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  1. Edge in a 3-4 is far different than edge in a 4-3. There are very rare examples of guys that can be effective in both
  2. this. we have so many needs this offseason why would we add the headache of getting personnel to run a new defense too. Especially if Rivera is gone after this season anyway.
  3. SOJA

    Senior Bowl prospects of note

    bill simmons says a lot of stupid poo. but one of this theories I 100% believe is that children of former professional players come into the league like mini vets.
  4. Saints fans acting like lunatics? just color me shocked.
  5. SOJA

    Marriage Advice

    If what you say is true dude she's already over you. She's been getting emotional over you for probably years now. It's all happening at once for you, that's going to take time to emotionally process. But the sooner you leave and start working on yourself, the better off you will be in the long term. Also if she comes calling for you back when this new dude turns out to not be all that great just remember she gave up on you once and she will give up on you again once she finds a new fling. sorry that probably sucks to read and hear but you want people to be honest with you
  6. Think it's pretty clear Kelvin is not good at football right now and is suffering from some kind of mental illness. Relax guys.
  7. can someone please explain to me the logic of wasting a high pick on a qb? We have a franchise qb. Worst comes to worst and Cam can't play next year, that's the perfect time to bottom out then address if we are moving forward with Cam or not. If we are great, we get a top 3 pick plus Cam back. If we aren't then we can draft a true talent at QB. Wasting a high but not super high pick on a qb is exactly that a waste. We have SO MANY OTHER NEEDS besides qb. I think you could argue we could draft any position in the first second or third round besides QB or MLB and I would probably agree with you.
  8. SOJA


    the pic in the top right amazes me because given slightly different leverage the dude might have broken his neck
  9. SOJA


    I would argue every other fanbase handled our superbowl loss worse than we did. Can't tell you how many fumble gifs, hot takes on cam's presser and reposted pictures of our sideline with the crying jordan meme I saw on twitter and reddit nfl Ppl really hated the panthers that year and rubbed it in hard when we lost
  10. SOJA


    If the panthers lost the way the saints did yesterday I guarantee I would be posting about how bad our QB played, how bad our play calling was, and how conservative our coach was settling for fgs early. Thinking that one call was the only reason the saints lost is stupid. It played a part but saints had every chance to win that game.
  11. SOJA

    Go Rams, obviously.

    not really sure how the win is tainted considering the saints had more than several egregious no calls go there way yesterday and throughout the season and further that the saints still should have won that game handedly yesterday and simply didn't execute.
  12. SOJA

    Go Rams, obviously.

    I'm just so happy it isn't a pats saints superbowl and I have to cheer for the pats and the "nobody believes in us" narrative. that's the biggest crock of poo I've ever seen.
  13. Who could have predicted this? Oh wait we all did.
  14. SOJA

    Here for my lumps...

    Hey at least yall can add another stud pass rusher in this year's first roun------ Hey at least drew brees is still under 4--- Hey at least you guys have a competent backup that definitely didn't lose to Kyle Alle----- Hey at least Cam Jordan has his winery
  15. I have invested heavily in the Saints to go to the superbowl for this exact reason folks.......so you can all thank me if they end up losing