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  1. Hate the overpaid signing but comparing 25 years of it to one move doesn’t make sense. I’ll give it more time to see how it plays out. He’ll we had hardcore JR lovers up to the very end.
  2. Wow people are justifying this? One of the highest paid OLB in the league? What in the fug
  3. I have no problem with the Panthers trading up to get a guy if he’s believed to be the one. Unfortunately, as of now the one that makes that call is also the one who tried to trade up for Jimmy Clausen.
  4. I’m saying that believing the right guy will be there. As I said, we will have a top half pick. You’re saying only if you had the first overall pick. There are plenty of great QBs playing now that we’re not picked at the very top. I am not saying just pick one just to pick one. That would be stupid. It also may not be as simple as drafting one. It may take more than one draft, and more than one QB pick to get the right guy. That’s why it’s important to have competent people making the picks. QB is the Panthers biggest and most important need right now. If you go into the season with Cam as your only option it’s risky. And I’d rather the second option not be some jag to get us to 8-8 but someone with potential.
  5. I didn’t say reach for one. I think we will still have a first half pick. I say that with the intent of drafting a good potential QB still on the board. Obviously if one isn’t there, I would not reach. Aaron Rodgers was picked at the bottom of the first round and sat on the bench. Mahomes was #10. I’m not saying to reach but find your guy and try to get him. And that should be a QB but not at the expense of reaching or trading away the future. You’re not always going to have the number one overall pick when you need to draft a qb. You have to have a competent FO and the right people in place to make it happen.
  6. In the Vick days seems to be the Falcons. Then it transitioned to the Bucs, I swear for a few seasons there was always a fight and dirty poo going on when we played them. Now it seems to be the Saints but the Saints are a dirty team in general so it’s hard to tell. No long term rival for sure.
  7. You will not know if he is 100% until he plays a full season and plays it well. He looked great for the first half of 2018 and then his shoulder got to him. The last thing we need is to be stuck with Cam on a contract who can only play half a season. I’m all for keeping him but another contract shouldn’t come (if it does) until early 2021. I have no idea if Can would be OK with that.
  8. As a running QB who is aging and likely doesn’t have his run threat anymore it’s likely Cam is not the QB everyone is thinking of we’ve had in the past. Add to the fact we still don’t know if his shoulder can last a full season and is fixed. So if he goes to another team we don’t really know if it will be a mistake. We absolutely have to draft a QB round 1. I can’t believe Cam really has any trade value that makes him not worth keeping. With that in mind, I absolutely think the Panther should hold on to him and see what he has training camp next year. The problem will be does Cam really want to risk playing on a one year deal? If he can’t come back and play well he misses out on money another team would likely give him on a contract. Is he willing to take that risk? Does he really want to be here in Charlotte and give that up? No one knows. I can’t imagine Tepper cutting Cam if Cam is willing to play out his last year and not get salty about it. I think that is the only foreseeable mistake this franchise could make and judging from Tepper’s comments I don’t think it’s likely.
  9. Both teams Who made the super bowl in the past 10 years had a top 10 ranked oline. Most of which had a top 5. Thats said I agree with a first round QB. But I also want us to keep Cam if he’s willing to play without an extension. But either way, drafting a QB in the first is a must for a lot of reasons. In fact, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed at this point.
  10. says the guy who deliberately uses over complex descriptive words and then when someone points it out is either condescending or acts like he doesn’t know what their talking about because you’re just hipster, artistic, edgy and smarter than everyone else amiright seriously you’re the guy that annoys everyone because you’re opening your mouth about poo that doesn’t concern you but you’re too stupid to realize or get humble about it because no one has broken your front teeth yet for saying something really fuging stupid most people learn to keep to themselves but then again I can’t see you hanging around or tolerating people that are that much different than you sad you grew up without that learning experience you clearly need snowflake
  11. I harp on Cam fans all the time. They annoy the hell out of me. I’ve been watching the Panthers since 1999. But I’m not stupid, what you see this year is Rivera without Cam and it sucks.
  12. Yea kind of gives you insight what what his record would be without Cam. My guess is he wouldn’t have lasted as long as did without superstar Cam as his QB.
  13. Damn GameFly I have 3 accounts (long story) on a damn trial or discount period all with MW the ONLY game in que even for my 3 at a time account for FOUR days and they still won’t send me a damn copy. maybe I need a 4th account...
  14. I wonder why our generational talented scouting GM was unemployed for 4 years after we let him go... people must not know bout analytics
  15. We just lost to the 2-9 Redskins. I don’t really see us winning any more games, although Allen may get a rematch versus the Saints’ second stringers from our 2018 Super Bowl.
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