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  1. Trevor Lawrence is going to take at least 3 firsts and multiple lower picks and the Jets still will not do it
  2. Ron Rivera has now ruined 2 off the best players in Panthers history. Running Cam and Cmac into the ground should be considered criminal.
  3. Was it a hot tub? And did Jessica Pare come with it?
  4. Jets would be fools to trade out of the 1 spot (assuming its them)
  5. I imagine the NFL is going to relax the rules of teams meeting with prospects quite a bit. That way they can really sit down with them, interview, go through tape, work them out etc. So obviously this is where having a lights out scouting dept works in your favor. If they get extended time with the qb prospects I will trust Brady and co on who they like.
  6. off topic but everything I saw/read on the peripheral everyone pretty much laughed at the Hornets pick and said it was just an obvious attempt at trying to sell tickets. Ball is street ball garbage
  7. Its one thing to be optimistic but his post is a bit to much homerism. This roster is in need of a huge talent influx and we are getting even shallower after this year on oline. Its a hurney classic
  8. Jesus that is one rosy take on our roster. That's basically best case scenario at every position and even then we are 2 drafts away.
  9. In todays modern NFL why in the hell would anyone want a non mobile qb on a team with a bad offensive line?
  10. San Diego is not winning games with Herbert. Also next year we will take another lump as we have too many holes to fill. The thought of the offensive line next year is lol funny. Samuel is all but gone IMO and Person said its going to take 15mil per to get Moton. I dont think the team wants to re-up that much on him. It could be a long year next season as well.
  11. Remember Rhule was almost hired by them but they wouldnt let him pick his coaches lololololololol Yeah the ownership is a bit slow
  12. By my count they have ruined the past 3 quarterbacks they have drafted in damn near record time
  13. I will just trust whoever Brady thinks is best at our pick
  14. I am in no way saying Kyler is a bad qb or anything like that. He is fun to watch, quick with a good arm. But I would be nervous as hell about him just taking a killer shot because of his size and the way he just takes off running. I get he is quick and all but he is going to get hit at some point. All of the runners do.
  15. and be tutored by Brady while he is still here. Thats the key
  16. With the cap going down this is not the year to be shelling out big contracts. We are just now having a plan to cut our dead weight. We are going to need every penny in a couple of seasons.
  17. Dont give up yet. There is still a lot of football to be played and we are trending down like the Challenger
  18. He has the absolute worst takes on this board
  19. From the little I have seen from him, the only knock on Wilson is his frame. He has to get bigger in the NFL. And I would be cool with that if he sits a year
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