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  1. Did you act this way when Luke retired? The Luke talk went on for weeks. But the Cam talks should end immediately.lol
  2. Man was nominated for Walter Payton Man Of The Year, judging by the comments you would think he was a scumbag. You see the real from the fake once you leave. Everybody knew the Panthers had some racists fans, we now seeing who was truly a fan of Cam and who the true haters are. This man did nothing wrong, but people attacking him as if he did. He never asked for a trade he never gave up on the team even when we were in rebuilding mode. You people better open your eyes the TD move was the beginning then came Luke, Olsen, Trai, now Cam. This a new ownership and they are getting rid of the pillars of this franchise. You can choose to continue to root for them, but the way they treat their best players have not been good. Stay Woke people!
  3. A few posts ago I was worthless talking to and not worth your time. A few posts later he's still responding to me. But you want me to believe you're an adult... Move on buddy im not worth your time remember?
  4. Says the "grown up" who keeps responding. Move on sir you're acting like a child right now. Have a nice day!
  5. Cam has millions his life shouldn't matter because he's got money! Will the money help him from getting the coronavirus? I thought not! Cam you see how fans truly feel about you now. They couldn't wait to see you leave. First MVP in franchise history and this is the love you get? Luke retires it is a damn funeral around here. Cam gets cut it's the complete opposite half love him half are throwing a damn party he's gone.lol
  6. It's life my guy. Deal with it and keep it moving.
  7. You're looking for respect on the internet with strangers you never met?lol Just block me dude it's not that hard.
  8. My man you think money solves problems? These athletes have to go through the same stuff we all do. It's like you guys forget athletes are human to. They just make more money than the regular civilian that's it. Money doesn't mean jack in this situation we are all in the same position. We all losing money and jobless! Why are we even talking about the coronavirus situation in this thread? That is my point he took the topic and made it about the less fortunate people. If you want to talk real life do it in the coronavirus thread. Cam is a millionaire it wasn't by choice, he worked hard to get what he has earned. And newsflash he isn't the only rich athlete on the Panthers. If you're going to single him out do it for all the players. My goodness you people love to get on Cam for any and everything he does. Im glad he doesn't have to play for this fan base anymore. He was never really truly appreciated don't believe read some of the comments on this board. The man is the first MVP in franchise history for goodness sake at least respect his talent and the fact he put his body on the line every Sunday. *Remember people he didn't ask out, they forced him out. Stop trying to make Cam the bad guy here.smh
  9. Yes I did. Why does Cam being a millionaire matter in this situation? This is about football he made it about Coronavirus. So I simply said he had a chance to not live paycheck to paycheck. Don't blame Cam for your personal problems. How is that a problem? Keep it about football was my point.
  10. You take sports to seriously my man and it's really sad you think like this. You had a chance to not live paycheck to paycheck, don't blame us because you don't live comfortably. Speak for yourself, im not fighting for survival. I got food in my cabinets my freezer is full of meats. I have everything I need for the next 3 or 4 months to survive. Stop overreacting this is just a test to warn America and the rest of the world to get their poo together and stop living reckless everyday. And for some of the religious people like myself this is just the bible being fulfilled. People are fan of players, it's just how sports work. Relax my guy.
  11. Race plays a factor for sure.
  12. I don't see how people think other fans are just going to gloss over Cam Newton talk. This man is arguably the best player in franchise history, and yet they want us to forget him as soon as he is cut.lol Go to the Patriots message board they still talk about Brady 24/7.
  13. I guess you never seen non related Panthers topics in this forum? This aint the first and wont be the last. Relax!
  14. You know you don't have to click on the Cam topics right?
  15. Why do you complain about every Cam thread, yet continue to post in them? lol you're obsessed and don't even realize it.
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