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  1. i agree, I was worried during preseason about our run d this year
  2. in other words same old bucs, biggest key to me is stop the run game and force Jameis to play consistently great to beat us. Jameis is guaranteed at least three wtf throws per game as well, hopefully those all end up in our hands oh and feed curtis samuel
  3. Remember when he wasn't worth the 8th pick overall? Lol. Dude is probably our best WR and I'm a huge Curtis fan
  4. Beat reporters are saying it's for nothing but I wouldn't be surprised if we are sniffing around Trent
  5. lmao yea given hindsight of course you'd take Mahomes. I'm talking about before that draft.
  6. would also be nice to control the clock, rams offense has a lot of talent
  7. I support Mitch because he's a heel but I knew from day one that was a risky pick at best and Watson was a much more solid QB. Imagine Watson on that team right now, man they would be really good.
  8. I don't mind giving CMC big money because he adds so much more than a traditional RB
  9. La Rez posting an ad on the Huddle what a time to be alive
  10. Jared Goff is very very overrated by national media. Sean McVay is an absolute genius. they have great WRs that can seperate. Cooks, Kupp and Woods. Big test for our secondary this weekend. Defense is solid and they probably have the best defensive player in the league in Donald Their secondary is a tad overrated imo The rumor is Gurley has a bad knee injury and may never be the same player he once was
  11. I'll tell you one thing it's sad to see a patient get so addicted to opioids after a surgery they had that they have to get methadone now
  12. Gaulden should make the team if all the ancillary stuff is resolved with him and Rivera. The guy just has a knack for making plays when he is in games. Some guys don't practice that well but play well. I think he's one of them.
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