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  1. Heard it in the press conference somebody asked the nature of the separation and Matt said he didn't want to comment on it in repost to CMC.. please shut him down this year this is very concerning
  2. He must think he's gonna be here for the next 20 YEARS LOL
  3. Rarely does anything go perfect in a game but your QB should still pull it out if he has the opportunity to nonetheless, and Teddy just hasn't finished
  4. Do you guys not remember this? Just a couple weeks ago lol Teddy has to step up no excuses he's had the best line in years by FAR https://www.panthers.com/news/the-day-after-offensive-line-key-in-pass-protection-dominant-drives
  5. Is Teddy competitive enough? During that last drive when he sits on the saints bench with Brees joking around on a game winning drive. Where is his edge?
  6. nobody is paying that guy to do anything panther related
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