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  1. What about Gurley? What about David Johnson? What about Zeke? What about Drake? I could go on but you get the point. 1 player over 8 games doesnt make a trend.
  2. Yep and it just compounds when the worst team picks 3rd. Its fuging stupid. If you are a conspiracy guy you know that the lottery was set up by Stern to control who went where. Frozen envelope anyone?
  3. The NBA lottery makes no sense............at all. If a team wants to tank and suffer the consequences of that than so be it but randomly choosing where a team chooses in the draft based on record is retarded. Always has been, always will be.
  4. Lotteries don't make sense. The NBA lottery is a mess
  5. I have said it 100 times on here, running him into the ground last season just so he could get the record and then paying him for it while he was still under his rookie deal in the offseason has to be one of the dumbest moves in this franchises history.
  6. He didnt bring him in for 1 year. He brought him in for 2 and his contract reflects it.
  7. Didn't he get a fair shake last year and again this season? How much time does he need to show you he is what he is. Its not magically getting better the rest of the year
  8. 1. Trading up for everette Brown 2. Trading up for Armanti 3. Trading up for Little
  9. doubt it, a bunch of the crappy teams are slated to play each. Take us for example, we get both minny and the skins
  10. "His average depth of target on the day was only 4.2 yards down the field, and only 36.1% of his yards came through the air. Compare that to the other side of the ball, where Patrick Mahomes‘ average depth of target was 9.8 yards downfield and he gained 66.4% of his yards through the air. It looked like they were playing different positions altogether." Keep beating the Teddy is the franchise drum. Godalmighty that is a horrific stat.
  11. Pressure doesn't faze him? Dafuq you talking about? He's lost the last 3 games because of pressure
  12. Have you seen what Cook has been doing the past couple games?
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