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  1. There is a fluff piece on the Athletic about Lance that just came out. Nothing crazy just people giving him accolades about his talent and hard work. The top 10 is going to be nuts this year if 4 qbs all grade out as franchise players
  2. I wouldnt, I think Teddy is our best chance to lose out
  3. Curious as to why it would matter to those around there when you can just watch his games on youtube. Its not like living close to someone can give you some special insight to him unless you are implying he is a bit much off the field.
  4. I wasnt really commenting on the quality of CC just the comment about playing someone in 3 days that you havent studied or game planned at all. If he lights it up under those circumstances he will rocket even more up the boards. If he falters I think things cool off until the combine or their bowl game at least.
  5. Yes yes, hopefully I get a chance to watch the game instead of highlights. I still contend that even if he is a great prospect he needs about 20lbs of muscle added on
  6. Cam cannot throw or run anymore. The rumors were true his body is shot
  7. Person writes in the Atlantic what he has been saying pretty much all season. The panthers cannot afford Moton. Holy hell how did this happen? We are going to replace all 5 positions on the line? If this doesnt get Hurney fired then I give up Right tackle Taylor Moton Chance he returns: 30 percent. Key stat: Moton has not allowed a quarterback pressure in three games and has given up just 12 all year — tied for second fewest among qualified tackles, according to Pro Football Focus. Comment: Moton, the second-round pick from 2017, has become one of the league’s top right tackles and is eyeing a payday in the $15 million-a-year range. That seems unlikely to come from the Panthers. A source said there have been no talks about an extension between the two sides. The Panthers could use the franchise tag on Moton. But that one-year number (the tag was $14.8 million for offensive linemen last year) would represent a big chunk of a salary cap that could be as much as $22 million lower than this year’s because of decreased revenues during the pandemic.
  8. Sure thing qb prospects over the years. Elway, Manning, Luck, Trevor. His floor is the playoffs
  9. Its just a dumb hot take. The kid has zero negatives. He has lost one game in 3 years. He has a football prodigy brain inside a custom made football body. He literally has no weaknesses
  10. That is certainly debatable and has nothing to do with Trevor vs howell
  11. I dont think Cams motion hurt his shoulder it was just a combination of a ton of things. Getting hit in particular scrambling, a terrible oline, Watt, and waiting waiting waiting on treating the shoulder for fear of surgery. The panthers failed Cam but he didnt do himself any favors trying to play through it.
  12. I am not going to lie, a few of those throws look identical to Trevor in regards to placing the ball right where the WR can get it and just perfect where the defender can do nothing. I dont know how well he reads defenses or how he audibles but he throws some really nice balls. I am not concerned with his shoulder but moreso his frame. He has to get thicker
  13. Are you high? Serious question. What the eff are you striping back exactly? He calls plays at the line, reads defenses, can make every throw, has insane pocket awareness and is extremely mobile. Hot takes like yours are just garbage. Trying to sound smarter than you really are
  14. Come on now, Trevor is throwing dimes. Dropping balls into guys hands. Its not the system. He is legit the best prospect since luck and in reality probably better coming out than him first 6ish plays he is throwing insane passes This is just one game The throw at 6:18. Come on man that is nfl worthy
  15. Nah man I am just saying his gaudy stats should be taken with a grain of salt. Not saying he isnt good. But their offense is spread them out wide open. Just like with trask that gives me a bit of concern as he is just throwing to open spaces/wideouts where as someone like Trevor is calling audibles at the line and throwing dimes into coverage all I am saying is its hard to really drill down and evaluate guys in offenses like howel. He does throw a nice deep ball
  16. Nah he is not as athletic as Manziel but their throwing style is similar. I would say he is a really poor mans brett Farve at this stage in the game. I dont dislike him but I sure as hell dont think he is a top 5 pick this year and in no way better than the top guys this year.
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