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  1. I agree that no statement on Cam seems like a bad thing for us Cam fans Ugh.
  2. Kaep would make us a legit team though and I'm kind of in favor of tanking
  3. You keep Cam unless some team offers a bounty of picks for him That doesn't preclude spending a first on a QB though
  4. We should have fired Rivera two seasons ago. There was no excuse not to fire him last year. Now it would just be asinine to keep him. Moving on from Cam this offseason would also be idiotic but if some team gives us a couple first rounders for him and there are questions about his longterm health I'd be ok with it. But if we keep rivera and go into next season with Allen as our starter we are setting ourselves up to be the worst team in the league
  5. Kyle Allen is a typical NFL backup QB, he can come in and win a few games, but ask him to consistently week to week beat quality NFL defenses and he will eventually falter. That's not a knock on him there are very few franchise level qbs in this league. But if the Panthers go into next season with Allen as the answer we will end up with Trevor Lawrence the next year....actually now that I think about it
  6. Jalen hurts was not a good passing QB at bama, Reiley has turned him into a Heisman candidate
  7. We're only going to be able to sign one of them, I actually think Shaq makes our defensive more dynamic. Bradberry is very good, but I think it's easier to find a solid CB than a rangy LB like Shaq. I'd be fine either way though. I love and want to keep both of them
  8. yea why don't we hire an outdated defensive minded guy.......oh wait
  9. Fire entire coaching staff Hire Lincoln Reiley Hire young defensive coordinator Could go either way on Hurney Keep Cam unless some team offers multiple first rounders for him Use first round pick on a QB Use top pick on a run stuffing DT Use top pick on a true FS Cut Gano Re-sign Shaq, Franchise Bradberry
  10. yea god dammit he should have been a strip club like a good boy!
  11. Falcons have always played us well/kicked our ass the last few years. By no means is this an easy game, even if the Falcons had gotten killed last week. The fact that they beat the Saints has me concerned. I see this as a game where we make a lot of mistakes and the Falcons are just barely competent enough to capitalize on them.
  12. I said this during the preseason, our run defense is atrocious. It actually has been since Star left...
  13. check my post history been saying for awhile it was time to wipe the slate clean and reboot. Did not have high hopes for this season when we found out Rivera was staying
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