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  1. Not trying to step on any toes, but if anyone needs fabric (double layer) masks in quantities of 20 or more, PM me.
  2. I don't get how folks are confused about the 7th round vs. #7 thing. It says right in the OP, "7th round". Anyway, wouldn't do it. Simply don't want him on the roster, because I would never want him on the field. He doesn't have an NFL arm and has proven it. At midrange, he can't put enough flat speed on it to hit windows, so he checks down from throws - or forces it and gets intercepted. Going deep, it's one banana ball after another with so much air under the throws that the DBs on the ground have time to bicker amongst themselves about whose turn it is to get the interception. No more of this type please.
  3. Can someone explain Harbingers to me? As far as I can tell, he's just a pure old-school troll whose game is wasting people's time rather than pushing an agenda. What's the deal? Did he claim to be a filmmaker?
  4. nailed it to the f*cking floor right here
  5. I seriously think that if we signed a random Harris Teeter cashier as quarterback through some sort of clerical error, and that cashier showed absolutely no talent whatsoever, but was playing in difficult circumstances, there would be a vocal minority on this board claiming that we haven't really seen what the cashier could do behind a real offensive line and in Brady's system. Will Grier SUCKED. He sucked at throwing footballs through the air. He demonstrated no other talents, either. Just because he was in a bad situation doesn't mean he was a promising player that we need to see more of. He was a bad player in a bad situation. We don't need him going forward for any reason.
  6. Because Grier looked terrible when he was throwing the football. Even accounting for every other factors, he looked absolutely terrible at throwing a football to people, which is an important skill for an NFL quarterback. He'll be out of the league in two years.
  7. What I'm saying is that even given the circumstances, he looked bad. Even in the worst surroundings, real talent will shine through in flashes, and that didn't happen. Kyle Allen, who isn't even close to being good enough to start in the NFL, performed considerably better in similar circumstances.
  8. Play quarterback to a reasonable standard. He failed.
  9. For every bust, there's fifty different guys on here telling us that, although he stinks, you can't officially call him a bust because he hasn't stunk for enough seasons yet. Truly, a brilliant approach to life. If Grier isn't a bust, it's simply because he's a third-round QB and expectations were always low. He sure does stink, though!
  10. In thread after thread, you talk about how easy everyone else has had it, and continually imply that you're some sort of extreme hard luck case, as opposed to all the snowflakes of the world. (Don't make me put together an anthology - you know it's your M.O.) Can you specify exactly what was so difficult about your background? And if you're not willing to do so, can you shut up about it?
  11. So you're admitting that, as a conservative (yeah yeah, a black conservative, but a conservative) you would never have voted for a candidate from the left? It's actually hard to tell what you meant there, but that's my best guess.
  12. Ugh really hitting home. Those are some nearly impossible shoes to fill.
  13. My favorite football player of all time, and second favorite athlete of all time behind Maradona. Obviously the greatest Panthers quarterback. A misused and underappreciated elite talent. A charismatic leader who put a dull team on the map. Will win a Super Bowl starting for another team. Won't really be the same without him.
  14. Mike Tanier is one of the best & most knowledgeable football writers out there. He's the head football guy for Bleacher Report - sure, that site is sh*t, but he's one of the "prestige" writers they brought on board to put lipstick on the pig, and he puts out great stuff. He's got a rare combination of knowing his sh*t about football and having actual writing ability. He's not from a traditional journalistic background - he was a math teacher, then a founder with Football Outsiders, and never worked a beat gig or anything like that - he's more of a generalist. Highly recommended. No Saints connection - he's an Eagles jackass from Jersey.
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