 hours connecting and 1 hour playing. If the phone rang during a hot gaming session I’d flip poo and punch walls played 2D mario on Nintendo until the revolution Super Nintendo and then Dreamcast and then the ultimate GOAT PS1 arrived later in my teens. Disc games? Revolutionary. taking pictures? Expensive ass camera (no, not a digital one) taking videos? Yea a recorder back then with shitty quality would run you about $1,500 you better balance that check book because other than walking into a bank...you have absolutely no clue how much $ you have Riding on a plane? Why’re you...a millionaire?? When I was in 4th grade we all brought our floppy disks to school and it was high tech as fug. Dino park was the poo drive thru food was cash only in my day road trip? Better break out that papermap and it needs to be new or it’s 99% inaccurate. You’ll need to add time for taking a wrong turn, its the norm This is just everyday life I can’t imagine the science and medical worlds and what they’d have to say. And here’s the kicker. I’m not even 35 years old. If you take a step back it’s amazing how far technology has come. ....bluetooth ....wifi cars that drive themselves flying through the air on a plane is the norm touch cell phones and gaming systems with crazy capabilities GPS literally guides you anywhere you want to drive go into google maps and you can fuging plop yourself street view almost anywhere is the world...sometimes spend hours doing this.... just amazing
  6. I have on good authority from the huddle teams don’t tank...their 20 first rounders for the next two year is a coincidence
  7. must be nice to have a godly amount of capital meanwhile the Panthers consistently struggle to stay out of top 5 with a poo team year after year let alone failing to do all they can to keep Hurney from doing something stupid with our capital
  8. Yep agreed. I don’t know why everyone feels they deserve to know what the FO is or isn’t doing. These are professionals and this is a business. They may not want to but if someone gives them what they want, why not? Again these are sport professionals, they signed a contracts allowing their employer to do exactly that. I know it’s hard to get over the family atmosphere the last FO try to engrain into the business on their path to mediocrity, but it’s ok to aim higher.
  9. Relying on one playmaker is Ron and Turners MO. They’re too traditional to adapt and way too stubborn to be a creative. They need 2-3 studs to drive into the ground to have any success.
  10. Think what he’s trying to say is...will Cam still be able to play. I can’t imagine worse coaching to pair up with cam than Rivera and Shula. But the difference is health vs. laziness. And cam is not as young and can’t help but think he won’t be back like he was. Still can make plenty of money as a viable back up. Not to say he won’t start somewhere, just really depends on his health and new team’s plan for him. KB was lazy and had injury concerns those two do not mix well together no matter what coaches or team he goes to.
  11. Peppers will be more unanimous. He is without a doubt the best player ever to play here fo most his career. And to think he was just a physical freak but he didn’t have a love/passion for the game. Imagine how good he’d be with a Reggie white/Keuchly/ray Lewis type fire?
  12. Man these cam nuthuggers can find any reason to negative about a qb ‘everything matters’ lol give me a break where I as this mantra when cam was here, he’s got plenty
  13. Brown is ideal Would not be mad with Wirfs if he falls Simmons is meh
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