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  1. man, no one asked your hall monitor bitch ass for a final verdict, or for guidance on legal procedure - what, you think you're a judge or something? you think we don't know that people with actual authority will require further evidence for a binding ruling? this is an internet message board where people express their opinions, and everyone with a brain has the following opinion: these are cheating-ass motherf*ckers with an established MO, and this fits that MO to a tee. and it's the tip of the iceberg. cheaters rely on dupes like you.
  2. filming is one thing, but any serious discussion of Pats cheating has to center around their history of abusing the salary cap by paying Brady under the table through his shifty companies with that stuff out there and still largely ignored, i just can't get worked up about more filming poo
  3. no one reacted to this. how bad was it?
  4. random question: possible fewell-washington tension, or players picking sides?
  5. robbie gould panthers nation turns its lonely eyes to you
  6. people are missing the message he's trying to send the prime steak is dumping rivera the ketchup is keeping hurney
  7. players of 2d, 3d, and even 4d chess are really missing the point on the allen/grier question this is 5d chess. we're gonna keep playing kyle through the end of the year to trick the falcons and the saints into overpaying their defenses damontae kazeee gonna be on franchise tag money y'all
  8. in my heart i knew it wasn't gonna happen, but when you're still in it on paper, it makes watching the games more interesting. there's a certain amount of self-delusion involved in enjoying sports as a fan.
  9. to be fair, while never remotely an allenista, i did prefer feeling like we were in the playoff race for much of the season
  10. at what point do the falcons just start putting make-a-wish kids on the field tofulfill their dreams of scoring an NFL touchdown
  11. i mean, it's not like he's shown it fully yet, but based on his entire personal history, we're not looking at a guy who's more scared of losing than he is greedy for winning
  12. kyle just wants to prove he's a real qb, so he ignores easy short options in favor of continuing to prove that he can't throw a deep ball
  13. yup. it's a risk-averse loser fanbase. luckily, we've got an owner whose mentality is the literal and exact opposite.
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