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  1. that was stupid as hell to do, could have easily ended his career if it goes wrong. Josh still has another contract in him after this one
  2. Cole Anthony all the way. Has the potential to be a superstar in this league. If Monk develops into a solid bench scorer a la Lou Williams, Bridges into a solid SF, PJ into a good stretch 4. We have the makings of a great young team. But this is the Hornets we all know we're going to fug it up.
  3. Carolina United Two States One Soccer team Book it
  4. I kinda hate all the players projected to go around 12, rui isn't really an exception to that
  5. At pick 12 in the draft this guy is 100% worth the gamble
  6. And just to pile on, if the hornets even did draft kawaii I'm 90% sure he isn't the player he is today
  7. At the end of the day the Hornets are victims of terrible drafting and bad resource allocation. We would be the Cleveland Browns of the NBA consistently if not for Kemba. Real problem is it will take years before this team can make meaningful change. Mitch's hands are tied. So I expect we re-sign Kemba and continue on our mediocre journey for the next three years before we completely blow it up
  8. Grier is making the team regardless of how good he is. The real question is Allen vs. Heinecke for that other QB spot. Maybe we could stash one away on the PS but I doubt it.
  9. That's actually a very good deal for the Saints. Maybe it's just because Cam Jordan has an unhealthy fascination with Cam but he always seems to play well against us.
  10. I've believed this for years as well but at this point I think it's a factor of the following: 1. Ron values veterans at the safety spot above all else 2. Hurney does not value the safety spot highly enough to invest a top tier draft pick in it. Resulting in us consistently having older veteran stop gaps. Hell the only reason we got the talent in Eric Reid is bc of something not football related.
  11. Looked to me like he was throwing slightly differently. If this helps to not aggravate his shoulder I'm all for it. But in game I'd imagine it will be hard for old habits (old throwing motion) to not rear its head
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