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  1. Where'd you learn? Just gradually? I'm always impressed by people who can do this sh*t.
  2. Why the NFL only now? They've been pushing political propaganda on US military action for many years.
  3. It was a perfectly reasonable playcall and we got a tad unlucky, end of story.
  4. Most crucially for me, the defense was in disarray...but then improved somewhat midgame, despite being a young and weak unit. Whereas when things fell apart under Ron, they tended to just keep on disintegrating.
  5. Nobody really hates Teddy, and anybody who loves this team wants him to exceed expectations and kill it. What people DO hate is letting a massive talent go to the Patriots with no compensation - when we could have had him for less money than Derek Dallas Carr. It will be a while before we can say this with certainty, but...it seems like a huge f*cking mistake.
  6. We need a far-left equivalent of the Scared Straight program in schools, so that we never have to hear some weird Republican call a center-right pol like Nancy Pelosi "far left" ever again. Show 'em the real thing.
  7. Me neither. I thought for a minute Allen was showing he's a cool customer who doesn't rattle easily, despite a lack of talent - good backup, maybe - but then he rattled easily. I'm all for giving Dishwater a go.
  8. No one says there's zero chance he becomes good. As you said, we're playing the odds. The odds say that a third-rounder who sucks badly in his first year and shows no promise - which no one ever said about Elway - will probably be poo forever, and should be regarded as such until he shows something.
  9. Regardless of how hard he practices in the backyard with his dad, did anyone really see anything promising in this guy last year? If so, what was it? A lot of guys play football in the backyard with their dad. We don't all get a solid NFL career out of it.
  10. How about you shut the f*ck up and stop making this thread about you? If we lived in a script, boring assholes like yourself wouldn't make it past the first draft. Chadwick Boseman RIP. That's a brave dude.
  11. Dances like a Buttigieg volunteer. Speaking as a white man, I'm starting to like this young fella.
  12. Where Grier was drafted is irrelevant - or, at best, a subject for recriminations I don't care about. But he sucks. He'll continue sucking until he "retires". Let's pray this guy never plays one minute for us.
  13. Gesualdo

    Happy Eid

    I have good news: No one is trying to troll you here; NAS was just trying to spread knowledge. One says "Happy Eid" or "Eid Mubarak" (or a variation based on which Eid it is) to a Muslim just as one says "Merry Christmas" to a Christian. Heck, when I lived in a heavily Jewish town back when, I said "Shanah Tovah". It's just respect. Of course, if your beliefs prohibit you from saying it (because it glorifies another religion etc.), sure, fine, but otherwise it's just decency and neighborliness. In a world where people mass-murder each other in houses of worship, small gestures of respect and kindness are a meaningful thing. In my very short life so far as a convert, I've already met fellow believers who are Panthers fans - some casual and a few hardcore. There are plenty of people out there whose day could be brightened a little bit by your acknowledgement and respect.
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