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  1. Where are the Hurney stans on this board I want to point and laugh at them
  2. The Jets should scare you they are bad....like really bad
  3. esp if we continue to have 12 miscommunications a half
  4. TB's defense is really underrated, esp that defensive line and somehow Lavonte David is still underrated. I could see trouble for Teddy dropping back and CMC finding running lanes. If they shut down our offense, Tom Noodle Arm Brady will only have to be average for them to beat us by 10+. I still think this ends up being a close game though, coming down to the last possession
  5. Personally I think he would be best exactly how SEA used Kam Chancellor. But I like that we have burris, chinn and Boston all playing
  6. Honestly given that we had already run that play, if we had faked the hand off to Armah then either pitched to CMC or run play action I think it's not only first down but maybe a TD Hindsight is 20/20. I'm not going to say this game was won or lost based on this single play
  7. Would not give up more than a 5 or 6, because he is going to command a pretty large extension. I think smart money is on us holding pat and letting our books clear. Regardless if we move forward with Teddy or a rookie QB next year our QB position will be relatively cheap. That's when you go all in and spend like crazy putting a team around them. Ertz or another decent tight end may be available at that point anyways.
  8. Yea I feel pretty good about yesterday, I think with how strange this offseason has been for a brand new regime to come out and compete like that was pretty reassuring. Moving forward our run defense will have to improve, as well as, getting QB pressure
  9. Played a LOT of off ball coverage today. He didn't do that bad, and even had an excellent tackle in space that kept us alive. But he was clearly our best pass rusher yesterday. Did Rhule make any comments on this? Generally you want your best pass rusher, rushing the passer. Esp considering we had no sacks yesterday. I thought our rookies played pretty well on defense yesterday all things considered (No OTAs, no real TC, and no preseason games). I suppose the same could be said for Phil Snow.
  10. Donte isn't the player in question by my read of the tape
  11. Yea Him + Donte should be our starters. Pride didn't do half bad, even that TD was a great throw, route and catch by Carr and Agholar.
  12. Tom's arm has been poo for two years, he lucked into a Superbowl the Rams absolutely blew/was carried by Bill and his defense I thought Arians might be able to get something out of him but his arm is just so bad now
  13. Roy was my under the radar diamond in the rough pick. I think had we had a normal offseason he would have gone round 4 or maybe even 3
  14. Chinn essentially played box safety/LB by my eye yesterday I'd have to go back and watch to see how Brown did, saw a couple good plays, saw at least one where he was single blocked and didn't get much penetration (that happens even to Aaron Donald) I'd say for their first games EVER (no preseason, no OTAs, weird TC) they did really well
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