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  1. We really should give Mike Davis more chances, he's looked damn good so far today. No need to keep running CMC into the turf.
  2. Wow.. DJ only has 87 yards? What a bust. Like, every #1 wr should go for at least 150 yards a game.
  3. burns isnt showing up too much in the stats sheet but he's gotten at least 3 pressures today, fuging beast man. he's gonna be good.
  4. why is donte motherfuging jackson on mike evans in the first place? like what did you expect lmao
  5. tampa blitzes so teddy throws a dumpoff flat route to CMC on the left side of the field, goes for 4 yards.
  6. Bucs: 33 Panthers: 24 I think Burns has a nice 2 sack game working against Donovan Smith. I think DJ will also show up some today, maybe getting a 100 yard game with a TD and I think our offense will do its thing. CMC will be CMC even against that tough Bucs run D, and Teddy will do decently. But, we simply can't keep up even if they have no Godwin or Evans. Brady will rip our secondary apart even without those guys, he's just too experienced and he will eat 'em alive. On top of this, they still have a three headed monster TE core with Howard-Gronk-Brate, and Whitehead is going to get cooked against those guys especially OJ Howard who he has no chance in hell of keeping up with.
  7. Week 2 Panthers @ Bucs Falcons @ Cowboys Saints @ Raiders Rams @ Eagles Patriots @ Seahawks
  8. Could we maybe lure the buc fuger back out of retirement? In all seriousness, I don't expect much. I expect Tampa to win by a decent margin, Godwin and Evans on our corners just isn't ideal. I will be watching our defensive line eagerly though, the Bucs do not have the best offensive line in football. Last week, our DL played arguably a top 3 OL in football. This week? I think they have a fighting chance to show out. Burns on Smith, as someone pointed out earlier, isn't a good matchup for Tampa. Neither is Ryan Jensen on Derrick Brown. Kawann Short will once again be in a one on one, except this time it will not be against a Gabe Jackson caliber player. Maybe he can show he still has something left, maybe not. Either way, I will personally be watching the DL very closely. Outside of our DL though, I'm not very thrilled. I expect to see Brady go for 400 and "return to form", but as long as we show fight unlike that shitshow last year i'll be good. They fought hard against Oakland, I hope to see more of the same this week.
  9. They lost by two TDs and it was within one score for a good while, this in the dome too.
  10. LMAO I can't wait to see Brady with Evans-Godwin against this fuging team, they put up a fight against a playoff team with no pre-season and a bunch of moving parts.
  11. i use poo when i disagree with something but cant be fuged to write a response or if someone else is already written one that explains my thoughts.
  12. well, at least i can have a half decent team to root for this year since we obviously aren't touching the playoffs. happy for cam! gonna be very bittersweet if it works out though..
  13. delanie walker even if he's 35, as long as he can stay on the field will be one of the better run blocking TEs in the league, and we need anyone who can block pretty badly. i think he'd be a good pickup for us for the right price.
  14. exactly, and on top of that he was only with cam for what 3 seasons? he'd probably put jake in over cam since he played with jake longer.
  15. peppers was never the best DE in any season outside of 2006, and that's only because merriman is listed as an OLB. i don't really see how anyone except luke is the best panthers player ever. he was the best MLB in the league from 2012-2017 and it wasnt even a little close until wagner broke out (who only surpassed him due to luke's injuries) greatest? probably smith, but the best is definitely luke.
  16. Raiders - L at Bucs - L at Chargers - W Cardinals - W at Falcons - L Bears - L at Saints - L (THU) Falcons - W at Chiefs - L Bucs - L Lions - L at Vikings - L Broncos - L at Packers - L at Redskins - W Saints - L 4-12 to 5-11, depending on the Bears (their defense would have to keep them in it, don't know if it can) or interdivisioinal memery like us upsetting the saints or bucs
  17. both sides have made illogical assumptions, all you can really do is ignore them. one side (the cam huggers) seemingly only root for the player and calling anyone who disagrees with them racist, the other side commonly goes off obviously flawed win-loss records and brings up the ever stupid "cam is inaccurate" narrative. though, i don't nessecarily see why all of the people who wanted cam to stay are being lumped into the group who wanted to give him an extension/being lumped is as racebaiters. i wanted to see him play out the remainder of his contract and have the last remaining year operate sort of as a prove it deal, and move on if he doesn't play well. if he does? well great, you have a franchise qb for your rebuild. i understand why we moved on though, and i am not sitting here complaining about it months later even if i am still disappointed. there are very real concerns over age and injury, and it's likely teddy is just a stopgap anyway. i just don't see why you let go of your best QB for nothing when you have him under contract for one year, he's in absolutely no position to sit out, and while i am sure he wanted a new contract, you don't have to give him one.
  18. beo

    Corona Virus

    rip thread
  19. beo

    Corona Virus

    ah yes, it's merely a conspiracy. im secretly an alt-right neo-nazi trying to distract everyone from the REAL issues, facts be damned. its not that i am someone who just wants updates and facts on the issue at hand, i am something much eviler. a beast from the land known as st*rmfront. if you look through the thread, you can see all of the rightwing opinions- wait there are literally none, you can't nevermind. how could you have known? i covered my tracks so well, what with me never having posted in the tinderbox before, and the literal only political statement ive ever made was very vague post i posted earlier. you are truly, a psychic. teach me your ways, awoken one. /s
  20. beo

    Corona Virus

    the ones earlier weren't, and what you just described is literally a political opinion. there is a thread on TB for coronavirus no? just post it there. no hard feelings, you seem like a fine person even though i disagree with you, im just saying that this thread is primarily for facts and statistics/information relating to the virus, not for opinions relating to the virus. there is a diff thread for those.
  21. beo

    Corona Virus

    bud just take the political talk to tinderbox, nobody on the main forum wants to talk about politics. many people here avoid the tinderbox for a good reason. there is a seperate subforum for politics, there's no need to plaster it all over the main forum. people here are coming here for facts and updates not for political agendas and opinions.
  22. beo

    Corona Virus

    source for my previous post: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/not-trump-or-obama-was-americas-worst-president-ever-118771 anyways, i dont see trump as a particurally great president, but my point is he isn't even close to the worst in our history. i'd probably say middling to below average. this virus couldnt have been prevented by trump. the real person to point fingers at is the chinese government and their suppression of info, not trump.
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