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  1. thomas is usually considered a LT, also okudah and young will most certainly be gone. with brown, i'd just prefer thomas over him. shift little to guard. also upon looking into some of the players on your draft, i'd like alex highsmith later on as well.
  2. i know nothing about dugger. also, im personally not a fan of raekwon davis. he really strieks me as the guy some team will reach on because of his potential, but then wont ever live up to it. he recorded 0.5 of a sack this year compared to 8 his freshman year, has been declining ever since. i am a fan of shaq quarterman in the 6th though. here's my current mock for reference: (i also really like savon ahmed as a UDFA)
  3. are people just forgetting that tyrod was a very serviceable qb with the bills, and that a few bad games with the browns before being impulsively benched doesnt change that?
  4. because norman went to the skins, an ineptly shithole who wanted norman to play in man to man coverage when he was an obvious zone first corner.
  5. having dom capers as sort of a mentor/ a guy that can give advice here and there for your coaching staff is honestly a really cool move, more teams should do that kind of thing.
  6. inb4 he just ends up as the next terry pegula
  7. always felt like the titans didnt let him run nearly as much as they shouldve, maybe he just needs a change of scenery.
  8. atleast he wasnt as disapponting as mariota
  9. yeah thats a pretty good point, the colts are like a cap space haram. a 38 year old andrew whitworth has his contract up as well (the rams are in cap hell, so there's chance he might walk), but besides that it'd be a 50/50 diceroll at best at the tackle spot if we were to look for f/as. im personally weary of that after that godforsaken kalil contract.
  10. man ever since 2017, and maybe this is just me and i know it wont likely happen, but chris jones just reminded me of a classic panthers dt. just his playstyle. i'd love him here, alongside aj klein and maybe trevathan, sheard for the right price.
  11. anthony castonzo is available as of now, idk if he'll be resigned or if he's been worse lately but i recall he was a solid tackle for the colts for a while
  12. id like for us to go for anthony castonzo, danny trevathan, bring back aj klein, and sheard or leonard williams if theyre available. edit: not saying sign all just saying go for one or two of these guys
  13. rhule confirmed a switch to a 4-3 iirc lol yeah thats the wonder of pre draft speculation, the jaguars taking blaine gabbert over jj watt good times
  14. GVR would be a phenomenal depth player imo, there's nobody i'd like having as depth than GVR. a hardworker who isnt as talented but is on 100% at all times. issue is that he's a starter. but yeah, looking in hindsight, you could probably find a LB more easily. infact here's a list of avaliable LBS this yr trevathan, ragland, woodyard, klein and van noy could all be potential signings for the right price. by contrast the only FA this yr at tackle that seems to be convincing is castonzo who i recall was solid for indy, or a 38 year old whitworth. so yeah, i think that, if thomas is there then it would probably be the right choice to pick him up and shift little to guard. that'd be a damn decent line honestly, and if paradis heals, we could have a solid unit.
  15. yeah, i hear you now. thanks for the insight on it; i totally forgot to factor cam's situation in and was looking at it solely from a position by position standpoint, and not how cam's health could bite us in the ass if little suffered another concussion.
  16. upon reading some of the replies though, i've been convinced that if thomas is there you take him just for the prospect of moving little to guard. thanks for the insight regarding it, i totally forgot that little could just get moved to guard if he's good for whatever reason, and i wasn't factoring in cam's situation.
  17. i agree with you on value, reaching is stupid especially when your team has holes everywhere so you cant really go wrong with anything
  18. quenton nelson was the most slam dunk pick ever and the fact that he fell to 6th was absolutely insane. i dont think andrew thomas is a quenton nelson, that dude made first team all-pro in his rookie year (and in 2019 as well)
  19. in my opinion it boils down to this: we have atleast something at tackle, while at some of our other needs we have absolutely nothing there. particularly LB. still, risking cam's health would be a really bad idea. maybe look at say a trey adams in round 2 or 3? i just think that with our current roster it would make more sense to go for simmons or a LB.
  20. that's a good point, but i feel that maybe you could reserve that for day 2 or 3. i can definitely get the line of thinking but there are spots on this team where we have absolutely nothing, like at S, and then at LB it's just shaq with below average backups. that can change with free agency though and if we sign another starting caliber LB and a starting caliber safety, then i'd be for thomas at tackle and little at guard. what if that 2nd or 4th ranked player is a position we dont need though? BPA is a good idea but you should still base the pick somewhat on need imo
  21. That's a good point and i can get that line of thinking but GVR isnt a total disaster at guard either, he'd be more suited as a depth player for sure but he's not absolutely horrific like paradis was last season. If so, why take a tackle with a top 10 selection which is an extremely valuable pick? Why not look around in say the 2nd or 3rd round, or later in the draft, as a plan B. If little doesnt work out and if we somehow get two poo tackles, then take one in the first round next year worst case scenario. I think LB is way more of a glaring hole now post-luke, because I dont trust what we currently have there. we've got shaq and then 3rd stringers. A lot of this depends on free agency though too i'd say, but hell safety is a giant hole as well, and while DT on paper isnt as bad you can save a hell of a lot of cap space by letting Poe go and replacing him with derrick brown.
  22. im totally against picking a WR or a skill position, that'd be absolutely a bad idea. i suggested a G, LB, S, and DT.
  23. so lets assume that this offense somehow works despite the fact that the pats have always had good offensive lines. cam still gets the poo knocked out of him and probably ends up on IR after week 3, and i doubt any qb can play behind that poo. look at what happened to luck
  24. So a common pick people like to make for us this year in the draft is offensive tackle and it's very understandable why given how weak the position was last year. So, I just wanna give my opinion on why I would personally go in a different direction. First of all, last year we had a lot of injury issues. I personally think that those injury issues are the main reason we were so bad at tackle. The primary reason I think we should go elsewhere from OT though, is the fact that we still don't really know what we have in Greg Little. Little showed flashes here and there prior to injury and imo did a good job, and RT is arguably our best offensive line spot at the moment. LT depends on Little, but I don't nessicarily see why you'd pick a LT 7th overall before truly figuring out what you have in last years 2nd round pick who showed flashes of potential prior to injury. It feels like poor asset management to me. Even if Little bombs, we can still pick someone next year in which we'll likely have a decently high draft pick barring camvp. I think we should go for a Guard, S (every damn year), LB, or DT. I'm also high on Isaiah Simmons, Clemson's star MLB that can run a 4.37 and has national championship experience with a sky high ceiling to boot, and i think that'd he would be the best pick for us, given how weak we are at LB (ofc that can change in f/a though). idk just my thoughts tho
  25. did you even watch 2018 because we tried this exact same thing with cam's fuged up shoulder and it got figured out fast.. we need a guard. or SOME line help, because we have a severely injured qb and even if this worked cam'd still be getting hit a lot
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