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  1. Its done. He has a weird tight throwing motion now.
  2. If you go back and look at say the last 6 teams that played in the super bowl and look how there olines were assembled. I think you will see a pattern.
  3. https://www.spectrumeyecarenc.com/ I'd give them a call if I were you
  4. Does WOW really think this is the offense that brady wants to run? I mean come on.
  5. Hopefully your vocabulary can land you a job teaching English. LOL
  6. Little isnt going to develop becoming quicker. He is just slow and susceptible to a speed rush. He does that move where he tries to push the end back but all it does is push him to the side and around making a clean avenue to Teddy Like I have said daily on here, if we dont pick a QB in the first then I will lose my mind if we dont address the line. If someone isnt there we like trade back but we are doing yet another qb a disservice by not protecting him
  7. Moton is fine, you are right the right side can be overwhelmed at times and late in the game it showed. I am not sure how folks like WOW are not seeing how limited Brady is at scheming things due to the lack of protection and time teddy is getting
  8. God bless you then if you think this is a good offensive line. Seriously.
  9. Dude Teddy was pressured all day yesterday and we couldnt run up the middle. This entire year Brady is having to scheme the ball out quick because of the lack of protection. If you cannot see that then I really dont know what to say. Our line is not good and we need to spend some high draft picks addressing it. Little was getting abused yesterday after Okung went out
  10. Logic? Damn man its obvious you didnt watch the game, he was bouncing balls.
  11. The showtime doc about the Comedy Store is an absolute must watch if you guys like comedy. He is in it a bunch
  12. I think at this point even Teddy knows he is going to be replaced in 2022
  13. How would that look if we say, drafted olineman higher in the draft rather than putting everything on cams shoulders?
  14. It makes me absolutely furious that they never drafted oline help for him, just big slow wideouts for some reason
  15. This is a strange hill to die on. Anyone that watched today saw he was having throwing problems and the homers that have been watching are expressing the same thoughts but you are making excuses for him. Dude his shoulder looks done and when he runs he looks sluggish
  16. I have watched him the past two weeks and he has this weird short/tight throwing motion where he doesnt fully engage his shoulder. I said it last week and I will say it again he looks done.
  17. I told you last week cam is shot but you called me blind. His shoulder is kaput
  18. From here to eternity. Teddy was harassed all day
  19. I think its past time that we quit picking "raw" linebackers in the first. The first round is where players should be plug and play. If we pass on Davis, Little or Eichenberg or someone of that quality we are doing a disservice to whoever is the qb in the coming years. Build the damn line already
  20. I have watched the Cuse and FSU game. Tell me what I am missing here. 1100 yards 64% 9td 4int I am not saying he sucks but from what i have seen and looking at his stats he isnt better than Trevor as you have mentioned in the past. Sometimes its helps to take off blinders no matter what team you pull for.
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