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  1. onmyown

    PlayStation 5

    I mean I wouldn’t exactly judge an economy on the sales of the PS5. I don’t know exact numbers but don’t even think a million or so were preordered. Doubling that to 2 million, that’s about .6% of Americans. I wouldn’t say the economy is great because 1 out of 200+ people can afford a PS5. Not only that, Sony released preorders for specific countries first. An article suggested as much as 15% of preorders in from USA companies did not com from Americans. I wouldn’t consider myself of one of these 200 people like bigcat, but I’m not doing terrible either. I’m not one to judge though, my field/profession is not affected like others by COVID. I don’t believe it’s doomsday depression status right now. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be. Doesn’t mean it isn’t already for some people.
  2. onmyown

    PlayStation 5

    Pre orders started yesterday and ended today. They’re commanding ridiculous prices on eBay...anywhere from $1-10k. I was lucky enough to grab 2. I’m not much of a reseller but honestly can’t afford one for myself without selling one for a profit. Took me about 7 hours fighting glitches and bots until 1 AM last night to get one. Randomly got lucky with Walmart today. Anyways I’m pretty excited, but honestly I can understand people wanting to wait. The game lineup is not great, the only game I care about is Cyberpunk and might as well play it on a PS4 since it’s not exclusive. Also don’t blame people want the the bugs to be worked out first. But in a time where a lot of us are stuck at home I feel it will be an entertaining and distracting investment. Anyone else able to snag one?
  3. Is it just me or can anyone else just not drink beer from a can? Maybe I’m just highly sensitive but every beer from a can I’ve had has a weird taste to me. Sucks because I want to try so many.
  4. good thing he wasn’t offered a long term contract after something like tommy john surgery or anything
  5. What was? What was seems you too emotionally attached to Cam. There is no what was. What was is a 5 win team. The situation is that the Panthers have been garbage for the last 5 years. A one hit wonder. Plagued by injuries and bad contracts? Is that what you mean by what was? How is the ‘current situation’ worse than that? 2015 is 5 years ago not last year so what was might as well be crying over 2003. 5 years time to get over it. The situation has been garbage for many years and at least what’s different now is trying to change that. 2015 is gone get over it.
  6. meh, people who followed cam never had a team it’s more like saying they’d abandon their player to chase a team if they were to stay its why this person clearly isn’t a fan since 2001. 19 years being a fan and all you mention is cam? There’s been a lot of poo from this franchise in that long of time just to mention 1 player. Another way to tell is how fans react to the new ownership and team, cam era fans don’t understand pre cam Panther era (and most the nfl at all) if they did they wouldn’t be so cynical/harsh about the way things work, what’s been done and where the team is trying to go
  7. Cookie Lyon maybe... really take your pick any one of the hundred ‘die hard Panther fans’ who suddenly disappeared after cam my guess is this person was not a fan since 2001 I mean who is going to admit they creepily follow one player around lol gotta try start off with some credibility on the pats forum
  8. so....no more bubble screens on 3rd in 7 already in field goal range, when your receivers suck and defense is playing horrific? yea that would be fannnnntastic, we had enough of that dumb poo with Rivera. if I see this dumb poo again I’m going to puke
  9. The Panthers are almost identical in every statistical category to the Jaguars, and more so than any other team in the league. It’s pretty much a spot on comparison. Aside from two super bowl appearances...which doesn’t mean much since the Panthers lost. But is that success? Or is a better win ration? More playoff appearances? Better overall game stats? In any case they’re the AFC Panthers for sure, no question about it, as sad as it may seem.
  10. As will the greatest coach of all time. As will being in arguably the easiest conference. At least that’s what I remember people saying about Brady. I am sure somehow for some reason that’s different now.
  11. The game was lost by dropped passes, settling for FGs with poor, conservative third down play calling that we know all too well putting us in a ‘play catch up’ position, absolutely no pressure on their QB, and a horrific secondary and bad LB play. I don’t see the reasoning for so much emphasis on one play. Because in the end that’s all that was.
  12. The Raiders already stated they studied LSU, Saints and Baylor before this game. It comes full circle, Brady will have to recognize his tendencies that are being exploited and adjust. I wouldn’t worry to much about it...yet. It’s even more difficult when you can probably hear a pin drop on the field during the pandemic.
  13. I understand the power play but if Armah could have had a bit better field view and was a split second more patient and wen slightly right, he would’ve made it. Took the wrong gap. But Moton and Thomas failed, maybe not.
  14. Hurney is not mortal. He is a demi god genius Jedi dark lord. At first I hated him and was mad. But just as the sun will rise, Hurney will be the Panthers GM. He is eternal. Accept and love him in your heart and stop fighting and embrace him.
  15. I wouldn’t call that die hard...that’s a mental/emotional issue or condition. I’m not sure I agree with this thread....I never counted on Cam fans so I compare today to pre cam...and as Igo pointed out there really is more interest. Fanhood has been positively rising.
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