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  1. If only his Heavenly Father would've taught him to throw a football we'd be set.
  2. Redtails works pretty well. Sounds similar to the old name, cool history, and, well, might be nice to acknowledge the league is over 70% Black. A name that instills pride. "Warriors" is very generic, sounds like a Major League Lacrosse team. All of the government-related names just sound sucky. Who the f*ck wants to root for a team called the Federals or the Ambassadors? Gee, why not the Washington Congressional Interns? "Americans" is just meaningless and inane. As bad as the Houston Texans. Actually worse, because all the other teams are also...Americans. Why not the Washington Humans? "Hogs" - regardless of the history, sounds stupid. "Generals" - well, there's one pretty obvious reason why you shouldn't call your sports team the Washington Generals.
  3. Yeah, definitely not getting my O-line takes from a guy who doesn't know which position Trai Turner played.
  4. I dunno about the logic in this post, man. If a guy succeeds with someone else, but is "going nowhere fast" with you, you've probably been messing up. I'm an optimist about this upcoming season, but I also think Cam is gonna be the "one that got away".
  5. Ron is being forced to go with Haskins by a meddling owner. It was probably a condition of taking the job. If Haskins is officially The Guy, you can't possibly sign a better, more experienced QB - that's a locker room nightmare. I hate defending Ron, who's a very poor coach, but I genuinely believe he would've made the smart move and signed Cam if he could have. This is a Snyder thing. Of course, it's on Ron, too - forever a patsy for sh*theel owners.
  6. "I'm black, so I can shut down any conversation about racial justice at will and pretend it's a white thing."
  7. "white Germans, predominantly" No one else is gonna bother, but...what? I'm not a "white German" myself, but this is among the ethic groups LEAST culpable for racial injustice in this country. An incredibly weird opinion right there.
  8. Definition of fire vs. pie; great post.
  9. [Drunkenly interpreted this as a serious post...disregard]
  10. I'm just f*cking around because it looked like Rastan66 was having fun doing it, and "Big Time Teddy" is some funny trolling. In reality, Dishwater is a quite-okay quarterback, and there are too many here who hate him solely due to who he isn't - but as you basically said, it's hard to scheme your way around a crap OL you've done f*ck all to improve. And despite drafting multiple future HOFers in the late rounds on defense (so I'm told), this is a broke-ass D.
  11. By the end of the season, likely in the top 5 conversation. We have a number of older stars who are about to fall off a cliff, and younger players due to regress. Big Time Teddy is in the sweet spot.
  12. Big Time Teddy, if healthy, is probably a top 10 QB in the NFL. Putting a system babby like Dak or the corpse of Philip Rivers ahead of him is absurd. That's confusing talent with past performance. This is the year that Big Time puts it together - starting role, killer health, great system.
  13. The most recent time I called the police was when I happened to drive by gang of young black men loitering about on a tennis court. They appeared to have removed the tennis net and constructed some sort of a tall netted hoop, into which they kept throwing an orange ball, which they also insisted on bouncing - and loudly so, disturbing my child bride, who was sleeping in the passenger seat. The police arrived, only to do nothing but make excuses for these young men, then drove away after a mere few minutes - completely useless. From that day forth, I have supported police abolition.
  14. Now, you've said in the past that you are deeply rooted in the black middle class - so you were probably predisposed to have a serious and reasonable conversation about these issues. This slogan was not made for you - it's most effective on white people who never thought about this poo in their lives, and I've seen it work.
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