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  1. Glory on this Sunday! We will play spoiler and ruin the Buc's season
  2. I thought this thread was going to be about whether Moton will re-sign here or leave... Prepare for him to be the highest-paid RT in the league if you want him to stay
  3. I'm actually glad he was benched...can you believe back then, Rivera let Byron Bell get whooped like a rag doll by Mario Williams and never sat Bell down?!?! And this was after he got whooped badly by Seattle DE's earlier that season, I believe
  4. Curtis Samuel will breakout these next 2 games
  5. Yep. Like I said earlier, staff doesn't trust Bridgewater anymore. Wouldn't be surprised if Bridgewater is benched near the end of the season at this rate
  6. Coaching staff seems like they lost faith in Bridgewater
  7. That was HORRIBLE CB play by Donte Jackson. I would go ahead and try to trade him for whatever we can get
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