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  1. I'd take Tua if you can clear him health wise, it makes a lot of sense especially if we don't believe we will be one of the two worst teams next year and here's the best part, let's say we are: then you trade Tua and take Lawrence or Fields or keep Tua and sell that pick for a king's ransom. QB is the most valuable position and it's hard to pass on a potential number one pick when he falls to seven
  2. rather dave Denard, Apple is overrated
  3. I don't see this happening, I think the Dolphins stay but at five and take their guy Herbert
  4. This is my worst case scenario Here's my realistic wish list ranked excluding the possibility of QB: 1. Trade Back 2. Okudah 3. Simmons 4. Brown
  5. 1. It's the Chargers or the Dolphins and I think it's the Dolphins 2. This would be very interesting if it's Detroit, that's the only place I see Okudah landing before falling to us 3. Rivera is rumored to really like Simmons but I think this might be a smoke screen
  6. That's 100% in play amigo, it only takes one team like the Broncos who desperately want him
  7. If we trade UP for Lynch into the first round fuging shoot me Most scouts have him as a 4th round pick at best
  8. You make the investment so that you can have a legit QB for the rookie to learn under and remain competitive. Bridgewater's deal is actually a steal looking at starting QB numbers rn.
  9. you're right, he might be. but he's all upside at this point imo.
  10. I appreciate you Wow for making all these threads I personally don't want Kinlaw at 7. If we trade back to mid or late first round and get him I'm happy, but I'd rather take a top talent at 7 or even brown
  11. I still think the Panthers are looking at the draft like this: Option 1: Tua (or God forbid they like Herbert), it makes this wonky offseason make a lot more sense if you KNEW your franchise guy you were getting this year. Not saying I agree with the plan but it fits. Option 2: Okudah or Simmons. Arguably the 3rd best and 4th best prospects in the draft. If one's available you take them at 7. Option 3: Trade Down. The more the days pass the more I think this is the most LIKELY scenario. We have holes all over the place and picking up extra picks is obviously crucial to helping that.
  12. I think the main selling point with Simmons is that as the league moves to base 3 WR sets your LBs HAVE to be able to cover, aka you basically have to have safeties at LB. Luke was unparalleled in his play recognition, coverage ability for a LB and ability to tackle. He's a unicorn. I don't know if Simmons is that kind of player, but it honestly doesn't really matter. What he is going to be is what we tried to do with Shaq Thompson two years ago. Move Shaq to MLB. Profit. NYG are the biggest liability to take him in the top 7 for sure, and yall know Gettleman probably loves Simmons
  13. I would not rule out a Teddy trade next year especially if we draft a QB this year or obviously in 2021. Bridgewater's contract is very nice
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