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  1. There's a reason they adjust those stats for game situation. What's the situationally-adjusted ratio?
  2. don't care about the rest of this story much, but he shouldn't have grabbed the security guard's ass
  3. would pie this another couple times if i could, because it's just very true
  4. C'mon man, that's just how people talk about sports. "We smacked the sh*t out of New England last night" - no you didn't. You were sitting in front of a TV. You didn't smack anybody, don't personally know anyone on "your" team, and even the guys who were actually ON the other team weren't really like FROM New England anyway... All of this stuff is make-believe. You either play along and say "we" or you choose to be this guy:
  5. I don't have a problem with his choice of pic. Like every fan I HATE seeing it, but it's an iconic and powerful image that fits naturally with the video subject, so I don't think it's in poor taste.
  6. Just to add to the chorus, anyone who loves football stories should check Flem out; he's great.
  7. Not to mention, Cam is clearly stepping back a bit when it comes to social presence. Feels like he's trying to focus on self-care for a while, which is a good thing. Being Superman takes a toll.
  8. That said, Odell shouldn't have done that. That was an assholish move against a person who, uniform aside, had less actual power in the situation.
  9. Anyone feel like this society is maybe a little uptight and over-policed? I'm not even gonna hate on some security dude for being out there earning his paycheck. But is there really even a need for so many of them, everywhere, always? How many people would have died if most of them just took the night off? In general, we're dealing with two extreme non-stories that have each been amplified into stories by an authoritarian culture of constant, obsessive policing. Let people live a little and lay the f*ck off.
  10. Yeah, I'm definitely not specifically arguing against what you're saying; a lot of different sh*t is on the table right now and few things would surprise me. It's just that the mere existence of this thread title is evidence that we're entering a frightening new world. And I want to go home. And I want my mommy.
  11. Lads, I do believe the world has officially gone mad. Hold me.
  12. I think it's supposed to be implicit - I mean, he's more of an information broker than a real pundit, so I think he's assuming we know that if he has "a belief" it's because of poo he's hearing from insiders. But yeah, it's slippery wording with built-in deniability.
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