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  1. If we pay Okung and let Moton walk it will be the dumbest thing this franchise has ever done
  2. not everyone can be a first round pick. I think due to FSU's abysmal season this year and a weird draft process he falls to round 2 KK should have been a first rounder and we got him in the second
  3. is it 9 mill over 3 years (3 a year) or 9 mill per year for 3 years?
  4. SOJA

    Fixing LT

    LT is a bigger need than people think I suspect that if QB isn't our pick it will either be LT or CB esp if we are top 10
  5. I'd love Ogunjobi I wanted us to draft him
  6. Most of the games I want to play right now are on PC anyways so I'm just going to wait until they fix the bugs, they're more available and there is more games.
  7. shhhh for some reason this board is brain washed into believing Teddy is a franchise QB. They get angry when you disagree
  8. too bad we wanted to win 5 games with Teddy Bridgewater this year
  9. Have you watched a New England game? Damiere Byrd. Yea that one, is by FAR their best WR. Put Cam on TB and it's video game numbers
  10. Top three is set: NYJ- Lawrence Jags- Fields/Wilson Cincy- Sewell If we can somehow make it to pick 4 we would be GOLDEN
  11. I'd be ecstatic with either Fields or Wilson Lance is no slouch either
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