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  1. I would rather roll the dice on a top 5 guy than an undrafted xfl player
  2. I would rather roll the dice on a top 5 guy than an undrafted xfl player
  3. I love cam, probably my favorite panther of all time tied with Luke however I can put my emotion aside and understand why Cam is not signed right now. There are a ton of reasons and its pretty obvious once you remove any personal tie you may have.
  4. The actual phrase he said was "Cam's a tremendous quarterback," Lynn said. "He's been an MVP of this league, he's led his team to a Super Bowl and he's healthy now, from what I hear." Which means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme things. I think the injury potential, coupled with his style is probably a huge turn off for a lot of teams. And lets be real here, Cam hasnt been good at all since 2015. Career wise he is a slightly better than .500 qb with a low completion percentage. You guys have to understand why teams are not beating down his door.
  5. how many ridiculous threads are you going to start?
  6. watch zero zero zero. You will not be disappointed and its 10 hours
  7. Its not being negative its being realistic
  8. Riverboat will tinker enough with that defense to get them to 8-8 paving a way for us to land in the top 3
  9. great player terrible human. I still watch his catch vs the Rams every blue moon though. Dude was a badass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyxcYhxWwcg
  10. How can you not like tepper? It seems he is going out of his way to drag this franchise into a more modern team. New stadium, new training complex, spending money etc.
  11. Posting the facts and making predictions on said facts doesnt make anyone a hater or make them have negativity. Its just what it is.......facts. And you might want to do some research about the "quick" turn around of the 49ers
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