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  1. But us fans still thinks it should be better. The better be to offset the offense lol
  2. See ya next time, fans of the loser Panthers. All in fun. I called out the OP, that's all. See ya next time
  3. two posts, so you have no idea what I post anywhere. Nice try though. nice job snowflake. kid? lmao
  4. one needs to be worked up to lighten up. I just call out out B.S. when I see it.
  5. I can see you have never been to NYC or Detroit either. Chicago people are far from rude compared to other big cities. Go to the bad part of Detroit (the areas with houses still for sale for under $30k) then rethink your ignorant comments. Despite you little tirade filled with inaccuracies that was not meant for 99.9% of the members of this discussion board, just for a few Bears fan who would take the bait, I will enlighten you with my prediction. Bears 31 Panthers 26. You keep being like the media and many other haters who keep underestimating the Bears while the Bears keep winning games. Don't hide after the game, please post. I'm sure you're will be making some kind of excuse. I can't wait
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