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  1. SOJA

    Cam + Mescal

    Devin White would cause this board and twitter to literally melt
  2. SOJA

    Draft Network mocks

    This isn't worth it's own thread but I'm seeing some mocks dropping Quiennen Williams down to 7 or so. First of all FUUUUUUUUUUCK us winning that fuging saints game if this happens. Second, I'd be fine with us trading up and losing our second round pick to nab him if this happens
  3. SOJA

    How many Qb’s go before #16

    Three is the dream. I think Murray and Lock are almost "locks" at this point. Jones/Haskins are wild cards. I'd be very happy if three go I'd be ecstatic if four go
  4. nah, we have too many needs to draft a QB high this year. In the worst case scenario of Cam not being healthy (highly unlikely) it would be best to just tank next year then evaluate the top of the next class or even hypertank to get Trevor Lawrence two years from now
  5. Think we're done signing free agents for the time being, unless a restructure is announced soon
  6. SOJA

    Which do you prefer??

    lol we have the exact opposite list
  7. SOJA

    Which do you prefer??

    would be happy with any of the three or Burns. For me right now it's 1 Burns 2 Gary 3 Sweat 4Ferrell I'd also be happy with Jonah Williams or Dillard. i have a feeling at least ONE of those guys will be there at 16.
  8. I'll be stoked if our first round pick is LT or DE, second round pick is DE, FS, DT, or LT, any pick past then I'll take CB to that list. Would also like to add a G in the 4th or so
  9. If he is motivated this is a fantastic deal. He can play well both in a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme is still very effective when motivated at getting to the QB ESPECIALLY in the 4th quarter where we MASSIVELY struggled and single handedly lost games last year. Seahawks, Lions, Bucs, Browns, and Redskins all lost because we couldn't pressure the QB on a certain crucial drive. This is huge ....again if he is motivated.
  10. SOJA

    Lets talk Nickel

    totally agree
  11. won't touch us in any over unders this year because it is entirely dependent on Cam's shoulder health which no one can accurately predict how it will be this season. But if you put a gun to my head I'd go right under at 7-9
  12. This is a great idea, Hurney does some weird things with the cap including kicking the can down the road. We might actually be able to free up some money this year if they were able to agree on something but it absolutely fugs us if for any reason down the road Bradberry's game falls off a cliff
  13. Can't agree more with this post. Also disguising coverage helps when your pass rush is less than stellar, which the Panthers definitely check that box.