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  1. This has been a tough year for Panther nation with Cam Newton's injury and QB controversy it has sparked. It started with the mainstream sports network trying to create a story out of nothing and it seems as though they have succeeded in parts. All we kept hearing is how we should trade Cam and keep Kyle...Dont get it twisted, I love Kyle Allen and he has surpassed all expectations as far as his play. But we all know his ceiling is limited compared to Cam's. So I spent hours creating this Film analysis to further explore just how good Kyle is, but also to expose some weaknesses in his game so we can get a slightly more balanced opinion. Do you guys think Kyle is a starting QB in the NFL, a franchise QB, or just a stand in until Cam gets back?
  2. We need Bradberry more than ever. Our defense is having trouble tackling. I love Reid's aggression, but this man does not wrap up. Fundamentals...
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