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  1. Unless Tua falls to 7 I'm all for trading down. We have so many holes on this team and need as many picks as we can possibly get in rounds 1-3
  2. I'm not shitting on Matt Miller because he's not all bad, but he has a very narrow minded view of Cam which you would think he would know better
  3. I bet last year tom coughlin would NOT be the HC of the Jaguars this year, low odds but made money
  4. skins letting rivera draft is a terrible decision but the decision to hire him is a good one. rivera needed to go from carolina but he's a solid nfl coach that can make their franchise competitive which has been awful for years
  5. LT is the most interesting position heading into the offseason for me besides QB obviously. Why? Because we have no idea what Greg Little offers. My guess is if Hurn dog stays on board we sign a middling tackle as a backup to Little/Daley. However it is going to be really tough to pass up LT #1 if he's sitting there on draft day
  6. four episodes in and this is fantastic I've read all the books and played the witcher 3 though so I'm very familiar with the story....I can imagine this would be very confusing if you didn't know the story at all though
  7. He looks like he's a slightly more conservative version of Kyle Allen with slightly worse accuracy but better pocket presence. He get's a solid "meh" from me right now. Not saying we shouldn't keep and develop him but I wouldn't be holding out hope either
  8. are you guys serious burns has been awesome out there, one injury was a freak hand injury and this one he got rolled over on. if anything blame the coaching staff for playing him on fuging special teams
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