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  1. Hurney did a good job snagging this one, unfortunately he did a piss poor job in the 19 draft as he did in the 11 draft, as he consistently gets 1-2 decent FAs and hamstrings the team long term with poo cap management handing out contracts as well as churning existing ones to guaranteed money like the parting gift he gave to Jake back in the day. Some say that was more of the owner, but the one constant of mediocrity in the org has always been Hurney, if/when he is gone I, for one, will celebrate.
  2. As bad as some of the playcalls have been some are real forgetful of just how putrid the offense was with Mike Shula calling the plays. Go back to some of those games if you wanna see some terrible calls.
  3. That is rough, Teddy hasn't earned the hate I have for Weinke. I dont think we could get someone at that level again. I think we got used to real good d, and the lack of has been the hardest pill to swallow recently.
  4. Not gonna lie was fully expecting 2010 levels of suck and maybe even 2001 levels, have been pleasantly surprised. Even with the rollercoaster of emotions and the mistakes lots of optimism for the future and way earlier than I wouldve guessed.
  5. I am very hopeful that Rhule has a good bit of pro scouts with him, and we can snag some guys in FA that don't seem like all-pros but really shine on our team ala early DG years. This will be a big challenge for him during the offseason, and it will definitely be interesting. He got us Anderson, but also Whitehead. So, I wanna see what guys he brings in without any connection to, as that will be what truly sets us apart for the long run. People wanna poo on Hurney for his atrocious drafts, but his FA skills are just as bad, when you suck at both you get these results. BB may not draft great, but he gets the most out of FA consistently and thats what sets his teams apart, besides cheating of course.
  6. FA consists of guys no one has heard of, the draft leaves people scratching their heads, Hurney gets left at an airport during the offseason. Resulting in, the most complete defense we have had in years, think 2013 level, the best offense we have ever had, think better than 2015 and we go out and get deep into the playoffs. We have the youngest hungriest team in the NFC and go on a run of 5 years of domination the likes unseen since the Pats dynasty. Tepper then puts a statue of himself outside, gets creepy, and we wash and repeat in 15 years with at least some hardware. BOLD
  7. Here's to hoping we resign Moton, and keep Scott as a real good backup. Couple that with Daley getting more time and for the love of god, find a decent (not even good just better) center and we will be light years better on the line. I know Tackle is the sexiest part of the line because of price, but our middle has been absolutely atrocious this year. I cant remember the middle ever looking as bad as it has. Chris Reed is the Hurney of lineman in my book.
  8. Honestly, if anyone really truthfully thinks QB play is why we've lost the games we have, obviously did not watch the defensive side of the ball. We continuously have looked flip-flopped from typical Panthers fashion of good to great D and so-so O. The offense has been churning out 30+ pretty much in every game, the difference is we have been giving up even more. This past game was a throwback to the Defense playing competent (even if it was Detroit) and the Offense generating those 1-2 huge chunk plays we are used to. I don't love the dink and dunk, but I am a fan of W's and if that is what it takes in todays game then so be it. As a fan, this season alone has been way overachieved. I was thinking we would have an abysmal year like 2001 bad, but it has been more like 2002 and that should have folks stoked. Check down or not, fix the D and you gotta dangerous team.
  9. This right here, I saw it live at Indy, and was like "welp, this must've been what it was like in 2010." I was so excited because I got amazing seats dirt cheap due to Luck announcing his retirement, little did I know just how awful we would be by the time the game took place. The only reason I even went was to take my son to a Panthers game to root for the good guys. It was worth the experience of being there with him, but the product on the field was atrocious to say the least.
  10. Stuffing, then followed closely by deviled eggs. If my wife asks, though, its always her mac and cheese. Depending on my mood deviled eggs move into 1st some times.
  11. Back to the subject at hand, I would say alternate Grier and Walker for the remaining games. That way the bandwagon for hating on Grier can get nice and full before the end of the season and squash any of the what ifs people have, or he can ball out and go get that Matt Flynn money to end up being beat out by a rookie in camp. win-win.
  12. People with very short attention spans tend to forget what it looked like when rookies Bradberry and Worley were trotted out there. I'm at least willing to give Pride an offseason and to about mid-season next year before declaring him trash. The lack of Safety help has been obvious time and again, and possibly made some plays look worse than they were. There was a few plays during the last game that were very obvious Tre was supposed to provide help, and chose to peel off in the wrong direction. If he goes where the play dictates these big plays don't happen. This comes down to a was that play design or poor decision on the player. Again I will wait to hold judgment for now, as it has not been nearly long enough to say, and also to the OP I would have to say already leaps and bounds better than Sanchez who never saw the field.
  13. 2022 we take the reigns and never look back, have a domination like that of the Pats. Continuous playoff exposure will lead to runs unlike we have seen before mainly due to sustained success which would be a major upgrade for this organization.
  14. The Teddy vs Brady checkdowns def is something to figure out. If Teddy is out this next game I will pay very close attention to the play designs on offense. I get getting what the d is giving most of the time, but in crunch time like the end of games you gotta use the deep passes and avoid the short underneath stuff.
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