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  1. That statue will look great with some jean shorts pulled over it
  2. I called for firing Rivera the day he benched cam not wearing a tie
  3. Luke Kuechly as our future GM would be absolutely amazing
  4. highly doubt the panthers would announce this unless it was all but written in stone, can't wait
  5. I won't speak for my black brothers and sisters but I appreciate this statement and think it's a great step in the right direction
  6. I don't think your two conclusions or wrong, but I think it's more likely Cam doesn't believe he is a backup and wants to be a starter and I can't blame him
  7. I think the current climate of team's not being able to give him a full physical and workout at their facility plays a huge role
  8. Dak is worth 35 mill a year that's the new norm for QBs of his caliber tbh 45 million is a stretch though, that's eating up so much of the cap
  9. Yea we had to operate in those things and let me tell yall, I was dead by the end of the case
  10. fug kroneke dude is a sleezeball if there ever was one
  11. sounds like schizotypal personality disorder to me
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