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  1. Matt Kalil 100 million dollar extension
  2. SOJA

    Devin Funchess: JAG

    He's not bad, but he's not great. Someone else will overpay him. Would love to keep him at a respectable rate
  3. W @ Detroit W vs. Seattle W @ Tampa W @ Cleveland W vs New Orleans W vs Atlanta L @ New Orleans 12-4 Worst I can see is 10-6 with additional losses against NO and Atlanta Detroit Seattle Tampa and Cleveland are just flat out worse teams than we are I still believe we are Superbowl contenders and I think if we play the Chiefs or the Patriots we have a good chance of winning. We just can't play a team with a good speed rush
  4. I went from the lowest point of my panthers fandom last year to the absolute highest this year. I love this team.
  5. SOJA

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    Keep Reid as a SS and target a young ball hawking FS and we have got a loaded secondary all of a sudden
  6. Lmao to some dude on Reddit who argued with me it was a huge mistake to let KB go. Honestly one of the best trades Marty has ever made outside Olsen
  7. Luke Kuechly was already the goat and then he said the Curtis Samuel comment. I left my wife for Luke Kuechly
  8. Have to generate a consistent pass rush. I would kick the tires on Bruce Irvin. Rumor is we liked him back in the day but Seattle drafted him extremely early
  9. But I think we're much much closer to a superbowl than the bears and a true pressure generating defensive end is our single glaring weakness This is way too many what's ifs but if trading for von won us a superbowl the price of two first rounders is nothing Again this is all theoretical and none of this would ever happen. Let's just be happy we didn't trade a first round pick for amari
  10. Someone please save his draft thread. I told you idiots to wait for him to get fitted for a helmet before giving up on the kid Dude looks like a future number one Side note. Anytime we're in the second round and have no idea who to draft. Just draft and lsu player
  11. Very very worried. This is exactly the letdown game Rivera has orchestrated over the years. Fitzpatrick is so unpredictable too. I truly hope we get a nervous fitzy that is forcing things trying to save the bucs season and not a relaxed fitz We have got to pressure him
  12. Let's put the trade this way. If von Miller or Garrett were sitting ten picks away from our first round pick and we could trade up with a future first? You do that. I love the draft. I'm a fanatic. But draft picks have become almost over valued in the NFL. You trade picks for proven talent. You don't trade picks for reclamation or projection projects