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  1. Man this sucks for a young man trying to make this team
  2. I'm a UNC fan and I'm so tired of all this. Just pay the players and stop all this backchannel bullshit.
  3. Well....... that was it. I'm sad it's over. It's still my favorite show and story of all time. Although the quality of the last two seasons has dipped overall the show still holds its ground.
  4. This Hurney interview is gold, someone please post the link so I can relisten later
  5. It'd be wonderful if he could. NB is still a need, however, unless they have faith in Cockrell to play outside and Jackson to slide in at NB
  6. probably not which leaves a huge gap at that other DE spot. Alvin Bailey would really help
  7. DE-NT-DE OLB-MLB-MLB-OLB Are you referring to the two DE? My prediction is this: KK-POE-VB Addison- Luke- Shaq- Irvin/Burns
  8. But the plan all along was him to play UT on rushing downs and have KK line up at DE where he had effectively rushed the passer all season the year prior. There was reason to believe that he was the heir apparent to KK anyway. Plenty of guys are drafted based on projection/athletic potential that your coaches can coach up vs. having tons of production in college. And there are plenty of guys with tons of college production that never make an nfl roster. Let's put it this way, everyone is complaining we drafted VB because we didn't "need" and UT. But if VB had lived up to his potential and we now had two defensive tackles capable of rushing the passer on 3rd down, people would be lauding Gettleman as a genius for getting us a deadly interior pass rush. Again the draft is fuging crapshoot and even the best teams miss. Look at that first round that NCFAN posted, nearly half aren't being tendered. And again, Gettleman has royally fuged up in NY and I have no idea what he is doing. But VB was not a bad selection, he just has been a bad player.
  9. This is a classic example of re-directing an argument. I absolutely love our draft this year.....which has absolutely nothing to do with VB. In fact I'm on record somewhere on this board saying this might be our best draft class ever. Back to VB, when you overdraft for need you fug yourself. That draft kinda blew ass as we can see now with how many first rounders aren't being tendered.
  10. Reminder that the draft is a crapshoot and even the best teams miss a lot of the time. Now if you want to criticize Gettleman for trading up and not ever realizing their is value in trading back, that I'm all ears for
  11. Hunter Henry hasn't exactly set the world afire either. He can't stay on the field. Also hilarious that people on one hand criticize our board for drafting VB but praise that Henry was on the board. Also what story am I crafting? The fact that KK was on an expiring deal? The fact that pressuring the QB is paramount in the NFL?
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