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  1. Yes, and Lloyd Cushenberry, Joe Brady might like that. I also like Onwenu from Michigan.
  2. Agree with Cam trade (if LA offered it). I just don't think anyone will offer it. To echo other people replacing a proven franchise QB on a cheap deal with an unproven injury prone guy who has never done anything but costs more just makes no sense. They need to maximise Cams trade value by letting him earn his next contract. I'm ok with Thomas but I don't think they will because that would be conceding that Little is a bust. Even though many fans think this, I bet MH doesn't. Gallimore is a rusher not a run defender, so I would be ok with giving him a miss. Igbin is an athlete first and foremost rather than a skilled CB. Not sure I want a second Donte Jackson. The last 4 I like especially where you are taking them late in the draft. So i guess i would draft the same positions but change the 1st and 2nd player picks.
  3. Sport is much more fun to follow when you don't take everything so personally. Cam is a millionaire, we don't need to pity him. Despite your egregious cheerleading on his behalf, it is highly doubtful that he cries himself to sleep every night worrying about the fans. What I find amusing is that many supposed fans are such dedicated Cam fan-boys that their concern that he may be replaced, manifested into a hatred of Kyle Allen (a mere placeholder, who was never going to be given the job) a UDFA who hadn't seen first team reps at training camp, who was good then bad, yet some seem to resent him because he wasn't able to lead us to a Superbowl. That's insanity. I need someone to explain to me why we should be upset with Kyle Allen for not being able to overcome the same problems that a much more talented former number 1 pick hasn't been able to overcome.
  4. Ok Poirot. Let me guess. You decided you hated him before you even saw him play? I like Cam and I respect the fact that he supported Kyle last season. Makes him a better team man than plenty of so-called Panthers fans.
  5. I will be happy when Cam leaves so that actual Panther fans don't have to suffer his Instagram supporters anymore.
  6. They should have paid him not Shaq. There is talk that under the new cba comp picks will be done away with in future, hopefully not this year though-that would be a disaster with all our FAs.
  7. I like the idea of a conditional pick 1st, 2nd or 3rd, based on 2020 performance, in addition to the high 2nd for Cam. This mitigates the loss if he is awesome and the overpay by LA if he's terrible. Osemele was good and I would take him on a cheap short contract but it doesn't really suit the purposes of a rebuild, and I think he will get better offers elsewhere. Mariota I can live without. Allen is a good backup who costs a lot less than 9 per.
  8. I think he's sending a message to Cam. Don't be telling the coach you're ready to play then cry off hurt. Next time you show up to play, you'd better be ready. The supporting band and gullible coach have moved on along with a general acceptance that Cam is the man. I think he will stay, but it's more sink or swim than ever before
  9. Hill and Bridgewater's value is inflated by Payton and a top notch Oline. They are both fools gold. I'm ready to move on from Cam but not if it's TB at around the same price. That's crazy talk.
  10. This is interesting. I read Daniel Jeremiah talking about how he saw Wirfs as IOL not T, he was surprisingly down on him. A lot of mocks have him as this concensus elite tackle. I wonder how it will play out, but it's interesting that you agree with DJ.
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